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Lost in the Hedge Maze

An Erotic Fiction Story

By Timothy A RowlandPublished 4 months ago 27 min read
Image by: Timothy A Rowland. Created via Leonardo AI

Octavia sat bored on her bed, staring at her phone. She was scrolling through social media but not really seeing anything. It was just a visual distraction and something to fool herself into thinking that she was doing something. Mostly, she was repeating the same question in her head over and over again… why did he cheat on her with that girl? Her of all people! It was bad enough that he cheated on her, but to do it with the one girl that had made her life a living hell for the last year, was just evil on another level.

That girl had teased her about her blonde hair, about her lack of sexual experience at 18-years-old and had even teased her about dating him. Wonder if he knew that, she thought. Out loud, to an empty room, she said, “I’m as tall as most of the guys and maybe I don’t sleep around as much as her, but I’m more than he deserves. As a matter of fact, he can keep that skank for all I care!”

The Invite

She jumped up off her bed and started to storm out of the room, as though she were making a point of her attitude to the nobody that was there to witness it. Before she reached the door, though, the phone she had thrown down onto the bed let out a loud chime noise. A text message. For a second, she wondered if it was him, begging her to forgive him. However, in the short distance between her bedroom door and where the phone lay, she had already decided that even if it was him, she would ignore it or tell hm exactly where he could go.

As she read the text message, she quickly realized that it wasn’t from him. She was surprised to realize that she wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or relieved by that fact. She shook it out of her mind with a quick shake of her head and soft laugh. Then, she looked down at her screen again and read the message out loud, each word making her both excited and confused…

Hey Octavia,

You don’t know me, but I’ve had a bit of a crush on you for a long time now. My family is hosting a maze challenge on our farm, and I wanted to know if you would come. I’ll meet you there and we can get to know each other better. I even have a gift for you if you can make it to the center of the maze. It starts at 3 pm. So, will you be there?

She continued staring at the message a while, weighing the thrill and her curiosity against the potential danger of such a random message. Eventually, she decided to just go with it and she replied with a quick, “I’ll be there.” She started to throw her phone back onto the bed again, but it again chimed with a text notification. She looked and read, “Great! Do me a favor and wear a sundress. I saw you in one at a party and can’t get the beautiful image out of my head.” The message was followed by a few emoji faces that all indicated that it was intended as both a sweet request and a naughty one at that. The sentiment was effective though; she felt both a little turned on and a little sweetly flattered by the request. She looked up at the ceiling a moment, considering, then decided that she would grant the request… but say nothing for now.

The Arrival

By 2:45 pm, Octavia was pulling up to the address she had gotten roughly an hour or two before, again from the same number that had invited her. “What am I doing here? What am I thinking?” She looked around at the gathering of vehicles that all sat in various locations in a field. Of course, not far from the vehicles, and her, was a wall of bushes that stood around 7 feet tall. She panicked for a moment, since she didn’t know what to do or where to go; not to mention that she didn’t see any other people around. Again, she shook it off and continued to look around after getting out of her vehicle. Finally, she saw a nearby tree with a sign on it. The sign had a bright green arrow pointing to the right edge of the hedge wall. “Guess, I’m going to see what is around the corner.”

As she turned the corner, she saw a guy standing up ahead. He was looking at her with a smile, then looking down to the ground near his feet, then back up at her again. He looked shy, but happy to see her. This had to be the stranger behind the invite message.

As she approached him, she waved and said a quick hello. He greeted her back and then gave her a hug, as though they had known each other for months or years. She was alarmed, but also, she could tell that his hug was an impulse that was brought on by his excitement and a genuine desire to be close to her. She decided that it was sweet and not creepy, though even she didn’t know why that was. She found out that his name is Thadius and that he is around her same age. He knew her from a few parties and from mutual friends who had all encouraged him to talk to her, but he hadn’t gotten the nerve before her ex had swept her away. In fact, he had been friends with her ex, years before, but they had a falling out over the way her ex treats people. Go figure.

After the small talk and the getting to know one another, he swept his hand toward the opening in the hedges behind him, while placing his other hand gently on the small of her back. “After you, My Queen.” He laughed as he spoke and gave a bit of a bowing motion. She giggled a little and walked through the opening. She could hear him walking up from behind her until he was walking along side of her. With a bit of upbeat and bouncy voice, he immediately started talking again. He asked her gentle questions and told her how beautiful she looked… the usual stuff. It took a lot for her to keep up with what he was saying and each turn that he made in the maze. Moments later, he said, “This is both a maze and a challenge, keep that in mind as you go through. If you choose to get to the center, there is a gift for you. If you choose to get to the end, there is much more.”

She turned her head to point out that he said “you” and not “we” as she giggled a little… but he was gone. It seemed like he had just vanished. She hadn’t even realized until just now that he had fallen a few steps behind her while he said his last sentence. On the ground, she saw a piece of paper. She picked it up and read it. It simply said, “keep going straight. When you get to the end, go right to accept the challenge. Go left to go home. Up to you.”

The Maze Challenge Begins

She kept walking until she had reached the end of the path. Just as the note had said, she could go either right or left. It was all rather creepy, and she knew that it could be dangerous, or it could be thrilling. She debated it in her head for a while, but eventually she shrugged and started heading down the path to her right. She had always been timid and the shy little girl that everyone thought wouldn’t ever do something daring. After the breakup, this was a new her and she would see where this would all lead. She needed a thrill. Besides, that loner life had also afforded her time to get her black belt, which she was sure that nobody probably knew.

A short time later, she came up on a dead end… then another one… and then a fork in the maze. In the center of the two paths there were two signs. One sign said, “walk the walk” and pointed left. The other sign said, “talk the talk” and pointed right. She figured it had worked before, so again, she went right. As she walked down the path, she could see someone standing a little way ahead. Surely, it was just another person who had arrived earlier than her and was still trying to work through the maze too. However, as she kept getting closer, she realized that this person was staring right at her and looked like he was waiting.

She got near to him and pointed down the only path that she could see behind him. “Hey. Is that the way I’m supposed to go? Or do you know?” The man smiled and said “of course I know. However, if you want me to tell you the answer, then you must complete the challenge.” Oh yeah, Thadius had said that this was a maze and a challenge. “Okay, what is the challenge then?” Again, the man smiled. “It’s simple. You must talk the talk. Tell me something that nobody else knows about you, sexually.” Her breath caught in her throat. “What?” He laughed a little. “It can be a fantasy that nobody else knows about. It can be an experience you’ve never told anyone. You get the idea.” She stepped back in shock and asked, “do I have to?” He shook his head and said “No, of course not. You can take the path and hope it is the right one, you can turn around and try the other path, or you can try to find your way back the way you came to go home. Everything here is your choice.”

Like always, she thought a moment and weighed her options. After a good bit of back and forth in her mind, she figured what could it hurt, really? So, she came up with an honest answer. “Well, sometimes I masturbate three times a day, and at least one of those times, I like to masturbate my pussy and my ass at the same time.” His eyebrows went up, but he said nothing. Her mouth opened to continue her confession, but she caught herself and went silent. “I guess I only had to tell you one of those things, huh?” The man nodded with a grin. “So, is this the way?” He looked a moment longer and with his grin still in place, he said, “No, this path loops back around to the fork in the maze. The other path is the one you need if you want to make it further.”

As she walked away, she noticed herself grinning too. She couldn’t believe she had told that confession to a stranger. Even more than that… oh… wait… she looked back at the man, realizing that really, she hadn’t had to say anything at all. If she had chanced it and gone down the path, she still would have ended up back at the same point she was now walking to. She started laughing out loud and kept walking until she had finally reached the fork again. Quickly, she walked around and then headed down the other path. This time, she could already see a woman standing at the end. It was a short path and it only took a moment to reach the woman.

“I know, I have to complete a challenge for you to let me by and down the right path, right?” The woman laughed saying, “Yes. But also, to know which path you should go down.” Sure enough, as she looked around the corner, she could tell there was more than one way to go once she was there. “Okay, what is the challenge?” The woman pointed at Octavia’s feet. “The challenge is a very simple one… you must take off your socks and shoes and leave them here with me. You will get them back once you complete the maze.” Octavia looked baffled at the woman. “Really? That’s it? I just have to leave my socks and shoes with you?” The woman smiled. “Yep, that’s it.” As she started taking her socks and shoes off, she laughed again and said, “Oh, I get it. Walk the walk.” She handed her socks and shoes to the woman and took notice of how soft the grass was beneath her bare feet. “Actually, this feels a little better anyway.”

The unnamed woman took the items from her and then told her, “Choose your own path. It doesn’t matter which of the three you choose. Your destination is the same.” Octavia walked off toward the three entrances, shaking her head. Another tricky one. It didn’t matter though, she was enjoying walking barefooted anyway, so she was happy to get her socks and shoes off.

Image by: Timothy A Rowland. Created via Leonardo AI

The Maze Escalates

Since the woman had said it didn’t really matter which was chosen, Octavia didn’t even bother to take notice of which entrance she was walking through; she just kept walking until she passed through one of them, her head looking more down at the ground than ahead of her. That is, until she noticed that the sunlight was suddenly nearly gone. She looked ahead quickly and then up toward the sky. The path was now covered over in a canopy of hedge branches and leaves. She was now in a sort of natural tunnel of greenery. It was both beautiful and intimidating. Still, her feet continued to carry her further down the path, seemingly without her even telling them to.

It was much darker, but she could still see a figure standing up ahead. “Here we go again. Another challenge.” She approached and quickly realized that it was the same woman from before. “How did you get here before me?” The woman laughed and in a playful tone said, “I have my ways.” They exchanged a playful pause and look at one another a moment and then Octavia asked, “Well, what is the challenge this time?” The woman grinned a naughty grin before saying, “This time, you have a choice to make.” Octavia gave her an interested but puzzled look. “Oh really? What choice is that?” The woman replied, “The choice you make will determine which path you must take next. You must surrender your sundress, or the bra and panties beneath it.”

Octavia was shocked, though not as shocked as she probably should have been. In fact, she was just now realizing that the choices and the pressure to make the choice, was a bit of a turn on for her. Now… she was more shocked at herself than she was of the challenge itself. Still, she wanted to take the safer route she thought. “I’ll give up my bra and panties, though it’s a little unfair that I’m giving you my clothes and here you stand fully dressed in that blouse.” She chuckled a little, but also her mind screamed at her, ‘did I really just say that?’ The woman gave her a big grin and said, “Fair enough.” With that, she nearly tore off her shirt…allowing her beautiful 36C breasts to fall free, nipples hard, and only inches away from Octavia. Before she could stop it, an excited, “Wow” escaped her lips. The woman just smiled at her and said, “Thank you.”

Quickly, Octavia maneuvered under her sundress and undid her bra. She pulled it through the sleeve and handed it to the woman. After that, she lifted the bottom of her dress and reached underneath, pulling down her panties, then picking them up as they hit the grass at her feet. She figured she better move on before she says or does something else that might get her into trouble; though, she was honestly longing for the trouble now. The woman pointed toward the left saying, “Take that path to move forward to your destination.” She smiled quickly and then started walking down the left path, blushing like the innocent schoolgirl that she still was on the surface.

A very short distance down the path, Octavia was surprised to see that there were stairs made from several stacked crates. There was no doubt that she was meant to go up, since they took up the entirety of the path in front of her. Without even hesitating, she began the climb upward, reaching the top rather quickly. At the top, there was a straight wooden path built on top of a wall of wood beneath. There were even wooden rails on each side.

She grabbed the rails and began walking across the make-shift bridge somewhat slowly. The hedges on either side of her had been trimmed down a great deal for the entire length of the path. Suddenly, she realized that the sun was fully shining past her… and that her sundress was very likely now see-through and left nothing to the imagination of anyone who could see her. Almost subconsciously, she began walking a little slower across the bridge, and with more purpose to her every step. The light material of her sundress brushed against her bare nipples with each step, the fabric nearly brushing against her pelvic bone too. There was a breeze she could feel across her entire body beneath the dress. She was, in this moment, more aware of every inch of her own body than she had been in a long time. Not just the whole of her body, like when she would masturbate alone in her room, but every… single… inch of it. She felt aroused. She felt beautiful. She felt truly sexy in her skin. She gave a coy grin in each direction, for the eyes she imagined were on her… then… she smiled as she crossed her arms, grabbing the bottom of her dress, and slowly pulled it up over her head; all without missing a single step. With another coy smile, she tossed it behind her on the bridge path and kept walking, now fully naked in the elements.

As she reached the end of the bridge path, Octavia began walking down the steps in what could only be described as a strut. With each step, she reveled in the breeze blowing across her breasts as they bounced each time her foot impacted the next step. By the time she reached the grass again and began walking, she was smiling and unconsciously running her fingertips from her collarbone down to just below her abdomen, then back up again slowly.

She started walking down the new path, without even looking ahead of her, as she continued to caress her skin. It was then that she heard the slow clapping a few feet away. Her eyes shot up and there stood Thadius looking her over with admiration as he clapped his hands slowly and smiled. Before she knew it, she was smiling back at him… just as she noticed that she wasn’t the only one standing there naked. His member was already at attention and making an obvious presence. His size didn’t scare her, but still, it was much larger than she would have guessed it to be. She wasn’t mad about it at all. She heard him chuckle a little and it made her realize that she had been staring directly at it for an obvious time. She followed his body upward with her eyes, until finally her gaze met his.

Without giving him time to begin speaking, she closed the short distance between them and pressed her body against his, his large iron cock crushed between their abdomen and stomachs. She put one hand against his chest, and the other around his neck as she leaned into him harder and locked him in a passionate kiss. He gave no resistance, not that she had expected any. She got concerned for a very brief moment as she felt him pull his body away from hers. However, the fear vanished as she felt his hand on her breast… and the other begin to slide down her body somewhat slowly. Their kiss continued as his hand slid down her pubic mound and onto her clit. Her legs opened wider, seemingly without her making the effort, and her lower body arched forward. His fingers met her body’s arch and slipped easily into her. She was soaking wet, and her insides felt like a furnace.

Moans escaped her lips, floating out from their deep kiss, as his fingers… and then whole hand, began controlling her body and the intense pleasure of each stroke and rub. She knew she was going to cum soon, but she didn’t want this moment to end; no matter how bad she longed for the release that was building up. Her body was shaking, her soft moans had now turned into outcries of pleasure, and the sight and feel of his still rock-hard cock tapping against her with the stokes of his hand… it was all too much! Her fingers dug into his back and her head fell against his chest as she exploded into a fierce orgasm. The muscles of her burning pussy gripped his fingers so tightly that he had no choice but to pause his pleasing. His fingers were trapped exactly where she wanted them; deep.

He held her up for a moment as her body finally began to shake less. Still, when he released his efforts to keep her on her feet, she happily slid down onto her knees. He started to step away from her and speak, but before he could form a complete sentence, she reached up and took hold of his cock at its base. With a hunger she didn’t even know she had, she leapt her face forward and took as much of it into her mouth as she could. His sudden burst of grunts and moans pleased her so much. With each stroke, she tried to take more in, but it was simply too thick and long to get it all. She was excited but also a little disappointed; she wanted it all, every throbbing inch. She wanted to feel it pulsating in her mouth. She wanted to control his body the way he had controlled hers. She was still lost in these thoughts when she heard him begin to grunt louder and faster. She could feel the rhythm of his heart in the pulsing of his big member. He was about to cum, and now she wanted only one thing. She reached both hands around him and grabbed the cheeks of his ass. With a quick and strong motion, she pull his entire body forward, nearly gagging herself on his cock as it released a sudden burst of the thick fluid straight down her throat. It seemed almost instant that her throat was full and his cum was filling even the cheeks of her mouth. Still, she held his cock deep in her throat; as deep as it would possibly go… until finally, he relaxed a bit and the constant faucet of hot, thick, liquid turned into a drip.

Lost No More- A Conclusion

Thadius smiled at her as he helped her to her feet. “Well, fair to say that you skipped part of the maze’s challenges.” She smiled back and gave a playful shrug. She looked down toward what was the obvious path to continue her journey, before taking a few steps in that direction. From behind her she heard him say, “oh no, like I said… you skipped part of the maze and challenges.” He grinned a bit, reached behind him, and pushed on the hedges, revealing a hidden hole in the hedge wall. “So, that’s how you all have been moving through so fast!” He just nodded with a quick, “yep.”

Without another word, she slipped past him and pushed herself through the hole. As she emerged, she looked forward and was relieved to see that there was only one option for which way to start walking. She looked back at the now sealed hedges and giggled to herself a little… then started walking. She looked around a bit as she started down the path, but really there was nothing to see. It was just a tall wall of hedges on either side of her and the now setting sun casting light and shadows overhead.

Eventually, she came up to a round clearing about 12-feet in each direction from the center of the circle, where she could clearly see mattresses stacked on top of each other. There on the mattress, smiling a naughty little smile, was the unnamed woman. Her skin was glistening in the fading light, her breasts crushed together a bit as she lay on her side. There was a faint hint of a triangle shaved into her pubic mound, but the rest of down below was cleanly shaved. For a moment, Octavia looked up and down the woman’s body, simply admiring how sexy and goddess-like she looked. Her side pose was regal and certainly had the intended effect.

Still with a naughty smile, the woman slowly lifted her hand and with one finger motioned for Octavia to come over to her. Octavia began walking toward her, still staring, as the woman began to speak. “You’ll notice that there are three ways out of this clearing. Complete your task and I’ll direct you to the correct one. You up for it?” No words. Her response was just a nod and a grin that she couldn’t hold back. The unnamed woman smiled wider and said, “good.” Octavia opened her mouth, about to ask exactly what the challenge was, but just as she stepped next to the stacked mattresses, the woman reached out and began to run her fingertips from just above her knee, up Octavia’s leg, until she light brushed her hand on her wet vagina. Octavia gasped slightly and pushed herself into the woman’s hand harder. “Ah, so eager. I love it.”

She didn’t wait for an invitation, Octavia reached out her hand and began returning the favor. This time, it was the woman who gasped a little as she opened her legs wider, and then rolled herself onto her back. Quickly, the woman moved her body, taking it away from Octavia for a moment, before positioning herself so that her head was hanging off the edge of the bed between Octavia’s legs. She suddenly felt the woman’s hands grab a hold of her ass cheeks, and then pull her forward more and onto the woman’s face. There was hesitation before her mouth and tongue began to explore and tease. At first, Octavia instinctively reached down and began teasing the woman’s ample breasts with her fingers, and then her hands gripped them sensually.

She couldn’t take it anymore. Octavia moved her knees onto the bed on either side of the woman’s head, leaned over and as the woman’s legs parted even wider, she trapped the woman’s clit between her lips…then allowed her own mouth and tongue to explore. Both women began moaning loudly, and gripped tight to the other’s body. The hunger and passion between them was already quickly reaching a fever-pitch.

She could feel the woman’s body tense as she began to shake. Her fingers clawed into Octavia’s ass cheeks and her moans turned into muffled screams as she tried to maintain her tongue’s rhythm while cumming hard against Octavia’s mouth. She was cumming hard, but Octavia didn’t slow down and continued to tease and explore with her tongue, lips, and the whole of her mouth. The woman began to slap her ass as though she were spanking her. Perhaps she wanted Octavia to stop, but still she continued to drink of this stranger’s natural nectar.

There was no way to know if it was out of passion or from a need to ease the orgasmic taking of her, but suddenly, the woman buried her face hard against Octavia’s dripping-wet and furnace-hot nest, as she sucked her clit while also teasing it with the flat of her tongue. Yep… that did it. Octavia threw her head up and let out a loud half-scream and half-moan sound that echoed through the hedges that surrounded them and into the evening air.

Both women lay there a moment, breathing hard, and taking in the moment. Octavia started to move her body and get back to her feet, but the woman grabbed her again and held her in place. Before she could ask any questions, she felt the woman grip her ass with both hands, and part her ass cheeks. The sudden rush of cool air on her wet opening made her shiver a bit.

Just then, she felt the woman’s tongue once again licking her clit playfully. She began to squirm a bit at first, but outright jumped as she felt the tip of a cock being pushed against her opening. She looked back as best she could and watched the pleasure on Thadius’ face as he stood behind her. As she quivered on the woman’s tongue a bit, she felt every inch of his cock as he slowly slid it deeper and deeper inside. Her opening stretched but gripped tightly to the large member that seemed- for a moment- to have no end. Until finally, she felt his pelvic bone against her ass. As he held it deep inside a moment, and the woman’s tongue continued to tease her clit, she knew that she would not be able to hold it in for very long. She hadn’t fully recovered from her last orgasm… but she wanted this so badly.

As though they had both read her mind, the woman’s licking became faster and harder just as she felt the large cock filling her begin to slide in and out hard. His movements were a little slow, but each stroke was hard and sent waves of dominating pleasure through her whole body. However, this only lasted a moment, before his hard thrust became more and more frequent…until his massive and rock-hard dick was pounding into her over and over with no relief or recovery between.

Her innocence left her completely as she screamed, “Fuck me!” Obviously, he was all too happy to oblige, and he pounded deep, fast and hard into her. Suddenly, she couldn’t tell where exactly each sensation of pleasure was coming from. The teasing of her clit and the pounding all became one. Her body wasn’t hers anymore, it belonged to the ocean of ecstasy coursing through her from head to toe. It was like a pressure cooker of pleasure…and then it all exploded out. Her whole body shook like an earthquake and the sounds escaping her mouth were near inhuman.

Just as her grip on his manhood loosened a bit, he suddenly pulled out fast. As the instant feeling of being empty mixed with the waves of lingering orgasm overtook her body, she watched as Thadius pushed his cock down into the woman’s mouth, threw his head back, and moaned out his pleasure. She could see the woman trying desperately to swallow all of it as she lay there. Finally, both he and the woman slumped forward a bit in a huff, frozen in time it seemed.

… Moments Later…

The three of them stood up, covered in sweat. Thadius and woman walked over to a spot in the round clearing and picked up what was clearly their clothes. The woman smiled at Octavia and simply said, “your clothes are over there, that’s the exit.” She nodded and started to walk in that direction. From behind her she heard him say, “This is Destiny, my girlfriend.” Her breath caught in her chest for a moment, and her body froze. “Your what?” Then she heard Destiny’s voice say, through panting, “yeah, we’ve been together for six years, but we wanted to add another woman. Great dick, but I wanted more to play with, you know?” Now reaching for her clothes, Octavia turned to them. Both were looking at her with anticipation and excitement.

She gave them a sweet smile…picked up her clothes… and said, “I’m good.” With that, she walked out through the exit and began dressing on her way to the car. Leaving Thadius and Destiny speechless behind her.

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