Hot, Bothered, & Exposed!

by Kai Storm about a year ago in fiction

Another Sexy Sip of Tea!

Hot, Bothered, & Exposed!

Just in case I've never shared this, I'm going to go ahead and share it now as it is very important to this story/blog. Then again, if you've been checking out and following my blogs (for that I thank you and love you big time) you already know this. The fact is I am a big fan of sexy gossip and scandal. I read celebrity gossip blogs, watch and follow celebrity gossip bloggers on YouTube (my YouTube channel), and I do share my opinion on my social media when/if I have one. It's hardly ever that I have any access or pieces of juicy celebrity information that no one has ever heard before as I don't run in those circles to be privy to such information (if I did, YOU KNOW I would be dropping it like it's hot). There are times, though, that because of the type of blogs I write, people will email and share things with me that are so juicy, I have no choice but to turn it into a sexy blog because as I read what is shared, a storyline develops in my head that needs to be shared for the people and by the people... which is me, of course!

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Dear Kai,

First, I want to say that I love your blogs! They read like Zane's work and I love that so keep up the good work. I wanted to share something I did recently that might put me on the "naughty" list for the rest of my life. Why did I pick to share this with you? Just because... this is the kind of "nasty" I think would make you smile!

So last week I was spending some quality time with my new man, Jerome. We've been together a couple of months and the sex is great; he does everything I need and I love giving him everything he wants if you get my drift. Jerome and I had a wonderful dinner, which he cooked. We drank red wine, had great conversation and laughs, which of course led to drunken, dirty sex—of course, I love all of that. Usually our nights end with me taking a cab home; I never feel like spending the night. It's just easier for me to wake up in my own bed the next day. Plus, I'd rather be asked to spend the night rather than assume it's okay and so far, Jerome doesn't mind me going home after he's fucked my brains out. One night in particular, though, Uber decided to send me the sexiest chocolate-skinned man I've ever seen in my life to pick me up. As soon as I slid into the soft leather of his back seat, my pussy started sending him signals and to my surprise... he heard them right away and wanted to respond to them.

His chocolate brown lips were all my eyes could focus on as he said to me, "My name is John but my friends call me Danger and I consider all my passengers my friends. I'll make sure you get home safely." Meanwhile, all I heard was, "I hear that pussy purring and before the night is over, I'll handle that!!"

"Yes, thank you, Danger" was my response as I slowly slid my hands in between my legs once he turned back around and started driving. I didn't have much on, just a simple summer dress that easily hikes up when I sit so accessing my g-spot was an easy task and the ride time between Jerome's place and mine was an hour so I had plenty of time to enjoy this secret infatuation of my Uber driver. The night streets were so quiet as he drove that the swishing sounds coming from my hand in my pussy could be heard clearly. I caught him a couple of times looking in his rear view mirror at me, assuming that he was trying to confirm if I was really doing what he thought I was doing. I definitely was.

I got so hot and horny that when he pulled into the highway, I simply asked him, "Danger, I need you to pull over at the nearest and most discreet spot you could find so you can fuck this wet pussy. Right now!"

He looked into my eyes from the rear view mirror as if to ask if I was serious and I responded by looking him dead in his eyes, then I proceeded to lay down in the back seat with my legs wide open. The swishing sounds of me playing with myself played like a lullaby as he drove off the highway at the next exit, pulled over into a parking spot at a local park and got out of the car to come in the back with me. When he opened the door, I was spread eagle and the pussy was dripping. His eyes bulged at the site but he did not hesitate to dive in with his face and start swimming. I came fast on his electric tongue then he flipped me around and tore a new hole into my pussy. I creamed, I screamed, & he dove in for some more and I topped him off to finish up the score! When we were done he took me home and never charged me for the ride but little did I know what he had in store once I got inside. You see, he taped the whole thing and put it out on PornHub & within a month, he received a $38K check based on hits and views. He didn't even consider the fact that I MIGHT want some of that money, much less the fact he didn't ask my permission to record me, much less the fact of who has seen that video! I don't even know what to say to Jerome if he ever sees it!

What do you think I should do, Kai? Should I show him the video or hope that he never sees it? Should I contact Danger and ask for a cut or just sue him?

Girl, that's a lot of heat 'n juicy gossip for my ears and imagination but if I were you, I'd be suing the fuck out of Danger and PornHub AFTER you lay down the truth brick on Jerome's head. There's no way around it!

How does it work?
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