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His Sex Kitten

Submissive little Kitten

By Charlene ACPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
Kisses that hurt so good.

As I close my eyes seating here thinking of our secret moments together, I can feel and smell you. Reminiscing on yesterday when you came home early.

You walked into the kitchen where I was washing dishes. You walked over to me and I could feel the warmth of your breath on the back of my neck. The way you stood behind me putting your arms around me to cup my breast and gently caress them. Sliding your hand into my blouse tugging at my nipples a slight moan leaves my lips. You whisper, "How does that feel?" I didn’t respond and you pull a little harder this time saying, "Did you hear daddy ask you a question?"

The pain feels so good. I reply, "Yes big daddy it feels good." Feeling your tongue as it runs down the side of neck biting it like a vampire. The rising of you dick in your pants pressing against my bottom makes me want you. You quickly turn me around and say get on your knees. With excitement, I quickly comply. I love it when you give me commands. As you walk away to go sit at the kitchen table. I wait in anticipation for your next command.

My pulse is racing and you reply crawl like the sex kitten you are to big daddy. I start crawling towards you and I see you rubbing your dick. You take it out and I know or think I know what is going to happen. As I get closer you put it away. I let out this sad kitten moan. I hear you say, "Not now kitten, later tonight. I just want to spank you."

Lay across my lap. I comply and you pull my skirt up to expose my chocolate round plump bottom. You gently rub my bottom and out of nowhere I hear and feel the sting of your palm on my right chick. I scream from the unexpected blow and you reply, "Kitten what’s wrong, did big daddy hurt you?"

I brace myself and state, "No big daddy you just caught me off guard." As you lean down to kiss me, I feel the sting of your hand again. The devilish look and grin on your face says that you are enjoying this. Right, left, left, right, back and forth you slap my bottom until the palm of your hand is red. My heart and blood are racing from the sexual excitement of the spanking. I hear you ask, "Are you daddy’s sex kitten?" YES!!! "Did you enjoy daddy spanking you?" I whisper yes as you reach down pulling me into your lap. I have a few tears of sexual bliss running down my cheeks and you softly kiss them away. Asking why didn’t I use my safe word? I reply, "It felt so good I didn’t want you to stop. I want to be your sex kitten and give you want you want." However, you replied, "But you are crying, you must let me know if I hurt you. Big daddy will never hurt you. You are always safe with me. Do you understand? My intentions are to share with you this act of sexual submission and have you enjoy it like I do."

I reply yes big daddy. I then hear, "Good girl. My little sex kitten." We embrace in a long passionate kiss. Our tongues exploring each other’s mouth with soft long moans leaving each other’s body.

These are the moments I love about being his little sex kitten. Having him dominate and still be gentle at the same time.


About the Creator

Charlene AC

Charlene was born and raised in South Carolina she holds a BBA degree. Her passion for writing started as a way to express herself. She gives her take on relationships, her personal trials and fantasies.

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