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My husband's beautiful aunt

From "The Sexual Adventures of Amelia"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

From the moment my boyfriend and I started living together, she had my attention. For her forty years, she looked amazing. I often told my Mikhail that Aunt Lena must have had many suitors when she was young. To which he replied that she and Uncle Grisha had been together for twenty years. I began to notice that I was thinking about her more and more often. I was attracted to everything about her, her hair, her gestures, her body and her always pleasant perfume.

Having a little student experience of sex with women of her age, I wanted to seduce her. I desired and feared at the same time. Gradually, I began to ask her about life and love. And when in one of the conversations she dropped the phrase "Grisha is not the same, and everything is boring already," I realized that maybe I can seduce her. Scared me only a possible reaction of refusal and publicity. But I could no longer look at her well-groomed legs and gorgeous breasts of size four. I decided to wait for an opportunity and try to realize my dream.

A week later such a chance presented itself. Misha and Uncle Grisha went hunting for two days. In the evening Aunt Lena came to visit, and we began to talk, preparing a light dinner.

- What will we drink at dinner, Aunt Lena?

-Tea, probably!

- Or, there is cognac! - smiling and looking at her, I said.

-Well, we can have a little cognac too! -she agreed.

Dinner flew by quickly. The bottle of cognac ended up being added to the coffee. We talked about everything for a long time. And I wanted to pounce on her and kiss her several times, but I always held back. Desire and trembling swept over me. My mind was filled with pictures, one more realistic than the other, but I couldn't do anything about it. I stroked her hand for a long time, running my fingers over it and telling her that she was so beautiful. She stroked my hair and kissed me on the cheek.

- We're drunk, Amelia! It's late, we have to go home!

- Aunt Lena, so stay! Ours won't be back until tomorrow evening!

- No, no, I'm going home! - She answered and went into the hallway to get dressed.

I realized that I had to make up my mind, otherwise everything would end in nothing again. In the hallway she put on her heeled shoes and threw on her raincoat.

- I'll be going now, thank you for your hospitality!" she said, smiling, and leaned over slightly to kiss me on the cheek, as she usually did.

I took advantage of that and put my arms around her and put my lips to hers. Our lips met, and I pressed myself against her. She wanted to pull away, but I didn't give her the opportunity and pressed her lightly against the wall. She relaxed her lips a little and our tongues met. I started kissing her face, her lips, her neck.

-You what?! What are you doing, Amelia?! - she said in a half voice, trying to pull me away.

- You're so beautiful! I've wanted you for a long time! - kissing her neck, I whispered.

- Stop it, you can't! Amelia! Stop it, do you hear me?! - she resisted, she said.

- I can't stop!" I answered, kissing her cleavage and stroking her beautiful body under her dress with my hand.

The cloak fell from her shoulders. "Good thing I didn't have time to button it," I thought, and felt her pull away from me harder. I realized that it was impossible to retreat and remembered from my student experience that I had to connect my finger. I started kissing her neck and ear again, and with my hand I pulled up the hem of her dress.

- Amelia, stop! What are you doing?! - She was indignant and tried to stop my hand with her hand. But I was able to overcome her resistance and with my fingers fumbled for the elastic of her panties. My palm quickly slid under the elastic and I felt her pussy with my fingers. It almost made me cum.

- Eee... Stop it! Get your hand off me! - she said softly in my ear.

I pulled away from her a little and looked into her eyes. Then I came closer again and whispered in her ear: "And you are wet there! At the same time, my finger slowly entered her.

- Oh! - she whispered and pressed herself against me.

She was flowing and I could feel it. I realized that she had surrendered and I was going to caress her as I wanted.

- What are you doing?! Stop it, Amelia!" she whispered, while she pressed herself against me, trying to get deeper on my finger.

- I've been dreaming about this for so long that today, I won't let you go! - kissing her earlobe, I whispered.

She only moaned in response.

I carefully added a second finger and her wet pussy accepted it easily. I kissed a beautiful woman twice my age and had her with two fingers. Her moans and most importantly the juices she was flowing told me that everything had succeeded and I was doing the right thing. With my lips caressing her ear, I whispered to her: - I want to lick you!

After these words, she pressed herself even harder against me and her body shuddered. Moaning two or three times almost turned to screaming. Then she jerked hard and let go of me with an exhale. I realized she had cum. The entire palm of my hand in her panties was wet.

- What did you do to me?! - Smiling slightly, she asked and kissed me lightly on the lips.

- Do you feel good?

- Me, wonderful! You can take your hand out, I'm not running anywhere anymore! - She smiled and stroked my cheek.

I pulled my hand out of her panties and licked my fingers in front of her.

- Oh, this is unbearable! I'm staying! - she said, kicked off her shoes, and hugged me and asked softly: - Do you remember what you said? Do you remember what you wanted?

- Lick! - I exclaimed in anticipation.

- Here we go! - She kissed me on the lips, and we went into the bedroom.

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