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Your human food platter!

By Kai StormPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

I've always believed that because I'm a writer, a free thinker, an artist with words let's say, I'm always put in a situation where I'm observing something that I could turn into a great story. Whether I'm on public transportation and overhear a conversation or walk down a street and all of a sudden notice something, there's always something going on that raises my eyebrows, makes me pay attention, notate everything going on and quietly pass judgment while I create a scenario in my head. Sounds like a lot right?! It is. I cannot help that there's always something going on around me; I just go with the flow ya feel me?! Well, this particular blog is a direct descendant of one of the many HAPPENINGS that happen around me. I gotta say, things like this keep my days from ever getting dull.

This particular story came about as I was "minding my business being nosey" as one of my favorite bloggers always says. You see, I have this app on my phone called News Republic. I have no clue how it got on my phone (I don't recall downloading it... but then again I hang out with Mary J hard so... I could've downloaded it and forgot... who knows.... MOVING ON) and every now and then it captures my attention with crazy video clips; rarely do I tap on the app for the stories, if anything I rely on Google for the news. The videos and stories on this app only flash on my phone when it's on sleep mode so just when I'm about to go to a particular app, I have no choice but to see what News Republic is talking about first. Two days ago, I saw a video with the title "I GET AROUSED WHEN SOMEONE TOUCHES ME" and the subtitle was human food platters. In the video, there are women and men who are lying perfectly still, food is decorated all over their naked bodies and patrons/party goers can literally eat food off them. SHOCKED?! I was a bit. Yes, I get the intimacy and fun of having some sweet fruit on top of the ultimate sweet fruit aka the va-jay-jay and having my man suck n snack on all my goodies... but to lay out naked, at a party, while people eat food off you... sounds dangerously close to cannibalism to me... BUT THAT'S JUST ME.

In the video, you hear a woman say that "almost all the time people ask before they do" but if you're laying there as a platter is there a real reason to ASK permission to do something? Yes, that's a human being but are they really being thought as that as they lay there serving food? And where the hell is the health inspector on this?! I'm just saying LOL! Confused I was so I researched further, I found out that the art of Nyotaimori (what it's called) was started in Japan and still practiced there. Many countries around the world have banned the practice for health reasons and the practice is seen as decadent, humiliating, cruel and objectifying. Based on the video, a human food platter can make between $200–400 per night which made me say DDDDAAAAAMMMNNNN....still ain't doing it though LOL! Like one of my favorite rappers says "get your paper baby girl" because the bill collectors don't care how you get the money... the real question is...

Can you put it on your resume though?! Or better yet, can your kids bring you to school for career day?!

JUST JOKES.....Gotta be able to take em if you're fucking with me! Shout out to News Republic!

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