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Sex Kitten Adventures

By Charlene ACPublished 7 years ago 2 min read

We are heading down 1-95 towards Melbourne, FL. I think the heat is getting to me or maybe it’s the heat generating from between my legs. The sunroof is open and the wind is whipping through the Hummer. But as I sit here beside this tall chocolate handsome man of mine, all I can think about is getting to Miami and enjoying our romantic weekend.

I plan to enjoy every moment of it. It’s been a long time coming between work and life. We hardly get away and I can’t wait to roleplay and be his sex kitten.

Just the thought is running me insane. His touch and his sexual commands of dominance. I let out this long sexy sigh, and it grabs his attention. "What’s the wrong, Kitten?"

I reply, "Nothing big daddy just thinking of all the things I want you to do to me."

"What do you want me to do Kitten?" He slowly caresses my left leg and I can’t help but open them. He smiles and says, "You ready for big daddy? You want big daddy to touch your juice box? I know it is dripping with anticipation." Yessssssss.

I can’t lie, I am so wet right now if I stood up a puddle will be in my seat. Thank God for leather seats or we would be detailing the Hummer. I am lost in thought but I hear him say, "Take them off."

I reply, "Take what off big daddy?"

"Take your thong off," he replies. I comply and take my thong off. He takes it and with this sexy smile on his face. He unzips his pants and put my thong near his penis. "I want to feel your wetness on my penis," he replies. All I can do is silently pray for him to just pull this truck over and take me.

His right-hand returns to my left leg and again I slightly open my legs. "Wider," he says, his right hand glides up to my juice box and he lets out this humming noise of ecstasy. "You are so wet Kitten." I gasp with the feel of his index finger entering me. I place my hand on top of his and he says "Come for me my little sex Kitten. I want to see you shake in sexual bliss. Don’t hold back let yourself go and enjoy this moment."

I glance over at him and I start riding his fingers. The force from my hips makes his hand move. "Take your time. Move slowly Kitten, I am driving." However, in a matter of minutes, I am coming and screaming in ecstasy. He looks over and says, "Damn you almost made me cum just watching you. That shit is right there is so sexy." I close my eyes for a moment.

I take his hand and place his fingers one at a time in my mouth. He is so horny right now, the rise in his pants says it all. Big daddy replies, "Fuck this, Miami has to wait," and pulls the Hummer over on the secluded highway.

He begins devouring me and mounts me. Thrusting in and out, in and out, faster, faster and faster. I moan and scream in pure bliss. I can’t help but enjoy every minute of it knowing that at any moment a patrol car could pull up and see my legs spread to the heavens. We don’t care, big daddy is cooling that heat that was between my legs with his sexual milk. Our sexual ecstasy is too great not to share…


About the Creator

Charlene AC

Charlene was born and raised in South Carolina she holds a BBA degree. Her passion for writing started as a way to express herself. She gives her take on relationships, her personal trials and fantasies.

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