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By Justice for AllPublished 2 years ago • 6 min read

She couldn't help it..She was drawn to Him. Like a moth to a flame. Something about him reminded her of the world she always knew. She wasn't one for just falling in like, lust or love at the drop of a hat..But she wanted him. No explanation. It was like this chemical, physical reaction. She hadn't felt something good in so long, and she couldn't help the thought from entering her mind of what it might be like to have him touch her. How much fun coffee would be, and in the back of her mind what it would be like to have sex with him. She had fallen asleep with him on her mind and woken up craving him. His strong hands on her body, his mouth on her. She desperately needed some play time and a protector.

She could feel that familiar feeling start to course through her veins..not as strong as it could be, but there was an anticipation of hearing from him, seeing his playful texts. Nothing complicated about it..She wanted him, all to herself.

As always she played it cool, not mentioning the things she envisioned him doing to her body. It had been too long since she wanted someone like this. She wasn't into the players, and she didn't play games with people but she wanted him in all kind of ways. A few of them would even make him blush.

She tried to pretend she wasn't thinking of the things that could happen if they were closer. She didn't understand it herself not that it really mattered but she wanted to be tangled up in sheets and him. She could literally feel it in her body, just like she wanted to feel him in hers.

No one would know by looking at her all the dirty thoughts swirling in the back of her mind. She did though..if only it was possible to act on..but always a good girl. Better that way. She didn't need an emotional support anything she needed a grown man fix. Skin on skin..lost in time. She wanted him. Wanted to feel him coursing through her veins. She wanted to be his drug and her his.

Him on top of her, his hand sliding up her neck, slowing her breath, as her eyes fluttered, sweet intoxication of him. Breathing him in like air.

Her arms holding on to him as he moved in and out of her, the slow torture of his body and the crashing waves of orgasm over orgasm, begging him for more. Begging him never to stop. Their bodies moving perfectly like they were meant to be.

His hands exploring every inch of her body, her legs locked around his neck as he licked her pussy clean over and over again. Her letting him do everything he wanted. Her on top of him, riding him, hands braced on the wall, as he was locked inside her. Him needing to cum inside her so badly he would simply without warning put her on her back and exploding so deep inside of her. Her fingernails, digging into his skin, as she came with him. Bliss. Heaven.

As they drifted off to sleep him possessively grabbing her to make sure nothing happened to her, his breathing evening out and lost in exhaustion. He woke before she did, and he simply couldn't let her sleep. He started coffee knowing it would wake her, and mixed in the sugar and cream setting on the bedside table. She started to stir, so he decided to make sure she woke up in the same bliss she had fallen asleep in. Moving his hands up her legs, slowly, licking and biting the inside of her thigh. As she started to wake, her hand reflexively went to his head and he had to taste her, feel her body buck as he sucked her. She hadn't expected to be woken up but for this it was okay. More than okay. When he had had his fill of her, he began kissing up her stomach. Little bits of flesh until he reached her mouth and slid into her parted legs. He buried himself deep in her, as a moan exited her lips. Nirvana. Peace. Subspace. That perfect feeling when everything was quiet in her head. He took her every way he wanted and it made perfect sense. This was their normal. No fighting no chaos. He was simply everything to her. The way he looked at her with those blue eyes, made her want to fall to her knees for him. It didn't require a word, or a command. His hand would slide up her neck, the other one wrapped in her french braid, twirled around his hand holding her still. She never fought it, because it was what she craved. He was always what she needed to calm the internal hurricane. He tamed her so easily while others couldn't even get her to follow commands, because she wasn't theirs. He always broke into a smile to see it happen outside of their space, because he knew what he could do without an ounce of force. Her absolute refusal to bend to anyone's will but his amused him. He would let it go on as long as she didn't glance at him, signalling that he needed to step in, mostly it was for the other person's safety. He loved playing Hero, because he always got the Heroine's adoration, which he craved as much she craved his arms at night. He was always there when she needed a rescue, but more than once he ended up saving someone from her wrath. His girl..this woman who took on the world, so strong but so fragile and delicate. There was no fun in domination of a woman who simply was a doormat. A doormat she wasn't, but in his arms she simply was everything. He would defend her to the death, and she him. Together they were the golden couple..where he was weak she was strong. Where she might falter he there to catch her. The simply were Gods together, two pieces that fit. He would watch her battle just long enough, but if she was wounded it was end of the War. He would carry her to his bed, tend to her wounds until she was healed and for that he was her world. He would soothe her soul like a salve, filling in all the places where she had pieces taken from her, just as she did for him. The perfect antidote to the crazy world of reality.


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Justice for All

"Justice delayed, is justice denied" "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

Tattooed, Employed and has a Psych degree..Always on the look out for a group of Avengers.

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