Brown Sugar Spice!

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Sex & Gossip Served Just Right!

Brown Sugar Spice!

Throughout the many conversations that I've had with my close friends, a lot of different things have been discussed and gossiped about. The main thing that I love about these conversations is that everyone is always honest and straightforward, no holding back and going straight for the jugular. Feelings might get mixed up and tossed around, but we all walk away from the table knowing where each other stands on the subjects discussed. With this blog, I decided to write about one of the many conversations I've had with my close girlfriends, as I find our talks to be "blog worthy," especially because there's a twenty-year history shared among all of us. My friends will not be mad at me as they know I write about anything/everything whether it be real life or not. I will go ahead and leave names out for three specific reasons:

  1. Those are my people.
  2. I don't want to get sued for the two pennies I rub together every day.
  3. Unless you know me personally, you don't know who my friends are.

I call this conversation "Brown Sugar Spice" because, to the crazy writer person in my head, the whole conversation sounded like juicy gossip. So like a shot of Grey Goose with no chaser, I'm going to give it to you straight:

TASHA.K: I can't believe this bitch called everybody in my address book just to tell them that she's fucking me! She even called my boss and all I can say is, for what?! You're mad because I don't want to fuck you anymore, so you call yourself ruining my life!

4THELOVEOFJOOSE: Child, let me clutch my pearls and gather myself up off the floor because I think you just admitted to having a girlfriend. Is that what I just heard you say? That you're in a lesbian relationship?

LOVELYTEA: I'm just going to be quiet while you pour out all the tea because you literally gave us a small sip. When did you get into a relationship with a girl, and when were you going to tell us about it? What do you mean "she's calling everyone in your address book"? How did she get to your address book in the first place? I definitely haven't gotten any strange calls from anyone.

TASHA.K: I thought you said you were going to be quiet Lovely. Give me a chance to explain everything, and I'm glad she hasn't called you. She at least knows better than to call either one of you, but I'm telling y'all about this now because... I guess I have no choice now. Two months ago, I met this girl named Khia while having lunch by myself. We became lunch buddies and had lunch every day together. We also started doing "happy hour" meetings on Friday nights after work, and one night lead me to go to her house where she proceeded to suck me till I couldn't take it. Her mouth had me squirting like Niagara Falls, and I was enjoying it for what it was. We get together, we fuck, then we go back to being friends.

4THELOVEOFJOOSE: Wait a minute.... Let me get over the fact that you had a whole girlfriend before I ask you how she tasted. I mean, it was a give and take situation right? You definitely ate her box too, am I correct?!

TASHA.K: You're trying to be funny and I see you. To be honest, she licked me so good that when I came I wanted to do everything to make her feel the same way she made me feel. I liked it. I really did, and because it was our little secret and we both have our own lives I didn't think she would catch feelings. The bitch started buying me shit and giving me money which I kind of didn't want to take but she assured me it was nothing, just her being nice, so I took her gifts. Last month, I needed her help to pay my phone bill online for me so that it would be done on time and, apparently, she made herself a copy of my address book while she was in my account; she is now using that list to blackmail me because I told her I didn't want to go public with our relationship! Not once did I tell her that I want to be a lesbian in public, and just because I've licked her doesn't mean I'm giving up on dick!

LOVELYTEA: Say it isn't so?! You strung her out, and now she wants you all to herself?! You're the real MVP! That head game is sick huh?!

TASHA.K: Bitch I know you want some. Don't lie! Your pussy probably wet right now from just thinking about it!

LOVELYTEA: Whatever! Nobody's thinking about you and your soup coolers!

TASHA.K: I'm going to stick a pin in that conversation for later because, right now, I need to get Khia off the warpath with me.

4THELOVEOFJOOSE: What was it like though? Did you always want to experiment or did it just happen?

TASHA.K: Girl, I would have to say a little of both because when she approached I didn't turn away. As soon as she kissed me, I was warm all over, my nipples were at attention, and my pussy started dripping. Every touch, kiss, and lick felt right, and I went with it. Her mouth searched my body and got all my "feel good" spots; I came harder than I ever had before with anyone. I can even say that... making her cum made me cum too, like I really rode the wave with her and crashed at the same time. It was sexy as fuck and something fun to do on a once-in-a-while basis, not something I want to display in front of everyone: be a couple and all that corny shit! I still like dick and want to continue fucking dick...

4THELOVEOFJOOSE: But if pussy is on the menu, you're not pushing away from the table, am I right?

TASHA.K: If pussy licks me the way that Khia licked me, then yes—I'm diving right in!

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