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My Husband Is Only Affectionate In Bed (How Do I Get My Husband to Show Me More Affection?)

Are you in a marriage where you're thinking and saying my husband is only affectionate in bed? If so then I'm very sorry because I know exactly how that feels. If you're trying to figure out how do I get my husband to show me more affection, I can tell you that there's a good chance that you can make him more affectionate.

By Charles BillPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
My Husband Is Only Affectionate In Bed (How Do I Get My Husband to Show Me More Affection?)
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How do I get my husband to show me more affection? That's one question that countless women wish they had an answer to. Obviously no man is perfect but when you're married to the one man you truly love, you want him to show that he feels exactly the same way about you. Granted some men just aren't great at being affectionate. They struggle with it so eventually they just give up and stop trying. If you feel that's the case with your spouse, there are ways you can help coax that affection out of him.

In order to get your husband to show you more affection you have to show him the way. Men appreciate it when their wife demonstrates how she wants to be treated. Although you may have told your husband that you wish he held your hand, hugged or kissed you more, the words just may not stick. Men pay much closer attention when their wife actually uses actions to convey her needs. If you want him to hold your hand, reach out for his. If you hope he'll steal a kiss while you make dinner, steal one from him while he's watching a football game on the television. By initiating small gestures of affection you'll be showing him exactly what you want in return. Do this for a few weeks and he'll start to participate more and more by being the one to reach out to you.

Sometimes a husband will be a bit reluctant to show affection because emotionally he's not feeling as connected to his wife as he once did. The strain of an ongoing conflict between the two of you, or even the outside stresses of life, can cause a man to pull back with his emotions. If you've noticed that he talks less with you or spends less time with you, this is a problem that you need to address. If you do recognize that there is a conflict between you two, work with him to resolve it. You want him to feel relaxed and at ease when he's around you. If he does, that will help him feel more loving towards you again.

Open up the lines of communication with him without making him feel cornered. Ask about work and anything else that may be causing him to feel stress. Then offer your unconditional support and assistance to work through the problems. He may just need your shoulder to lean on during this time. Helping him get over a hurdle like this may just be enough to get him to show you more often just how much he does cherish you.

How to Rekindle a Marriage?

Marriage is the most special and sacred union anyone can have. It defines our being. It gives meaning to our very existence in the world. It fuels our life. It is the home of our heart, mind and soul, but just like any relationship, it can fade away. If we are not careful and vigilant we can lose it. So, do not wait for the flame to even start to fade, think of how to rekindle your marriage that is slowly dying and slipping off your grip. Here's what you can do.

1. Remember the first times in your life together, the first time you met, the first date and kiss, the first time you exchanged "I love you". Remember all the qualities of your spouse you love the most. They could still be there; it's just that you stopped noticing them, because of busy schedule. Being too comfortable with each other can bring boredom and lukewarmness. Think of innovative ways to bring excitement back into your relationship. Go on a trip and leave all worries behind. Visit a romantic place you have always wanted to see. Start fresh and build new good memories together. Good memories should outnumber bad memories to maintain the good relationship.

2. It may look funny and awkward to some people, but bringing back the courtship days will definitely bring the laughter, if not the romance back. Bringing love back through laughter is a sure-fire thing. You can start by wearing the same outfits you had during those days and go to same old places you frequented. You can also contact old friends to do the same. You can go with a group of old friends. You will not only learn how to rekindle a marriage, but also how to bring back your old warm friendships. You herded right, friendship.

3. Surprise your spouse. Surprises never fail to bring a smile in a person's face. You don't have to spend lots of money to give a surprise. You can do little things your spouse has been secretly expecting you to do for a long time, like a back massage or foot rub. The wife can fold neatly the clothes of the husband. The husband can fix the squeaking door or a leaking faucet perhaps or do the dishes perhaps for a change.

4. Be sexy. There are countless ways to do to be sexy once again. Wear lingerie to bed instead of the oversized t-shirt. Spray perfume all over the bedroom. Prepare a candle light dinner. Laugh at all his jokes. Be very interested in everything he is saying and gently touch his hand like you used to. Give him a long embrace and a lingering kiss before he leaves for work in the morning.

5. Sacrifice. Cancel an important meeting or appointment just to be with your spouse, occasion or not. This is something your spouse will surely appreciate and be moved to tears.

The ways how to rekindle a marriage are endless. Surely you can come up with more exciting ideas to bring the spark back. You don't need to wait for the love to fade before you start doing something, even if your marriage is happy you should keep trying new things to make the relationship more exciting, happier, and stronger

Thinking about regaining the status of "Happily Married"? It is possible, and is not difficult if you think it is not. But exactly how you do so? If you would like the source most couples used to revive their relationship, strengthened their marriage, regain trust and love in the marriage and not giving up then visit this Helpful Site.

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