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Millennial Men and Nudity

Are modern men sick of seeing naked women everywhere?

By Liz LaPointPublished 7 years ago 3 min read
Liz LaPoint, photographed by Terry Osterhout

There’s a trend I’ve noticed in recent years:

A subgenre of porn called “Ignore” videos, in which the stars are fully clothed and do regular activities (such as talk on their phone or read a book) while ignoring the viewer, have become popular lately. Some men get aroused by being ignored or from the voyeuristic point-of-view. Other “porn” stars (if you can call them that) remain clothed and simply bark directives at the viewer, fulfilling specific fantasies like treating the viewer like a dog or jerk off instruction (JOI).

Financial Domination mistresses never reveal their nude bodies to their cash slaves. Their slaves are too beneath them to be allowed that honor.

Clothed Female, Naked Male (CFnm) parties involve exactly that: men have to be nude and exist at the party to be ogled and to serve the clothed women.

Playboy magazine printed its first issue without overt nudity in March of 2016. The reasons cited were: better ad revenue, better product placement in stores, and evolving to reflect changing times. They’ve since reverted to again having nude models in their magazine, but the fact that they thought it was a good idea to exclude nudity is noteworthy.

Is there a male backlash to the nude female body? Are Milennials, the guys who grew up with easy access to internet porn, so bored with seeing women nude that now they prefer us totally covered up?

Or is all this only attractive to a certain subset of men, like masochists and sexually submissive men turned on by dominant women?

On my YouTube channel, The Naked Advice with Liz LaPoint, my most popular videos are the ones in which I explore and discuss topics related to male sexual submissiveness: foot fetishes, ball-busting fetishes, macrophilia, and pegging. I had no idea how common a foot fetish was until I researched the subject and made two videos where I share the psychological theories behind it and give advice. Both videos have hundreds of comments from men who’ve shared their personal stories of having a thing for women’s feet! It turns out, sexual submissiveness plays a huge role; they are aroused by feeling inferior to women and like to “worship” at a woman’s feet. Many guys with a foot fetish don’t need to ever see a woman nude, they get off on her treating him like he doesn’t deserve to see her naked.

Over the last few years the media has been shining a spotlight on “modest” women’s wear trending. Modestly dressing, for women, means long sleeves, long hemlines, and no cleavage (although toe cleavage is fine). I suspect modesty won’t be taking over the fashion world anytime soon, but being completely covered up no longer has to mean looking Amish. Celebrities have stepped out in recent years showing off their bodies without showing a lick of skin.

However, all of this is coinciding with the Free The Nipple movement, in which activists are fighting to make it legal everywhere for women to be topless in public just as men have enjoyed for decades.

I have posed nude for my husband’s photography for years now. Always a free spirit and comfortable in my skin, I happily modeled in various states of undress. While I appreciate that our society has become less prudish in general, do I just appear to be one of hundreds of women in the buff to men who are now bored with it? My hubby and I consider our work together art, but admittedly erotic art more likely to be appreciated by straight men. Is our art yawn-inducing to today’s guys?

Every generation tends to both borrow from and completely reject elements of the previous generation. And since people often let the pendulum swing too far the opposite direction after becoming more enlightened or educated in a matter, having a difficult time achieving balance, it will be interesting to see where this all goes.

Liz LaPoint, photographed by Terry Osterhout


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Liz LaPoint

Liz is a sex and relationship advice blogger on She writes about topics related to politics, culture, feminism, race, and psychology. Her YouTube channel tackles everything from sexual fetishes to trigger warnings.

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