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Masturbation tips for women

by Sarfraz Hussain 2 years ago in sexual wellness
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Masturbation does you good: eight reasons to do it today

Masturbation Techniques for WOMEN

Solo sex offers many avenues for a mind-blowing orgasm. Read 20 tips and practice yourself as a master of masturbation!

Make yourself comfortable

Clean up, light candles, and tune yourself into the atmosphere. It’s hard to feel sexy if the room is full of dirty laundry and pizza boxes.

Use a lubricant

The wetter, the better! Studies show that nearly half of women get an orgasm more easily when they use a lubricant.

Rub your breasts

Stimulation of the nipples releases oxytocin, which causes contractions associated with orgasm in the uterus and vagina. So take your breasts to the delight - you may be surprised by the result!

Dare to experience

Don’t focus your thoughts on just what you feel below the navel. As you masturbate, the energy flows through your body from your spine to your arms and your occiput.

Get a sex toy

The dildo may already be your old acquaintance, but have you heard of a pleasure device that feels like Oral Sex? The oral simulator mimics the movements of the tongue and the sensations it produces. Miksetpä also checks out our other things, The Daily Mail and New York Magazine suistuttamaan a vibrator, which is said to produce a "third-level orgasm."

6.… Or invest in two!

Why would you settle for one sex toy? Sizes, designs, and a variety of features are available in the darkest of clouds. In some models, two sex toys can also be used simultaneously: one to stimulate the clitoris and the other to stimulate the G-spot.

Proceed slowly

Sometimes speed is a trump card, but you will most likely get the best orgasm of your life when you focus on the final climax in peace and unhurriedness. Just when you’re about to have an orgasm, stop for a moment and breathe - that’s how you accelerate yourself to get hotter and hotter all the time.

Focus on your clitoris

Studies show that clitoral stimulation plays a huge role in getting an orgasm. So let’s go and dig deep into this precious area of ​​yours carefully!

9.… But don’t forget the G-spot

The clitoris plays a fairly large role in inducing pleasure, but it is not the only part of the vagina with super-sensitive areas. Locating the G-spot is not always unambiguous, but you should work in front of it to find the sensitive area on the anterior wall of this vagina. One way is to touch the front wall of the vagina with two fingers and look for a soft, slightly jagged spot. The easiest way to find a G-spot is when you are aroused because then it fills with fluid and swells.

10.… Or do both at the same time!

Did anyone mention a combination orgasm? Yes - it’s one of the four (you read that right!) Types of orgasms that all women should experience. Strong sensations of recombinant orgasm arise when two nerves - the pelvic nerve and the pubic nerve - are simultaneously stimulated. The other three types of orgasms are clitoral orgasm, vaginal orgasm, and multiple orgasms.

11....Watch porn

While it’s fake, it can be very arousing. And when you watch porn alone, you can immerse yourself in things that your partner might not get excited about while masturbating.

12....Read an erotic book

That’s why, for example, Fifty Shades of Gray is so popular around the world. So tune your mind to its full erotic charge with the help of literature.

13....Arrange a presentation

But not to the camera… Invite your partner to look at you from the side of the room. You are guaranteed to feel like a real sex bomb and she can't wait to join the bed with you!

14....Invest in training

In the weight room, you will not only improve your general condition, but at the same time, you can exercise your bed skills with the help of exercise. Among other things, do workouts and exercises that strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and vaginal area, which will help you take your orgasm to a whole new level.

15....Use your imagination

When you masturbate, dream of a hot man - whether he is your partner, for example, some unreachable celebrity commission.

16....Don't settle for one

Many consecutive orgasms are one of the greatest blessings of being a woman. On the other hand, getting even one orgasm can be challenging enough already. The good news though is that getting both a single and multiple orgasms can be practiced!

17....Change positions

We vary postures when having sex with our partner, so why not do the same while masturbating? When you boldly experiment with different postures and places in solo sex as well, you become more aware of how to get the most pleasure. You can also take advantage of the skills you have learned with your partner and also take your two-way sex life to a new level.

18....Try a bath

The bath relaxes the mind and body. In addition, warm water specially caresses our bodies and reinforces the well-being brought by masturbation.

19....Be creative

Rub vigorously, rub gently, use different movements. Feel free to use your hands and try different directions to find your perfect big O.

20....Martyrs often

According to some studies, women masturbate on average once a week. However, everyone determines the amount that suits their own body and needs. However, it’s worth remembering that the more often you spend your time on solo sex, the more you learn about your own body and preferences - and the closer you are to complete fulfillment.

Masturbation does you good: eight reasons to do it today

Masturbation is wonderful, and in addition to the orgasm looming at the end, it also has numerous other wonderful effects. Here are eight of them.

1- Eliminate stress

Any sex-related activity is likely to push feelings of the stress out of your mind.

Think about the best orgasm you have ever had: Were you thinking about a deadline or a presentation at that moment? Not really.

Orgasm releases the pleasure hormone endorphin, which makes you feel good as well as relaxed.

2- Helps to fall asleep

What if next time you masturbated yourself to sleep? During sex or masturbation, the body goes through a sexual cycle that culminates in tension from triggering.

Muscles contract, heart rate is high and breathing is dense - is it any wonder you’re starting to fall asleep?

3- Libido increases

There is no more lovely vicious circle of masturbation: the more you stimulate yourself, the more stimulation you need.

Many women momentarily lose their sexual desires at some point in their lives, but masturbation allows those desires to be maintained even if you don’t have a partner. Masturbating also increases the number of your thoughts about sex.

4- Heart and pulmonary exercise

Although there is no scientific evidence of how much the heart is strained during masturbation or sex, even a short session raises your heart rate, at least momentarily.

You can also think of masturbation as a good-feeling cardio workout, as well as a mini-workout for inner thighs and your back - you can both excite during the workout.

5. Pelvic floor

The pelvic floor muscles are a group of muscles that protect, for example, the bladder and the uterus. Especially in those who give birth, the musculature understandably loosens, which can result in urinary incontinence when laughing or taking them.

However, the pelvic floor muscles are like any other muscle - they can be strengthened in any other way than during training. Masturbation strengthens an important muscle mass, especially with the help of geisha balls - this way you prevent urinary incontinence or evict the history of an existing affair.

6. Relief from menstrual cramps

While masturbation during menstruation may seem like the last thing on your mind, it can relieve pain. Endorphins make seizures easier, and you’ll probably feel better, at least for a while - it’s better than nothing, right?

7. Multi orgasm

One of the best things about masturbation is that you can probably get an orgasm quickly after the previous one.

After the sexual peak, your body returns to normal, your breathing stabilizes, and your vagina and breasts return to normal. After having an orgasm, you can continue the other activities of the day as usual, or alternatively return to the masturbation trees surprisingly quickly.

8. Self-esteem

The stigma of shame previously associated with masturbation as well as sex has been almost broken, and masturbation is a great way to learn more about your sexuality. You will learn what kind of touch you like and you will be aware of how your body reacts to certain things.

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