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In the shadow of infidelity

A night's reflection

By YashPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

It’s raining outside. What kind of rain is this in the first week of December. Though the soft afternoon light along with the sound of raindrops on the window is romantic . Ayaan is lying on his bed, restlessness in the mind . This beautiful weather is not touching him . Although , it would be nice to be in a hug with jenny right now .

Jenny , his wife , is not far away , in the next room . But how much the distance between them has become . Seems like the next room is light years away . They have been living separately for a month and a half . It was not meant to be . They married for love .

There’s no big issue . They failed to compromise on small issues . Marriage is not a journey of fairytale romance . It’s about companionship and mutual growth . Both should have to compromise . Why she never tried ?

Thoughts racing as Ayaan contemplates the struggles in his marriage . The air is being heavy with tension . The beautiful weather outside adds to it . Ayaan can’t take it anymore . He stood up to go out, deciding where to go later .

On his way out , he saw Jenny sitting on the porch with a cup of coffee and watching the rain . She loves rain , mostly watching it together. Jenny looked around but didn’t say anything . Didn’t even ask anything . There was perhaps a bit of indifference in her eyes along with a bit of loneliness .

Jennny in her loneliness

Ayaan comes to a pub nearby , here he hang out with his friends regularly . He comes alone today as he don’t feels to talk to anybody . Ordered a drink and sat quietly in a corner beside a widow and watching rain.

An hour and a half has passed . He is a bit drunk too. He don’t want to see Jenny’s sad face back home today . If only a night as sweet as before could be found . Night filled with hugs and kisses and Jenny’s smiling face . He craved for one.

A thought flashed through his mind . It’s not tough to have one with another girl . Money can get you many girls as much as you want . He felt so desperate that he didn’t realize that he was going to cheat her .

Everything was managed in the hotel nearby . The hotel manager told him to go in the room , he would send the girl later . The atmosphere of the hotel room was similar to his bedroom but he did not feel the terrible loneliness here . Rather, a different excitement of getting something new was working in him .

After a while a girl entered the room with a bottle of wine . The girl is not bad looking but would have been better without the extra makeup . Although at that moment, the dark lipstick on her lips was giving Ayaan goosebumps in a different way . Also the reveling dress she wear was making her job half done.

The girl poured wine into the glass placed on the side table and said ,”My name is Sonia . Looking like it’s your first time . “

Ayaan was looking at the girl , shortly replied beautiful name .

Taking the glass in hand , she walked towards him and asked, “ And me ?

Sonia holding a glass of wine

As she came so close Ayaan’s inertia worked a little . He didn’t answer .

Holding the glass to his lips Sonia asked , “ so , you didn’t like me ? “

“ No, not like that . “ taking the glass Ayaan replied , “ It’s a long time, may be I forget to admire a beauty.”

“ Oh really ? You poor soul . Dive into the depths and see everything will be remembered . “ Sonia said softly .

Sonia’s heavy breathing did something in Ayan . He held her tightly and started kissing . Sonia started making him more excited . Ayan carried her up and threw her on the bed . He quickly left his cloths and got on the bed . He took off the girls cloths at once . “ Hey , you could slow down a bit . There’s no hurry “ saying this Sonia took his personal part to her mouth .

It’s a long time , he felt such excitement .Sonia was a professionals , there was no shortage of excitement . So The next half hour passed as Ayaan wanted .

After everything he lay down next to Sonia . At times everything felt very light but colorful . A little shiver came . He dreamed . In his dream he saw himself trekking to a high mountain with jenny . She rushes forward and calls for him back . Her face is full of joy and smile.

More colorful dream

Ayaan woke up . He didn’t realize how long has passed , Ayaan finds himself in an unknown room . The unfamiliar scent of the room accentuates the reality of what he has done . Raindrops gently tap on the window , echoing the turmoil within . He looked at the naked girl next to him . Everything seems like a horrible nightmare but he is awake .

Jenny’s face floated before her eyes . That smile, he lost long ago . What had he done . He sat within his head down . It seems the raindrops began to whisper about jenny , “ you made her unhappy and now enjoying with a whore .”

He continued to be pulled deeper into the memory . How has Jenny , so lovely , so cheerful , so alive girl changed? Nothing happen in one day . He always blamed her, shouted at her but she never tried to be free from his blame . Gradually she fade away . Ayaan should have let her make the silence . Ayaan also let the distance happen and they are on this face . Now he came far away . how will he face her ?

Ayaan sat up all the night . The morning light appeared through the curtain. Ayan felt an emptiness in his chest . He had to go to Jenny right now . Jenny can’t give him back . He knows , his love won’t let him lose .

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