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Never have I ever

by Vannesa J Ishmael about a year ago in relationships
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Home sweet home

"Thank you again for flying with us, it is currently a beautiful 75 degrees here in Columbus, Ohio. If you have checked baggage please collect them at terminal 9" A preppy flight attendant says over the loudspeaker. Tiffany stands up from her seat, and gives her limbs a good stretch before entering the aisle of the plane. " Thank you" she says to the awaiting flight crew as she exits the plane. Tiffany begins to make her way through the crowds as she fumbles through her purse in search of her cell phone. She retrieves it from the bottom of her purse and proceeds to dial her mother Theresa.

" Hello? Hey mom I just landed where are you at?" Tiffany asks. "Hi Tiff I am about 5 minutes out did you get your luggage yet?" Theresa asks. " I am heading down to grab it now.... Mom did Taylor give you any hints of who this mystery man she is engaged to?" Tiffany says as she continues to weave her way to baggage claim. " No, unfortunately not. She wanted all of the family to meet him together, she said. You know your sister is picky, so if he got her to marry him he must be some catch" Theresa says with approval. Tiffany rolls her eyes at her mothers comment as she arrives at terminal 9. " I will get it out of her before tomorrow, This is crazy that she won't tell us anything about him. I mean it's not like we would know him anyway Columbus isn't that small." Tiffany stuffs her cellphone into her bra quickly to retrieve her luggage from the conveyor belt. She pulls her phone from her bra, slightly wet from boob sweat. She wipes it along her jeans and continues her conversation. "Ok mom I got my luggage I am heading to the side walk now."

Tiffany walks out to passenger pick up to be greeted by her mother Theresa. She lets out a slight chuckle as she sees her mom from the distance wearing her favorite and old brown sweater. It seems like she created her whole wardrobe to evolve this one brown sweater. " Mom I sent you a new sweater for Christmas, did you not like it?" Tiffany asks while embracing her mom with a warm greeting. " Tiffy stop it you know this is my favorite sweater. I loved the sweater you sent, but this is my go to always. Now, next year if you want to send some accessories to match this that will be great." Theresa says as she gets back into the drivers seat, while Tiffany loads her luggage into the trunk. Tiffany climbs into Theresa's SUV, almost sliding out of the smooth leather chair. She sits up and buckles her seatbelt as Theresa pulls off into traffic.

" Tiffy I am so glad you are home. It has been what, almost 5 years since you came back to visit? I know life in New York is posh, but home is where the heart is baby never forget that." Theresa reaches for Tiffany's hand and kisses the back of it. "My two girls, you guys are my world. I swear you both just went and grew up, made up your own grown up lives right before my eyes. You went on to be a Journalist, and Taylor followed her dream of being a Personal Stylist. Now Taylor is getting married... Tiffy when are you going to settle down? I know after you and Travis broke up you just took yourself out of the dating scene. Tiffy your a dime piece, let someone snatch you up." Theresa says with concern as she caresses the fly a way strands in the front of Tiffany's messy ponytail. " Mom, I know okay. Marriage isn't on my radar at this very moment. I am still trying to get to know Tiffany, make sure she is happy. Travis wanted to get married, and I didn't. Just because we dang near grew up together doesn't mean I belong to you." Tiffany moves her mothers hand away from the top of her head. "Well Tiffy, I am not trying to pry, just wanted to see where you are in all this. I mean Taylor is your younger sister after all, I always envisioned you to be first is all... maybe when she gets back from her girls trip tomorrow she can help style you, and get you back on the scene. '' Theresa looks through her peripheral at Tiffany's relaxed attire.

"Oh she isn't even here?? what the hell, just like her to have everyone to wait on her. When does she get back?" Tiffany says with a tone of frustration. " She will be back tomorrow around noon Tiffy, her and a couple of her girlfriends went over to Indianapolis for the weekend. This is a good thing, it gives you a chance to get settled in before the engagement party." Theresa pulls into the driveway of a beautiful two-story home, decorated with lush green grass, and rose bushes along the front of the home. Tiffany looks around the neighborhood, and sees kids outside playing in their front yards, people walking their dogs, and having idol conversations. " Home sweet home" Tiffany says, takes a deep breath before getting out of the car.

Stroll down memory lane

Tiffany kicks off her slip on sneakers and belly flops onto the queen bed in the guest bedroom. She feels the comfort of the pillow top mattress pressing against her face. Tiffany flaps her arms to feel the fresh lavender scented bedding, the hairs on her arms begin to stand from the contact of comfort. She lets out an enjoyable moan, as she cuddles one of the fluffy pillows on the bed. Theresa stands at the entry way of the guest room with a pleased smile on her face. " You tired Tiffy?" She asks. Tiffany releases the pillow from her grip and sits up to respond. " No, I just missed this bed is all. You always kept our beds clean and comfortable for us." Theresa walks over to Tiffany who was sitting legs crossed at the edge of the bed. She brings Tiffany's head into her rib cage, caressing the side of her head with soft long strokes. " It was an enjoyable duty to do for you girls. Your dad made sure he spoiled me, so it only felt right to do the same to you guys." Tiffany looks up at her mom " I miss him too mom, he was my biggest cheerleader. Hate that he is gone now." The two women embrace each other. Theresa's cell phone vibrates in her back pocket. She goes to reach for it, and sees it was one of her friends. " I gotta take this, why don't you get out for a bit and get something to eat. I forgot I had to meet Joyce for brunch today" Theresa says as she holds her cell to her ear. Tiffany lays back down and stares at the ceiling for a moment. A loud grumble goes off in her stomach. " Ooh I am hungry, guess I could go for some lunch." Tiffany says to herself as she jumps out of the bed and grabs her purse to head towards the door.

Tiffany Ubered to an old mom and pops diner nearby. She loved the French toast there. They drizzled their French toast with cinnamon and cream cheese frosting. She ordered it every time she went to eat there. Tiffany walks in and takes a seat at a two seater booth near the back of the diner. " Hi what can I get cha?" the waitress asks as she smacks on her bubble gum. "Hi, I will take the French toast please with an orange juice." Tiffany says without even looking at the menu. The waitress collects the menu from her table and walks off without saying a word. Tiffany pulls out her cell phone from her purse and begins to scroll online. The diner door swings open and a tall gentleman walks in. The cook greets him from the kitchen window. "Travis! How are you doing son?! go ahead and take a seat, are you getting your usual?" Tiffany's heart drops into her stomach as she looks up to see Travis standing at the door. "Hey Chef! yep the usual I'll take the French.." Travis stops mid sentence when he notices Tiffany staring from the back of the diner at him. The chef yells the order to the rest of the kitchen, and begins to prepare the order.

Travis smoothly walks over to Tiffany's table. " Tiffany?" Travis smiles with excitement. " H-hey Travis, how are you?" Tiffany stutters to say. " You're home, I see" Travis says. "Yea, um I am here visiting with family." She responds. Travis gives Tiffany a small smirk as he invites himself to sit down at her table. " Oh yea, help yourself have a seat.." Tiffany says sarcastically. "I wasn't going to ask you, you always tell me no Tiff. But in reality you always really meant yes." Travis shoots back. The waiter walks over to the table with Tiffany's glass of orange juice. " Hey Travis, you in here again huh?" the waitress says with a flirtatious smile. "Hey Donna, yep, chef already got my order going, Can I get one of those too?" Travis points to Tiffany's juice. "Anything for you Travis" The waitress switches her hips as she strolls off to get him an orange juice. " Oh I see you still got these girls head over heels for you hmm. Some things never change" Tiffany says as she sips on her juice. The waitress returns with an even bigger glass of orange juice for Travis. "Here you go Travis, do you need anything else?" She shoots lustful eyes at him. " Thanks Donna, and no this is good. You can bring my food to this table too once it's done please." Travis requests. The waitress walks to the kitchen to check on the order.

" So, how have you been? It's a nice surprise to see you back home." Travis begins to say. " I have been good, New York is nice...busy...but nice." Tiffany responded. " How about you? how are things here going for you?" she asks. " I am good, work is good slowly but surely making my way up the corporate ladder. You know same ol same" Travis says. The waitress returns back to their table with two plates of French Toast. " Here you guys go enjoy!" she looks over at Travis who was unwrapping his silverware. " Hopefully I will catch you later Travis" The waitress winks as she walks back to the kitchen. Tiffany stares at Travis with a slightly disturbed look on her face. " I take she must be on your list of ladies huh?" Tiffany sarcastically questions as she starts to cut into her toast. Travis lets off a fake laugh " Her?! No, she just has a thing for me. I am not on the market these days like that." "Oh you're seeing someone?" Tiffany tries to hide her shock. Travis stuffs his mouth with a couple of pieces of French toast to avoid the answer, and nods his head up and down. An envious cloud hovers over Tiffany as she continues " Oh that's great Travis, how long have you guys been seeing each other? I bet she is someone really special, if she got you on lock down." Travis takes a big gulp. " Yea, she's cool. We have been together a little over 3 years now."

He puts his focus down at his plate, hesitant he responds " Tiff, How do YOU know if someone is the one?" Tiffany now also hesitant slowly response " I mean, I don't know. I guess it's based on how you feel about the person. Like if you feel like you can't ever be away from one another, or if you are for a long period of time, it doesn't feel like you skipped a moment from one another.." Tiffany puts her silverware down on her half eaten stack of French toast. Travis does the same, then glares at Tiffany with desire burning through his pupils. " Tiff, I haven't ever felt that way about anyone...except you. I feel like I am making a mistake here with her, but I am in so deep I..." Tiffany cuts Travis off " Travis I can't lie, I feel the same way. When you said you were seeing actually broke my heart a little. I still do have feelings for you..." She pauses and looks into Travis's brown eyes. They both start to lean in to share a kiss, but they are interrupted by the waitress placing the tab on the table. " No rush guys, but here is the ticket." The waitress says side eyeing Tiffany. Tiffany and Travis both sit back in their seats, eyes still locked on one another. Tiffany finally breaks free from the stare off to reach for her wallet in her purse. " No please, allow me," Travis says, pulling out his wallet and placing $30 dollars on the table. " You wanna go sit by the lake together? I'll drive us." Travis insists. Tiffany's cheeks let off a rosy glow " Sure, that is cool. I ubered here anyway." Tiffany says as she grabs her purse and follows Travis out of the diner to his car.

Taking a leap

Travis pulls into a parking spot facing a calm and quiet lake view. He cuts his car off, unbuckles his seat belt, and leans his seat back for a more relaxed feel. Tiffany unbuckles her seat belt and takes in the view of the lake. She lets out a pleasing sigh. " You still come here Travis?" " Every now and again, when I need time to myself, or think. It's always been a place of good memories for me here." Travis says. " Yea, we both have had some good times here at this lake, together and separate." Tiffany smiles then looks over to Travis who was taking in the view. "We had a lot of firsts here too" she flirts. Travis raises one eyebrow and looks at Tiffany " We sure did, our first kiss, the first time I asked you to be my girlfriend..." Tiffany interrupts "The first time we made love..." Now the burning desire was in Tiffany's hazel eyes, her glare at Travis was so strong it could burn a hole into his shirt. Travis leans over to Tiffany and pulls her in for a deep passionate kiss. Tiffany received with enjoyment every peck planted onto her full lips, it made her quiver in her seat. Her desire for Travis took over; she climbed over to straddle his lap. They take a brief pause to glare into each other's soul, then they continue exchanging their passionate kisses. Travis unbuttons his jeans to present himself to Tiffany. Tiffany twists her way out of her joggers, allowing their bare skin to touch. Travis admits himself into Tiffany, and her body melted onto him. They made love under the setting sun, sparkling over the clear lake in front of them.

After an exciting time at the lake, Travis takes Tiffany back to her moms house. Travis grabs onto Tiffany's hand and kisses it gently, he begins to say " Tiffany, I still want to be with you.. I don't care how we have to do it as long as I know your mine. You can have all the time and space you need, my heart is in your hands." He says as he kisses the inside of her palm and closes her fingers to hold it. Tiffany, still trying to come down from the clouds, pulls the planted kiss into her chest. Travis lets out a concerning sigh. " Tomorrow, I am going to call things off with her okay. Once that is done, I am yours for as long as you will have me." Tiffany's feet finally felt the ground again after his statement. She gave Travis a disappointed smile, as she remembered that he belonged to someone else. Travis cups Tiffany's face " Hey I got it handled ok? I am not willing to lose you again...Tomorrow, ok?" Tiffany nods her head in agreement, still feeling unsure. She leans in and plants a soft kiss on his cheek, then gets out of the car to go inside the house. She walks into the living room where she sees her mother watching TV and sipping tea. They both share a smile with one another before Tiffany opens her mouth to say " Mom you won't believe the day I just had!"

Family Affair

The sun peeks through the sheer white curtains, awakening Tiffany from her sleep. She stretches her arms and legs, and smiles inside herself. She reaches for her phone to check the time, it was already 12 noon. Tiffany gets up out of bed to begin her morning grooming routine. Feeling refreshed she heads downstairs to hear laughter and talking coming from the kitchen. She walks in to see her sister Taylor and her mom conversing over a cup of tea. " Hey sis!" Taylor squeals in a high pitch tone. They exchange a long tight hug. " Ha finally the lady we have been waiting for! So now can we know something about this mystery man who has stolen your heart?" Tiffany smiles. Taylor waves her finger at Tiffany and her mother " Nope! you guys will meet him soon enough! He will be here at 2pm for the party. I can't wait to finally share him with everyone! He literally is everything!" Taylor gushes. Theresa finishes the last of her tea then gently pushes the girls out of the kitchen. " Well it's time to get dressed for the party girls, I am excited too!" They all go to their rooms to get dressed for the party.

Tiffany dressed in a floral summer dress, admires herself in the mirror. She checks her phone again to see if she had any missed messages, and nothing but the time "1:55pm". She shrugs her shoulders and heads downstairs for the festivities. In the backyard, there were bouquets of balloons all around, along with freshly picked roses from her mothers rose bushes out front. There were tables set up with finger foods and small plastic champagne cups neatly lined and filled with champagne for the engaged couple. Tiffany walks over to Taylor, who was gushing to her friends surrounding her. Taylor was so engulfed with her story she didn't notice Tiffany standing there.

Tiffany spots a familiar shadow in the corner of her eye coming through the side fence of the house, it was Travis. Tiffany lights up and runs over to him, Taylor still not paying her any attention. She throws her arms around Travis's neck to greet him, but he feels distant to her. Tiffany frowns at Travis releasing him from her grip " Are you ok?" she asks. Travis rubs his head " Yea... I gotta go talk to my girl, I still haven't been able to catch.." Tiffany interrupts him " Oh she's here?! Jeez Travis, ok well don't make too much of a scene, my sister's fiancé should be showing up pretty soon, and I don't want to ruin her day." Travis tries to swallow the knot in his throat as he leaves Tiffany by the fence, and heads over to the group surrounding Taylor. Tiffany starts to get antsy as she looks on. Taylor turns to see Travis walking towards the group. Her face glows with excitement as she says " Here he is guys! My Fiancé is here!" She wraps her arms around Travis's neck and plants a big kiss on his lips. Tiffany's eyes turn red with rage as she lets out a loud angry roar " YOU BITCH!"


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