Lovers Weekend Away - 7

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Lovers Weekend Away - 7

“I’ll meet you in the room. I want you on the bed, naked. I’ll be right there,” I said as we walked into the lobby of the hotel. I watched you walk towards the elevator before making my call.

You laid on the bed gently touching your sore, raw semi soft cock... he’s had a lot of action in the last few stollen days, it’s going to suck going home to your cold nasty wife. We’ve had some fun, you think as the things you've done to me and the things I've done to you start racing through your mind... you wonder what my surprise could possibly be. You’re laying on the bed feeling very fulfilled when the two of us walk in to the bedroom carrying and you bolt up in surprise.

“This is Laura, a friend of mine,” I say walking towards you holding straps of silk in my hand. I take one silk strap and tie it around your head, covering your eyes. You lay back on the bed and take a deep breath, eagerly anticipating what's to come.

“We decided not to tie your feet up this time so you have more leverage to fuck us.” I say as I I take another silk strap from my hand and tie one of your hands to the headboard. “Your hands are another matter.” I whisper in your ear as I hand Laura the last silk strap and she uses it to tie your other hand to the headboard.

Laying there you relinquishing control which makes you really excited... albeit a little nervous. You can't see anything and aren't sure what's going on. You're about to say something when you feel fingernails running along your legs, your arms and all over your chest, fingernails running along your body everywhere. Four hands caressing, scratching, wanting to touch you, all over your body... there's not a spot on you that doesn't feel electric and you revel in the attention. This time it's all about pleasing you.

The fingernails and fingertips are replaced by lips and tongues as we taste our way around your body. You feel four hands and two tongues learning you, licking you, kissing you. You feel lips on your lips and return the kiss with greedy anticipation. You feel one of us sucking on your bottom lip, nibbling you at the same time you feel another set of lips moving down your abdomen towards your cock. You return the kiss deeply, passionately, hungrily wondering who it is your kissing, who has such a sweet tasting mouth and who it is that’s heading south.

As lips engulf your cock you dart your tongue into the kiss wanting more. A tongue moves up and down on your cock while hands gently cup your balls, touching you, caressing you, squeezing you, licking you, sucking you into a place of pure ecstasy. You tongue fuck the kiss as your cock explodes into another mouth, a different mouth, sucking and licking and wetting your shaft... preparing it.

You feel one of us climb on top of you and sit on your belly. You feel breasts on your chest as a new salty tongue darts into your mouth and hands run down your sides. You feel wetness spread across your belly as a wet pussy grinds on your abs. You feel someone else climb on, your cock slides in gently. You feel breasts on your legs and realize the person riding your cock is facing backwards. Your cock bends back and pushes against the pussy walls trying to stand but unable. It's a different sensation with your cock like this, but you really like it as she rides you up and down slamming onto your cock, pushing off your feet for leverage.

Legs start to quiver around your hips, you feel the pussy on your cock pulse and squeeze. The walls crushing in on your cock start to pulse in rhythm and you know she’s on the brink. All around you there is moaning and panting, crying of pleasure. Her walls squeeze in one final crushing squeeze and she cries out as the pleasure overtakes her. Feeling her warm slick juices run down your balls pushes you over the edge, you burst, spewing cum deep into her pussy.

You feel her climb off your cock and a minute later you hear the door open and shut. You feel someone climb in bed next to you and snuggle up, head on your chest. Breathing in deeply, you smell the faint vanilla scent of my perfume and know it's me cuddling with you.

Touching you softly I admire your form, the curve of your chest, the hit of six pack on your abdomen just beneath the dad bod, the fabulousness of your cock and how much pleasure it's brought me. I watch you get hard as I twist you around between my fingers. Caressing you softly I lean in and kiss you. Tasting me now, you know it was me kissing you earlier and realize it was Laura riding your cock... that it was my turn for an orgasm... and you're more than ready to give one to me.

I lay on top of you, I take off your blindfold and untie your hands. You wrap your arms around me and kiss me breathing me in deeply. I want your cock in me so bad I can taste it. I know you want to taste me... you'll have to wait.

I spread my legs and guide your cock gently inside me. I know he must be sore so I slowly, passionately, longingly ride your cock, laying on you, skin to skin, heart to heart, your arms around me guide me as I slowly slide up and down your shaft. Feeling the completeness of being touched so lovingly, so vulnerably, so fully, you pull me into you, hugging me deeply. Holding me tight we roll over.

I lay on my back, you on me, you start gently moving up and down. In and out. “Mmmmm you feel so good,” I say as you pull out and head down for a taste. Your tongue laps my clit and darts inside my pussy just for a minute before your back up kissing me, cock sliding in me, in and out, softly, sweetly. Just as I'm on the verge, my nails are digging into your back, you stop again and kiss your way down my belly. Your tongue teases my clit, flicking it back and forth as your fingers push in and out temporarily replacing your cock.

I feel the orgasm start to build again and I grab your hair holding your face on my clit. You pull away, back up to me, you kiss my nipples and nibble on my bottom lip as you slide your cock back inside me feeling every slippery wet pulse, bump and ripple inside me. You push into me deeply. I moan out and grind into your cock, holding your ass, pulling you into me deeper.

You start to feel my pussy pulse and my legs quiver. You kiss me gently and then hard, passionately as my orgasm peaks. Feeling the crush of my pussy walls and the softness of my skin on your skin, you thrust deeply, trying to get further inside, closer somehow. You cum deep inside of me and moan out in a new, soft, kind of moan, one full of pleasure and passion.

You roll off of me onto your back completely spent. I scoot over and rest my head on your chest and wrap my leg around yours. You feel a trickle of warm sticky cum run out of me and onto your thigh as we fall asleep.

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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