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First Love

by Shania Rivera about a year ago in relationships

Forever or Not

First Love
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From the moment we are born; we are loved. We are taught and cherished and have shown affection from the beginning of life. Love is in different forms, not every love story has a happy ending and not a happy beginning either. Mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, girlfriends, and boyfriends all love different ways, but no love is the same as the first. From the moment we feel the compassion, the affection, and the loyalty with someone its very new for us, we question the feelings we are having. There are some who push those feelings away and ignore, just the same there are others who express those emotions and let them come out.

In the midst of those who express their emotions, those people have relationships; they experience things together that they never knew they could or even say. When you have a first love everything is the first time; from the moment you have your first kiss, to the moment you take the last step; BIGGEST step in the relationship that makes a connection; sex. Sex is a big decision to make and some kids and even adults don't believe it is, but those who don't prepare themselves and don't prepare their kids are a problem. Your first time in having sex is very open, you do not conceal yourself, you are exposed and although it seems good to, especially to someone you say you love, it's very revealing, and not every experience is the perfect one.

All girls dream, want and imagine the perfect time. They think of it to be beautiful and special and romantic, and in some cases it is, but in others, in reality, it is not all that it's cracked up to be. The first time isn't the easiest, for some women, it's very painful and for others, it's not, but for those who feel pain are not entirely enjoying the moment. What goes through their mind is the pain and wondering how to stop shaking, don't cry, don't scream, because they already went this far they won't stop because they would feel embarrassed. The first time is always by your first love, but in time in those months and years, you look back in that relationship and realize its puppy love; infatuation. I am not saying all love is puppy love but for young girls and women the relationship does not work out and when time goes by you really think who you lost your virginity to; someone who you thought is or was ur first love, really wasn't and it was puppy love.

At a young age, all attention is valuable, receiving attention from the opposite sex or even the same sex makes those feel special. People around the world have insecurities problems and think the worse about themselves and how they look. To feel the attention from someone else, loving them and seeing them through their insecurities makes that person feel so much better and lighter. That person then thinks and feels that this is love, I love this person, I want this person forever, etc. People feel safe, secure and doesn't want to lose their partner for making them feel the way they do because it's because of them that they have the confidence and beauty now viewed.

First love is a beautiful start; so that when or if the relationship doesn't work out everything those two people learned from each other and experienced from each other can then go into another relationship. Building the trust and commitment is a restart but opening up more and being loved and experiencing those different types of love can really teach such a lesson and learn from not only the worse but from the best of it too. Giving up on love is never the answer but learning from the first time you loved and being loved is an experience you never forget and hold dear; because if it wasn't for that person to put themselves out there and experience everything you did for the first time you would not fully understand the meaning, you wouldn't fully understand the strength in it and how having a first love or even puppy love teaches a lot and shows a lot to prepare yourself for the relationship you're meant to be in in the future.


Shania Rivera

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Shania Rivera
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