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“I can’t…” Daisy barely whispered, the hesitation clear in her voice, “I have a date tomorrow night.”

It shouldn’t be that hard to say. Many college students have dates on Friday nights. They don’t typically have coffee meetings, study sessions, or spend the evening at home by themselves eagerly dreaming about their professor. Well, not her professor anymore. Professor Thompson, aka Maura, taught her World History class last year.

Daisy had been unexplainably drawn to the other woman immediately. Maura, as she now called her when they were alone, demanded attention in every room she walked into. She had a fierce reputation amongst the school. You did not take her class for an easy A. She would rip your work to shreds. Unsuspecting little first year Daisy hadn’t heard before she signed up, and she had been sucked in on the first day.

Beyond that, Maura was an excellent teacher. Her expectations were high, but she made every voice feel valued in the room. She balanced the line between harsh and pushing just enough. She engaged the classroom, so everyone participated in debates.

“You have a… what?”

Daisy flinched. Daisy was well aware of the massive crush—dare she say obsession—with her former professor. Why else would she pass up every opportunity with her classmates for parties, study sessions, and college shenanigans to hang out with a professor? She was utterly lost on Professor Maura Thompson.

At the end of the year, coffee meetings had started to discuss her grades. Somehow they always forgot about that part, the conversation turning instead to childhood, past times, future endeavors. When Daisy went home for the summer, they kept in contact over email. Maura started sending her titles of books to read. She spent her entire summer paychecks on buying all of them. Her parents concluding college that turned her into an utter bookworm and not that she was insistent on impressing her former professor. When school began again, so did the coffee meetings twice a week. Then, they added in a dinner here or there. Once, Maura took her to a theatre show in the city that debated world-wide ethical relationships under the pretense that Daisy might find it illuminating based on last year’s end of term paper subject.

The only thing Daisy found illuminating was that Maura never noticed that she had her hand on her knee the entire show.

Daisy had almost kissed her that night. Almost.

After the show, Maura had buttoned her professionalism right back up. Daisy had never felt more confused.

“A… a date,” Daisy answered, her eyes glued to her fingers playing with the edges of her skirt. “My roommate says I can’t spend my entire college career sitting at home playing video games when I’m not hanging out with my professor.”

“Cancel it.”

Maura was standing behind her desk, her gaze locked onto Daisy. It was piercing and hungry. It made Daisy’s insides turn in the most delicious of ways.


Maura strode out from behind her desk. “Cancel it. You’re not going on any date.”

Daisy felt shell-shocked. What? Cancel it?

When Daisy came back to, Maura stood in front of her—dangerously close. Her lips were inches from her own.

“Why?” she whispered, part of her holding on to any reserve that she might be reading too much into her professor’s feelings about her. If she were wrong, her world would get flipped upside down. She couldn’t possibly lose this woman who knew so much about her.

“Daisy.” Maura almost rolled her eyes. “The only date you’ll be going on is with me.”

Suddenly, Daisy felt her back hit the office door- the impact making her gasp. Maura took that opportunity to close the gap and press her lips against her own. Daisy immediately sighed at the contact. Maura’s lips felt softer than she had ever imagined. They moved across her own with such tenderness but also with a boldness that took her breath away.

“Maura…” she whispered between pressing kisses.

“If I hadn’t made myself clear, Daisy,” Maura started, kicking the other woman’s feet apart so she could slide her thigh between them. Daisy moaned, wrapping her arms around her neck, fingers curling into the brunette curls she craved to touch. Maura pressed her lips to Daisy’s ear. “I’ve been courting you. I’ve been trying to take it slow because we’re in a precarious situation what with you being a student.”

Daisy closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of hot breath against her ear. As Maura pressed harder into her, she could feel her body naturally submitting.

“But, apparently I need to stake my claim if some little college brat thinks you are available,” Maura continued. She had one hand placed against the door for stability while she wrapped her arms around Daisy’s waist, pulling their bodies flush together. “Are you available, Daisy?”

This was her out. Maura was giving her a chance to say no, I don’t want this. You misread. I don’t want to date my professor. But they would all be lies. Daisy had been hers the moment she walked into Professor Thompson’s classroom.

“No,” she whispered hazily. Endorphins were flooding her brain, invading her senses, and all she could think about was how to get physically closer to the older woman. “I’m completely yours, Maura. I have been. I just didn’t… I didn’t know… I hoped…”

Maura pulled her away from the door, but not before locking it quickly.

“No more. You’re mine, Daisy,” Maura pronounced before kissing her again.

“I am yours,” Daisy felt her body go soft as Maura maneuvered her to the desk. When Maura’s hands got to her waist, Daisy let herself be helped onto the desk, spreading her legs open for Maura to step between.

When she did, Daisy felt a hardness behind her professional black slacks. She felt her eyes roll back, a deep moan fall from her mouth, and arousal soak her panties. “Please,” she heard the pleading before she registered it was her own voice, “I need you inside me.”

“Oh, fuck, Daisy,” Maura kissed her again. She bit at her bottom lip, and once it fell open, she dominated it. She tasted so sweet. She felt Daisy cling to her and groaned, “I am going to fuck you so hard you can’t remember your own name."

Months and months of pent up arousal and tension were exploding out of both women. Daisy’s desperate need to be taken—fully—by Maura fueled and mixed with Maura’s need to claim and mark Daisy as her own. Maura grabbed at her waist, pulling Daisy’s blouse from her skirt, and letting her fingers dance across her abdomen.

The desperate and greedy sighs were enough confirmation for her. She could feel the hardness growing between her legs, it had started long before their lips made contact.

“Daisy, I need to tell you something,” Maura said between kisses.

“It’s okay,” Daisy breathed, upset at any conversation that stopped her lips.

“No, I… it’s important,” Maura breathed. “It’s part of the reason I was moving so slowly. I—I needed you to know me before..."

“I felt it, Maura,” she breathed against her lips. “I don’t care. You have a cock. Big deal. In fact, I’m looking forward to how many times you cum inside me. I want to feel it spilling down my thighs, marking me as yours. I want to feel it inside me, stretch me out, and fill me up.”

Maura held her hips tighter as Daisy hiked her skirt up, revealing her thoroughly-ruined panties. Daisy grabbed her former professor’s hand, and she placed it exactly where she had imagined for months.

“I’m really looking forward to all the times—every time. Every time you want to bend me over this desk—every time you want me in your bedroom—every time you want to lay back while I ride you from the top.” She pulled her underwear to the side and let Maura touch her for the first time. She was dripping wet. She started bucking at the sensations of her fingers swirling her arousal around. “Every time you want to pull me into your car, your classroom, the bathroom, fuck—anywhere.”

“Daisy…” she whispered, she decided to tighten her fingers into her blonde hair instead. She caught the slight hitch in breathing when she did.

“But right now,” Daisy grabbed Maura’s wrist, lifted her fingers to her mouth, and swirled them around inside, “I need—what I’m guessing is your huge cock, inside me—right now.”

Maura’s brain short-circuited for a brief moment. Feeling her girl’s tongue tasting herself on her fingers, the greedy gasps whenever she pulled her hair, the pleading (oh my god, the begging) made her question why she ever thought it was a smart idea to take this slowly. Instead of answering, she pulled the girl off the desk by her hair, spun her around, and pressed her chest flat on the desk.

She would re-organize her desk later. Right now, she had better things to attend to.

Like this gorgeous cunt.

Maura ripped the underwear down her legs, barely helping her out of them just enough to spread her legs open wide. She glanced down and smirked as they were still hooked around one ankle. She undid her slacks with one hand as she ran her nails across the gorgeous ass currently on display for her. Daisy’s shirt was bunched up enough to see goosebumps rising on her back.

“Daisy, I don’t have a condom,” Maura muttered apologetically. “I..."

“Are you clean?” Daisy asked.

“Yes,” Maura said. “But..."

“I am too. I’ve been on birth control since I was 16,” Daisy interrupted, breathing heavily.

“Are you sure?” Maura muttered, freeing herself on her slacks. She pushed herself up against the younger woman.

Daisy felt her hips start to move of their own accord. She needed any friction possible right now. She had waited too long.

“The only thing I’m sure about is that I need you right now. I’ve been waiting too long for this, Maura. I trust you. I need to feel you cum inside me.”

Maura chuckled as she grabbed her cock, and she let it slip right into Daisy’s more than ready cunt.

Daisy let out a low moan, her fingers curling around the edge of the desk, holding herself steady. “Oh, Maura,” she groaned. “You feel so good.”

Maura stayed like that for a moment, savoring the feeling for as long as she could. She could feel Daisy’s walls fluttering and flexing around her- adjusting to her, swallowing her. It felt like home. It felt like a primal instinct, her need to claim this young woman. She began moving her hips, starting to slowly thrust inside and out, dragging each moment and sensation out, building up to the incredible moment of being completely inside her.

Daisy felt her cheek pressed across the cold desk. She arched her back up for Maura. Her eyes were slammed shut, concentrating on breathing as arousal continued to build and spill out of her. It was everything she needed and more. She met each thrust with a groan.

“No one touches you from now on, understand?” Maura instructed, pulling Daisy’s hair back so she was looking directly at her. “No dates. No kissing. This body belongs to me now. I’ll take such good care of you.”

“It’s been yours, Maura,” Daisy breathed. “No one else’s. Always yours. You can do whatever you want to me.”

Maura leaned in and kissed the breath from her lungs as she picked up her pace. How the fuck did she get so lucky?

“If we weren’t in my office where we might be overheard, I would tie your hands behind your back while I fuck you. I would bend you over my knee and spank you whenever I wanted. I would leave marks over your entire body so everyone knows you’re mine.”

Daisy had only imagined dirty degrading things falling from those dark red lips. Imagining them while she was touching herself alone in bed was one thing, to hear them from the source itself made her tingle with anticipation and desperation. To have them actually happen? She might die with need.

“Please, oh god, Maura, please,” Daisy gulped as her pussy throbbed and ached at each thrust. So deep. So filled. “I need you to do all that. Tie me up. Mark me. Slap me. Spank me. Choke me. Everything. I want… everything.”

“Turn over now,” Maura commanded, giving Daisy enough room to maneuver herself, so she was laying on the desk. The professor climbed on top of her, pushing one leg up to provide her ultimate access. Her mind was spinning with images of Daisy tied up and pleading. Her ass red and raw from her hand. Mascara running down her eyes from tears. Frantic begs and whispers of desperation.

Maura slammed back inside her, roughly. She placed a hand over the younger woman’s mouth, anticipating the scream that definitely followed. Daisy couldn’t control it. Maura began thrusting hard, deep, and sharp as Daisy drooled over her hand. Wild and scandalous expletives exploded, although muffled, behind her hand.

Daisy met each thrust with a desperation she had never known before. Her brain was fuzzy. Only the mix of pain and pleasure rocking through her body. She could feel the evidence dripping down her thighs. She needed it all from the professor.

“I’ve got such a beautiful, dirty little bitch…” Maura exhaled against her neck.

“Mmmmm, yours,” Daisy managed from behind the hand, loving the way it forced her to work for it. “Fuck… Maura… yes… yes, yes. Oh my—FUCK!”

Maura had bitten right onto her neck. Daisy’s head fell back against the desk. Maura massaged the bite with her tongue, sucking hard. They both knew there would be a mark.

It sent Daisy headfirst into a spiraling orgasm. Her legs lifted upwards as she let Maura pound mercilessly inside her. Nothing was too much as she begged and screamed for more. She grabbed at Maura’s shirt, desperate for something to hold onto as she rode it out. Maura felt her cum surround her cock, and she allowed herself to cum inside Daisy for the first (of many) times. She let loose, making sure she stayed inside, as she spilled inside of her.

Distracted by her orgasm, Daisy almost didn’t register how close she was to a second until she felt so full of Maura inside of her. It pushed her right into her second orgasm. It left her gasping for air. She saw stars. She was trembling underneath the weight of the older woman. Her legs shaking. Her breath catching in her throat.

They stayed like that for a moment, basking in the afterglow.

A bubble of laughter erupted out of Daisy before she could stop it.

“What?” Maura grinned. “What’s going on inside that beautiful head of yours?”

“Just… finally,” Daisy breathed out, wrapping her arms around her. “Finally. Yours.”

Maura nuzzled the mark that was already beginning to grow on her new lover’s neck. “Mine.”

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Lady Domitille
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