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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross 9 days ago in erotic

Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine

Marcus awoke the fallowing day to the note laying on his nightstand next to his head and reading it he rose from his bed and went directly to the back room to find Bridgett kneeling on a bench facing away from the door. Walking silently over to her he knelt behind her with his thighs hugging the outside of her claves and wrapped one arm around her middle just under her breasts and the other hand gently around her throat.

“How long have you been sitting like this love?” he whispered the question against her ear.

“I don’t know…What times is it?” she asked just as quietly.

“It’s mid-day, the day after I put you to bed in your chamber.” He said this before sucking her lube into his mouth.

“Then I’ve been here for twelve hours, maybe more I don’t really know.” She replied on a sigh.

He drew back from her then.

“Twelve hours?”

“Why in the hell did you not wake me?” he demanded releasing her to stand before gripping her upper arm to make her stand with him.

She stumbled and fell against him when she gained her feet, and he swept her up into his arms and carried her to the bed with a fierce growl.

“Answer me, Bridgett.” He barked standing over her, after laying her out on the bed.

She still didn’t answer him, she lay there with her eyes closed breathing deeply. She still couldn’t think straight, what she needed to do and what she wanted to do, the questions she had and the answers she’d received where all jumbled up in her head and she couldn’t sort them out. Did she need to submit, or did she need to dominate? All she knew at the moment was that she needed Marcus.

“Bridgett love…. I asked you a question. You need to answer me now.” He said this with a heavier command in his voice.

“I needed to think…. You needed to sleep.” She whispered

“My need to care for you is much greater then sleep love, and maybe it is that you think too much or too hard. It may be time to shut it off for a time.”

Marcus reached down and picked her up again carrying her over to a massage table in the corner after laying her on it he commanded her to roll over onto her stomach. Taking a bottle of oil off the nearby table he began working it over her back, slowly going up and down over and over in nice gentle strokes before circling the table and starting on one of her legs, he slowly worked his way around her body gradually feeling her body go lax, and then told her to turn over onto her back and started the process over again. Working up her legs but avoiding the junction between her thighs and moving on to circle her stomach and moving up to knead her breasts, watching her arch her back into his touch and moan at the contact. And when she went pliant under his hands, he slid them up to her throat and kissed her parted lips.

Picking her up once more he carried her over to the spanking bench and placed her on it. Walking around he strapped down each of her limbs before rounding back to her ass, stepping to one side he smoothed his hands over her golden skin, leaving one sitting at the small of her back and the other over her curved cheeks, listening to her breath hitch and start panting out as he started smacking in a slow steady rhythm. First one cheek then the other over and over, and back and forth, her panting breath turned into gasps and moans. As he felt her start to shutter, he took his hand smacking her ass, before sliding two of his fingers between her wet folds working them in and out, and up to her clit to circle it firmly stroking his hand on her back up to her hair to grip hard forcing her head back as her moans turned into whimpers. And finally thrusting his fingers deep inside her hot pussy fucking her until she screamed and thrashed against her bonds.

When she settled down, he started all over again setting a slow rhythm on her ass and spanking her till she was on the brink of cuming and letting her settle before teasing her till she was on the brink again and then finger fucking her till she screamed and came. And he repeated this until she passed out and then carried her back to the bed and let her sleep. Leaving her be he went and gathered the subs to tell them that the Mistress would be unavailable for the time being and that they were to continue with their daily tasks and stay confined to their chambers at night till father notice, he also checked in with Charlie making sure that the club and the house were running smoothly.


Marie Ross

Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington she enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and dancing. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook.

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Marie Ross
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