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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross 3 days ago in erotic

Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten

Over the next three weeks Marcus kept Bridgett in his personal playroom and used her as he saw fit. Taking her to the edge and denying her the fall again and again, then fucking and spanking or flogging her until she passed out. And it was those times that she slept deeply that he made his rounds checking in with Charlie, making sure the subs were doing what they were supposed to be doing. He would also go check on Lilith, and though he kept her in a heightened state with the chastity belt on he left her unbound.

Three weeks later Marcus was lying in bed with Bridgett curled against him, He knew she wasn’t sleeping but he continued to just stroke her hair and lay there in a peaceful silence. Waiting, He knew she had something to say, He could see it every time the fog cleared from her eyes over the last few days, she was finally getting her head wrapped around whatever it was she needed to figure out.

Bridgett lay there feeling Marcus’s hand travel up and down her back, slowly and gradually she had felt herself centering again, and the thoughts in her head realigning so she could process them, and figure things out. This is what she had missed when they had been apart all those years. The ability to go to him and find that centering of her mind and the inner peace that allows her to figure things out.

“Lilith told me her story.” She said finally feeling his hand pause midway up her back.

“And what was her story?” Marcus asked gently.

“She told me about the Master that trained both her and Grace. She said that he was a cruel man that used slaves instead of training subs, and her hate comes from her seeing that man go easier on Grace then everyone else.”

“And what did Grace have to say about that when you talked to her?”

She was quite at that question, and to him her silence spoke volumes.

“You haven’t spoken to Grace, have you?”

“I couldn’t find the way of how to talk to her.” She said against his chest.

“I couldn’t think straight, I needed you more then I needed to talk to Grace at the time.”

“And you feel that now you’re ready to talk to her, do you?”

Bridgett sat up and straddled Marcus’s hips. Sliding her wet fold over his hard cock.

“I think I am, but I think I need to play with some of my subs first.” And with that she thrust onto him taking him deep inside and fucking him till they both came hard.

After showering and pulling on a lose dress Bridgett marched through the halls with a single purpose and reaching the first door knocked. When it was answered she spoke two words.

“Playroom now.”

Then went to two other doors and repeated the same two words.

When she got to the playroom, she found the three of her male subs kneeling on the floor waiting for her. She stood there for a moment and looked at them kneeling there with their heads bowed and glancing to the corner she locked eyes with Marcus who was lounging on a chaise with a smug smile and a drink in his hands. And with his nod of encouragement, she turned back to her task. All three of her subs were good looking men, two of them had dark chestnut brown hair that hung down to just brush their shoulders; and the other had jet-black hair that was shorter but there was a front wave that fell over his brow to hang in his eyes.

Walking over to the table at the side of the room she picked up serval items before walking behind the trio of subs. Calmly she blindfolded each one in turn and secured a collar around Alec’s throat and stroked his chestnut locks before urging him to stand silently by pulling on the leash attached to the collar.

She led him over to where a series of hooks hung from the ceiling, she then bound his hands and put them over the hook above his head detaching the leash. She stroked his chest up and down, petting him like a prized stallion. Sliding her hand lower she gripped his cock firmly pumping up and down listening as his breath shortened with each stroke. Releasing him she circled around to his back trailing her fingernails across his skin causing him to shutter, up and down his back she smiled when she heard the low moan and broke contact.

Walking over to Marcus she gripped his hair and thrust her tongue into his mouth in a fierce brief kiss before walking to the rack that held the floggers, choosing one she went back to Alec and began a forceful rhythm up and down his back and over his firm ass. The welts bloomed quickly and got darker and darker, making her smile. Circling around she struck his hip before kneeling down and sucking his cock into the back of her throat with a hard suction, bobbing her head up and down quickly bringing the sub to the edge then standing before he could cum stepping back, she struck his chest repeatedly with the flogger, then gripping his throat she kissed him hungrily as she squeezed. Breathing heavily, she unhooked his hands and lead him to a hip high table stretching his hands across the table, looping the rope over a hook set at the end. Stroking the welts on his back she moved back to his ass striking it hard.

“Spread your legs sub.” She said staring over at Marcus as the sub obeyed.

Walking to another table she picked up three items and went back to grip his cock between his thighs pumping hard enjoying the feel of him hardening even more at her touch. Releasing him she slid her fingers up through his ass crack circling his puckered hole, then gripping his cheeks and kneading them before reaching over for the bottle of lube she had set beside him, opening it she squeezed a stream of clear oil out and watched it run down his open crack. Putting it back down she picked up the anal plug rubbing it through the oil to coat it before slowly pushing it into his tight hole.

“Relax.” She cooed rubbing his back after the plug was seated snuggly in his ass.

She felt him shutter as he adjusted to the intrusion then when she had felt him calm, she picked up the paddle and beat his ass over and over. And when her breath was panting out of her chest, she stepped to the top of the table releasing his hands and pushing him up and into a chair straddling him she re-secured his hands behind the chair and fucked him like a woman possessed, over and over she pounded him feeling him shaking with the need to cum. With her muscles tightening around him she whispered in his ear.


Shuttering when he released inside of her, she let herself cum screaming as she dug her fingers into his shoulders.

Getting off him she went over to Marcus and knelt beside him to suck his hard cock into her mouth and sucked him until he jerked with a hiss and came in her mouth. Wiping at the drop of seamen at the corner of her smiling mouth she stood, kissed his smiling mouth, and went to release the sub removing the plug and lead him over to kneel in the corner.

“Now listen as I fuck the others just the same.” She whispered licking at his ear before walking over to the other subs.

She repeated this release of tension with the other subs fucking Marcus with her mouth after each one, and when Conner bagged her to stop, she slapped him across the face hard enough to spilt his lip. But when she finished blowing Marcus the third time, he grabbed her hair and forced her to look at him, bringing her slowly up to whisper in her ear.

“What are you playing at love?” He whispered.

“Not at love, with.” She said nipping at his chin.

“Now I’m going to get our two girls to play along.”

Marcus sighed and released her hair. “Fine love, go get our girls to play with.”

Marcus quirked his eyebrow at Bridgett when she returned with Grace and Lilith, but Lilith was gagged.

“We don’t want the audience talking during the show now do we love.” She pecked his lips with hers while sitting Grace by him and taking Lilith over and binding her to a chair so she could watch all the play.

Going over to the three subs in the corner she removed their blindfolds and pulled Conner up with a fist in his hair and forced him into the chaise across the room, binding him to it.

“Grace mount him now.” She went back to the subs without seeing if she obeyed.

She came back with Alec in tow. “Put your cock in her ass.” Saying this she spread Grace’s ass and poured oil down the crack before coating her palm to slick his cock and guide it in, then bound his hands behind him.

Going back for Robert, she pulled him in front of Grace, while binding his hands behind him.

“Pet suck his cock into the back of your throat.” She stepped back when Grace complied.

“Now freeze.”

“Look Lilith, isn’t it perfect?” She looked at her gagged sub.

“A breath-taking site, do you know why I chose Grace as my pet?” She asked.

Lilith shook her head since her mouth was non-useable.

“It’s because she’ll let me do anything to her with total trust.” Mistress stroked Lilith’s hair and walked back to pick up the oil before going to Marcus and slicking his cock with her oiled hand. Kissing him firmly before issuing a command.

“Go fuck Robert’s ass pet.” She turned and watched.

Marcus walked over to Robert and ran his hand across his lower back and over his reddened ass feeling him tense under his hand.

“Hush now, you know how this feels, just relax.”

He took his cock in one hand and spread Robert’s ass with the other and slid in nice and slow stopping every few inches to let him get use to the feeling.

When he was all the way in, he stopped and waited.

“Marcus…Fuck him.” The Mistress’s voice was firm and commanding.

Marcus took a deep breath watching Robert breath with him he ran his hand over Roberts back as he began to move fast and hard pounding over and over. When he felt Robert tense, he leaned forward and bit his shoulder hard listening as Robert yelled his release into Grace’s mouth.

“Marcus pull out and come here.”

“Robert go kneel in the corner.”

Marcus pulled out of Robert and walked over to the Mistress and knelt. Robert went and knelt in the corner with his head bowed.

“Stand up and go fuck Alec’s ass.” Mistress stroke his hair as he stood and walked behind Alec, slicking his cock with another coat of oil on the way.

Stroking Alec’s back Marcus thrust into his ass when he didn’t sense any hesitation and fucked him fast and hard. When Alec screamed his release into Grace’s ass Marcus pulled out and went to his Mistress and waited.

Mistress stroked a hand over Marcus’s face.

“Alec go kneel in the corner, Grace my pet go lay on the bed.”

Grace rose off Conner’s throbbing cock and went and laid back on the bed, while Mistress removed the blindfold and unbound Conner, but placed a chastity device on his stiff cock then told him to kneel in the corner. Mistress then walked to Lilith and unbound her.

“Not a word.” It was a firm command as Mistress removed the gag.

“Marcus come with us.” Mistress said walking to the bed with Lilith.

“Play with her sub.” Mistress commanded pushing Lilith to get up on the bed.

Lilith ran her hands up Grace’s body when Mistress lifted Grace’s arms above her head looping the ropes on the headboard around them as Lilith started stroking, rubbing, and pinching.

“Her pussy is waiting Marcus, and I think it’s needy” She chuckled and smack his ass as she watched Lilith take one of Grace’s nipples and sucked it into her mouth.

Marcus climbed onto the bed between Grace’s thighs thrusting deep when she cried out as Lilith bit down on her nipple while pinching the other. Marcus began to move faster but got a command from Mistress.

“Slow down Marcus, I want her to feel it all.”

” Lilith Straddle Grace’s waist and take her mouth with yours.”

When Lilith obeyed, Mistress gave another command.

“Marcus speed up now.”

She watched as Grace was consumed with need, desire, and sensation.

“Marcus stop.” Mistress commanded.

“Lilith break the kiss and put your oh so wet pussy over Grace’s mouth.”

Lilith broke the kiss and looked at the Mistress sharply.

“Lilith.” Mistress arched a brow. And Lilith obeyed.

“Good, Marcus hold Lilith’s arm behind her…. Now finishing fucking Grace while she licks Lilith off.”

Mistress watched the show as she listened to Marcus’s balls slapping against Grace, and Grace slurped up Lilith’s juices, and Lilith began to moan and whimper.

“Cum now…all three of you.” And she smiled as the sound echoed around the room.

After they calmed down some, Mistress walked to them gripped Lilith’s hair commanding Marcus to release her and lay next to Grace and pulled Lilith off the bed.

“Stay.” She ordered to Lilith as she herself climbed between Grace’s thighs, first kissing Grace deeply sucking Lilith’s flavor from Grace’s mouth, then sliding down to flick at her nipples before continuing down to lick Marcus’s cum from Grace’s pussy. Licking, sucking, and nipping until Grace was panting and whimpering, and let her fall over and over. She then shifted positioning her pussy at Marcus’s mouth getting him to start licking at her before sucking him deep into her throat with a hard suction, and when she felt herself start to cum, she sucked harder getting him off as she creamed his face with her orgasm.

“Subs to your chambers.” She commanded as she shift to lay out on the side of Grace that was empty cocooning her between the two of them as they all drifted to sleep.

Conner stopped Lilith in the hall before they returned to their rooms.

“How would you like to ruin the Mistress?” he asked quietly

“More than anything as long as I can take that goody goody bitch Grace with her.” She said just as quietly

“Why, what do you have against the Mistress?” she asked

“Come with me to my chamber.” He said and continued down the hall.

Lilith followed Conner into his chamber watching as he walked over to the bed, reaching under and behind it to wiggle a brick in the wall free revealing a key hidden there. When he stood again, he was unlocking the cage incasing his cock, dropping it onto the bed before licking his palm and taking his stiff shaft in a tight grip stroking hard with a guttural noise in his throat then looked at Lilith with lust in his eyes.

“You going to watch, or would you like to help a guy out?” He raised an eyebrow slowing his strokes waiting for an answer.

“I’ll watch and wait as long as you don’t go fuzzy and muddled headed like most men after they blow their cock.” Lilith found the chair in the room and sat down to wait staring at him as he jerked off shooting a creamy load onto the mattress in front of him.

“Now what did you have in mind?” She asked as he wiped his hand off on the bed.

“I’m going to kill her prized stallion and burn this fucking place to the ground.” He said sitting on the floor in front of her and began stroking her ankle.

Lilith laughed and kicked his hand out of the way as she stood up to pace.

“Kill Marcus…. Are you out of your fucking mind?” She turned to stare at him.

“What makes you think you even can? What do you have against him anyway?”

“He’s a self-proclaimed holier than thou jack ass, who thinks he’s intitled to take whatever he wants without facing the consequences.” He unfolded himself as he spoke staking towards her with as evil glint in his eyes. When he reached her, he gripped her hair in a firm grip forcing her head back to take her mouth in a punishing kiss.

When he broke the kiss, he forced Lilith to the bed, bending her torso over the bed and spreading her legs wide.

Lilith reacted purely out of instinct rearing up against his hold, when Conner smacked her ass and jerked her head forcing the side of her face against the bed, Lilith spoke.

“You’re not a sub at all are you?” she asked slightly muffled.

“Not in the lest my little bitch, it’s all in the end game.” With that he thrust his once again hard cock into her wet pussy, fucking her until he jerked then came without waiting to get her off.

He pulled out and pushed her onto the bed climbing in after her, then reached for a cigarette lighting it before speaking again.

“So, what do you have against Grace so bad?” he asked.

“You want to sit here and hash out a plan and talk about revenge after you’ve blown twice, but not let me cum?” Lilith scoffed.

Conner’s hand landed with a loud crack against her pussy before his single sentence reply.

“Yes, now my little whore answer the question.”

And so, they talked and planned into the night, fucking when Conner wanted only occasionally letting Lilith cum when he chose.

Bridgett woke the next morning to a hand softly stroking her hip, and when she opened her eyes, Marcus was staring at her with Grace still asleep between them and a patient look in his eyes.

“Are you feeling better love?” He asked softly.

She smiled at him with a quite chuckle. “Yeah, I’m feeling better.”


Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and dancing. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook.

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