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Beginning of nightmare .

Irin has to face a terrible reality what change her identity at once . But it was just the beginning ...

By YashPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

No other way is open now for Irin . She wish she could ran away but she can’t . Now she have to face a terrible reality .

Doesn’t she deserve a little better life ?

May be but all she can do right now is to accept the reality what she got through the one she loved . He could cheat her in thousand ways , may be Irin could get over all of that . But what he did is now her reality to accept a life she never imagine even in a nightmare . Now she has go with the man before her to sleep .

How could a man can sleep with someone unknown . Just a body and sperm releasing is enough for them ? Even they do it spending money on some unknown girl . These girls have at least a reason to bear such shit, the money but why these men do such things ?

Some hormonal call is above everything .

“ Such a beauty , I can’t wait to see the whole beauty . Also to be the first customer . “ The man before her told to the woman in charge here .

That woman smiled . Irin never saw such ugly smile .

That women smiled and said “ Take her she is all yours now .”

“ What should I call you my baby girl ? “ the man asked to Irin .

Irin was nauseous . So couldn’t say anything .

He grabbed her from the back and said , “ We can do it without a name , come baby .”

She pulled her to the room behind them and lock the door .

Irin couldn’t move properly . Though she have to carry on with the man . She have no choice . But her body froze . What’s next ?

“ Don’t worry , I know it’s your first time . It’s satisfying to see your reactions . Let me help you . “ He took of her top and inner . Her upper body is exposed to him and the mini skirt is still there . “wow such a beauty , such a shape .” he made him sit on the bed and stars playing with those .

Irin was still in shock . She couldn’t feel or think in a right way . Just to bear what’s going on and wait to what’s next .

He pushed her off the bed and his private part stuffed into her mouth . It took a while , Irin did it with the one she loved . But now , It’s a nightmare . She wants to vomit but can’t .

He again picked her in bed and took off the skirt ,also the inner . He put his fingers in her mouth and lower body . Then the big parts come . Irin can’t make anyone understand the pain . The whole thing should be played with both body and mind . If mind is missing , it can never be pleasure .

It was being tough for her to bear . But only way to escape is make him satisfy . So to be released her body also started to respond . She just want to end things .

Obvious , after her respond it won’t go long . He left her and lay down next to her .

After a while he got up and started dress up . “ we will meet again soon .Be a good girl until then “

Saying this he left the room .

Irin was all alone there . The nightmare ends . Her life changed . What she is now ? She knows but don’t want to think . she can’t move or think . Just looks at the ceiling .

The women in charge came with that ugly smile . “ So first round goes well . Take your time . But don’t forget to prepare for the next when leaving the room . “

Irin heared everything but did not want to move a single bit . May be that women understand what’s going in her . She just left the room .

Suddenly, Irin realises this is not the ending of this nightmare . It's just the beginning .

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