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Ladies, You Will Always Get More Milk With Honey.......So Be Sweeter

How Using Her Feminine Wiles Helped Her Tame a Well-Hung Clydesdale

By Digital_FootPrintPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Ladies, You Will Always Get More Milk With Honey.......So Be Sweeter
Photo by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho on Unsplash

She's everything that I've always wanted in a woman. She has no tattoos, smells nice and has a rack like a young Pam Anderson and an ass so firm you could bounce a Jack Kennedy half dollar off of it.

Remember those things?! 

Anyway, back to my story. 

From the moment we first met, our hands were all over each other. 

We were impressed by each other's physical characteristics. 

She liked the size of my hands & forearms and loved touching them. 

I loved the feel of her touching me and the softest of her hands.

I also loved the way she dressed and carried herself. 

Speaking on her fashion sense, her style was elegant and very reminiscent of the "good ole' days."

She had on this long, white skirt and a pleaded top with ruffled feathers.

And did I mention she has NO tattoos! 

I hate to be redundant but that's a big plus for me.

Too many times, you run into ladies that look like the drummer from "Motley Crue."

The way she treated and talked to me was a huge bonus too.

Even when we had disagreements, she didn't get loud & argumentative.

Just as important, I didn't get boisterous with her either. 

We just simply agreed to disagree and carried on.

We sat on her couch and had great conversations about all sorts of things as we were prepping for the show. 

During the break, as we were chit-chatting, I couldn't help but be mesmerized by her whole being.

Not only was I impressed by her sweet feminine nature but also rather turned on by it. 

Women fail to grasp the power of real femininity and I'm not talking that "soft girl era" bullshit either. 

That's all part of a game. 

I'm talking about the real McCoy.

I'm talking about real deal softness that goes along with being authentic where it's just innate. 

See, that's what brings out that carnal and animalistic side of a man that makes us want to protect you by any means necessary.

As we were conversing, the convo became rather spicy.

That's when I started to get a hard-on and caught her checking it out. 

I said, 

"you can look but you can also touch," as I slid her perfectly, manicured hand on top of my expanding wood. 

She started rubbing it while moaning and biting her lip. 

The more she rubbed, the harder it got. 

All of a sudden, she just buried her head into my crotch as she feverishly unzipped my pants, pulled out my dick and began stuffing every bit of my sausage down her throat. 

This bitch was gagging, spitting and slobbering all over it. 

I almost came right now just from writing about it. 

She lifted my dick up and started licking up & down my shaft and onto my balls where she started motorboating them. 

She turned her head and rested it on the couch while I stood over and began teabagging the whore as she started jerking my cock from behind. 

She turned back around and start deepthroating my dick once more.

The sound of her gag reflex opening up almost made me faint. 

My knees began to buckle, which she saw so she pressed me back down on the couch to keep me from falling. 

After her heroic efforts, she got right back to my dick. 

As she was swallowing every bit of my salami, I heard some dripping sounds coming from down where she was kneeling. 

It turns out this petite, little whore was cuming from blowing me. 

When I saw that puddle, I picked her dainty ass off the ground and onto my shoulders and laid her across the kitchen table. 

I'm thinking her panties must be wetter then a flash flood warning in Houston right about now when I discovered she wasn't wearing any. 

I slid up her dress and got to tasting her sweet nectar as she took her hand and smothered my face in her juices. 

She started cumming again instantly. 

I got up and had her legs folded forward as I began laying some serious pipe deep inside her twat.

I got up on the table and laid down on it while hoping it could support us both as she straddled my cock and rode me like a brand new Ferrari. 

Something came over her because she became all hot and sweaty and she had this look in her eyes. 

Then, she looked at me, bit her lips and took the cock from 90 to 200 mph.

She came so hard that she collasped into my arms. 

I rubbed my dick up and down her sweet fold and delivered a few more strokes as she unleashed oceans of pussy juice all over my yacht-sized schlong. 

She got off the table and onto her knees and demanded me to cum all over her face so I gave her what she wanted.

By the time I was done emptying my load, her face was as white as the walls of her new condo.

"thank you master for treating me so well," she said while licking wads of cum off of her fingers.

Next, she got off her knees, got cleaned up and made the best breakfast I ever had which included some sweet, tasting muffins on the side.  

Speaking of muffins, I pinched her on the ass and pulled her down onto my lap as she fed it all to me just like she did her twat earlier.

I leaned in and began kissing on the side of her neck in between bites.

I whispered in her ear and told her,

I would say that was one helluva an interview prep as she burst out into laughter.

I slid my hand underneath her skirt and starting fingering her pussy while I was sipping my coffee. 

Fuck a Folgers?! 

The best part of waking up isn't coffee in your cup but having twat juice all over your fingertips.


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