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My Husband Is Not Turned On By Me Anymore (How To Get Your Husband In The Mood Again)

by Charles Bill 4 months ago in sexual wellness
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Are you worried about your marriage, saying to yourself my husband is not turned on by me anymore, what do I do? This article will tell you the number one reason your husband is not turned on by you, and at the same time exactly how to get your husband in the mood again.

One way or the other, all human senses contribute to sexual drive. The secrets offered here can help anyone to appreciate and maximize the power of the senses for initiating sexual attraction between couples.

The following reveals the power of the five human senses on sexuality.

Sight: This is a powerful stimulus for men. If a man sees his wife, for instance in a transparent gown, he may be sexual alerted. He sees all the curves and cleavages in her body. Similarly, seeing a woman's breasts, either naked or dressed, is able to arouse a man.

Therefore, a woman can use her body to lure her husband to bed. As a woman, use body signs to ask for sex once in a while. As he sits watching TV, appear to him naked or half-naked. With your panties on, that alone speaks volume to his mind, sending signals to sex hormones that will in turn trigger him for action.

Smell: If there is anything that will make your spouse to be pissed off, it is bad body odour. Every spouse wants to caress clean, sweet-smelling body. In the ancient days, couples were known to use perfume. They would spray it on their bed as well as on their clothes. This has been found out to be sexually exciting to men. If you read the Song of Solomon in the Bible, you will find proofs of perfume usage. Bad smell from the body can suppress the happy mood necessary for intercourse. Some perfumes are specially made for sexual appeal.

Sound: Generally, the ears are gates into the mind. What a person hears can stimulate him or her. A practical case study could be found in music with themes on love and romance. In the same vein, saying love-saturated words to your spouse can get him in the mood. Women are the most vulnerable in this case. They can be wooed easily into the act. Recite a love poem to his hearing tonight.

Taste: This goes up with the desire to kiss the lips or tongue or any other parts of the body.

Touch: This is the basic element of sexual arousal. Depending on the emotional state of a man, ordinary physical contact with any part of the body can make him to be sexually attracted to a woman. There are some men who attribute this to a sort of unexplainable warmth that flows into them when women hold their hands, shake hands with them, or embrace and peck them.

For the purpose of sex, a spouse will have to touch or caress sensitive parts of the body of a partner. Men love the feel of women's breasts and buttocks. On the other hand, women love the feel of the hands of men on sensitive areas of their bodies.

Women in Sexless Marriages

For many women, there is no prospect more dreadful than the thought of spending year after year living in a sexless marriage. Yet sadly, after a few years of marriage, it is very hard for people to keep their sex life interesting. Combined with a partner who may have lost some of his sex drive, the result is exactly what they most fear, a sexless, or near-sexless marriage.

Most couples who face this problem do not do so because they have stopped loving each other. Very often, this could not be further from the truth. Many couples remain as in love now as they were years ago when they first got married, yet the problem of a lack of interest in sex by one or both partners in a marriage is still very common.

There are many reasons why men lose interest in sex. Sometimes it is because they are stressed from work, or sometimes because of a lack of passion. Sometimes it is because one or both partners fail to make the effort and show any initiative in keeping their sex life interesting. Whatever the reason is, it is possible that you can fix it and re-energize your sex life, so do not give up on your man.

One of the best ways for a woman to try and reengage her man in their sex life is through simple communication. Men can be reluctant at times to talk about sexual issues and their lack of sex drive, but you must not let this carry on. If you leave it, then things will just get worse and worse and become more and more unbearable for you. You want to be happy and have a sex life again, so you have to communicate. A good idea of trying to approach the subject, instead of just asking directly what is wrong (this can usually make things worse) is to try and discreetly find out what is wrong with your man. Often, a loss of interest in sex is caused by some kind of stress in his life.

Try to find out if he is having any work related problems, or any other kinds of worries in his life. It may well be possible that by talking to him, you can help him to find solutions to his problem. This is only going to be a benefit for the both of you, so it is worth doing.

There might be other reasons as to why he has lost his interest in sex. If after talking with him you cannot identify any stress or problem in his life, it may be possible that this is not the cause. Perhaps it is because there is some kind of resentment between the two of you. In this case, you must iron out any differences that you may have. Your man may be reacting to the ongoing tension between you by losing his sex drive, so if this is the case then it needs to be resolved. If you care about your sex life, then it is up to you to make the first move towards reconciliation.

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