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Life Uninterrupted

by Author Lea Mishell 10 months ago in literature

What Inspired The Story?

Book cover for rough draft of "Life Uninterrupted: Based on REAL Events" written by Lea Mishell, author of "SistaGirlz: an Urban Fairy Tale/Mistress Harding Erotica book series"

For those that do not know, November is National Novel Writing Month. Annually, dedicated writers gather at the NaNoWriMo website ( to share their creativity with the goal of writing at least 50,000+ words for 30 days straight. Personally, writing is a birthday gift to myself (my birthday is November 2nd) so if nothing else, once my goal is accomplished, I will end up giving myself a new book! Writing over 100,000 words since joining NaNoWriMo in 2007, despite procrastination and lack of motivation to write at times, I have steadfastly attempted to create a new book. A decade after publishing my first book, "Livin' Just Enough" though AuthorHouse, I wrote my first winning NaNo story in 2012 with "Wifey" (which is now "Part 3" of "SistaGirlz Book 7 JaShel's Trilogy" available on This year, putting fingertips to keyboard, I decided to reflect on the memories created during my first 48 years on this planet with a fictional version of my life.

So... exactly what inspired me to begin writing "Life Uninterrupted"? Well, as for most of us, 2020 wasn't exactly the year that I had intended for myself but that didn't stop me from living my life to the fullest. In fact, I found myself saying "yes" to things that I thought were impossible to achieve in my lifetime. With nomadic enthusiasm, I allowed my free spirit energy to take me from adventure to adventure. I'll admit that I made a few mistakes this year. Thankfully, due to past traumas, I bounced back sooner from every trigger. I had to let a few people go. I reconnected with past loves. I traveled more this year than I have in the past decade. Whenever I share my adventures with anyone, I feel like I'm giving a movie synopsis so I decided to write a fictional version of my life to entertain my readers. Someday, I may write my autobiography (the control freak in me doesn't want anyone else to tell MY story!). Until then, I offer you, "Life Uninterrupted: Based on REAL Events", the story of Xeenia Xiomara Xavier (pronounced "ZEE-nee-uh SEE-oh-ma-ra HAV-ee-ay) AKA Xee (pronounced "Zee"), who learns to fully express her desire to engage ethically in her non-monogamous relationships. In the process, Xeenia's polyandrous unions teach her Loves to ethically express their own emotions for others. As her 48th birthday approached, Xeenia reflected on the path her life took to get her to this point and what it will take for her to fully live her best life! The story begins as Xeenia and her girls are preparing for her birthday cruise. On their road trip to New Orleans, Xeenia reflects on her three Gentlemen Loves and two ex-husbands. Surviving two marriages, five pregnancies, and one HELL of a PayJob, with the help of her best friends and 3 boyfriends, Xeenia continues to push forward to a Happier New Day!

As an author, writing is one of the best ways for me to express myself. I also love to interact with my Readers to gather their thoughts of my work. Years ago, when I originally released "Livin' Just Enough," a book reviewer pointed out a few things that wouldn't "normally" happen which inspired me to create "Urban Fairy Tale" fiction. As I grew older and embraced the fact that I'm just a sapiosexual sex positive bisexual polyamorous free spirit nudist, I expressed myself with erotica short stories. Embracing my dream career as an author, I combined my books into my "SistaGirlz: an Urban Fairy Tale/Mistress Harding Erotica book series". All of my books are currently available in "The Lea Mishell Collection" on

If you like what you're reading, please feel free to leave a tip. I will be creating more Vocal content in between writing and editing my books. Thanks in advance!

To read the rough draft writing in progress of "Life Uninterrupted: Based on REAL Events" written by Lea Mishell, author of "SistaGirlz: an Urban Fairy Tale/Mistress Harding Erotica book series," go to



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Author Lea Mishell

Writing stories based on her "urban fairy tale" life, Author Lea Mishell was also an advice columnist and entertainment editor for hometown St. Louis publications.

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Author Lea Mishell
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