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By ASHLEY SMITHPublished 16 days ago 3 min read
choose your porn well

I often wonder when, by total accident, I reach a porn sharing site, why do certain sub areas seem so popular?

I am not so innocent that I don't know the tricks they pull to download and upload different things. I am going by numbers offered and specialist companies making certain types of films and short clips. There are plenty that try and give the appearance of being amateur but for many its fairly obvious they aren't. The easiest clue is 2 camera angles, though there are others if you look.

The sub genre that seems very popular is family style porn, with step relatives. There are probably web sites where this sort of thing is real, on the normal porn sites it appears to be legal and above board. If you look on the title page or disclaimer it will say everyone involved is over eighteen. The division between full family member and step member is always part of the title.

This is obviously to make it all look legal but with the added risk of getting caught. The extra risk of step daughter, step son, step mother etc makes the risks appear more real. Perhaps this is what feeds the frenzy behind these videos and the sheer numbers appearing. The risk of getting caught is one big turn on in videos for years, whether outdoors, with someone your partner knows or some other risk.

Know the risks tend to be husband shagging step daughter when wife could find out, extra danger factor. One I notice quite a lot is son and step daughter or vice versa. Daughter in bed naked or with small night shirt, step brother watches her doing something she shouldn't, have sex or else mum finds out.

I have no idea if it fulfils a fantasy for watchers or simply they like a slight back story. the bigger porn sharing sites give you a big enough menu of content for everyone seeking legal fulfilment. Also some fine tuning can help you get the right stars of the show in the right environment.

If you look in the title bar you will see the company making the content, many who seem to specialise in step family content. Again I am not naïve enough to think that they are individual companies, I am sure each main company has sub groups.

there is often a matter of trust when opening some of the videos, the description pictutre often features at least one girl who looks far to young. This is probably time to show some caution as even the biggest sharing sites can be infiltrated by dodgy stuff. Obviously many eighteen year olds can look much younger, especially if its intentional to dress then a certain way and arrange their hair a certain way.

The video making companies know that young looking girls gets people to look at their videos, otherwise they wouldn't do it. Just try and be careful if you open a video, then look at other videos that appear under them. You could already be looking at some illegal stuff. If you watch one from a list, go back to the main list to choose another.

there is every legal permutation of video avaidible, sticking to the main sites though is important. The other risk is if you put a search engine request for a certain type of video. If you then go to videos from that search engine you can still end up with some dodgy content. Going through porn hub or similar doesn't guarantee safety but is defiantly safer.

one final thing to bear in mind, if you turn off safe search on your search engine your search will turn up whatever fits the search. This means the first answer could be illegal to access, bear in mind the first answer also might not follow your search so check it.

Search engines search for key words in their data bases based on your search words. This is if you look in to the full name and location of videos they often have 20 plus words in their title. This is so they increase their chance of being found by search engines.

Hppy hunting but watch your back.

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England based carer, live with my wife, her parents and 4 cats. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there . any comments, suggestions or requests considered

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