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Everything You Need to Know About the Penis

by Daisy Thunderstrike 5 months ago in fetishes

Does size matter?

Everything You Need to Know About the Penis
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

When you say penis, you mean virility and mystery. And all these thoughts are seriously fueled by the media, through all sorts of allusions and invitations to love.

I'm sure you're curious to know everything about the male organ! Size, shape, erection types, wet dreams, myths, and statistics!

Does size matter?

Many women think that "bigger" also means "better". Satisfaction in the aster has nothing to do with the size of the male organ, and the belief that size matters will do nothing but "impose" a certain way of thinking and, implicitly, embarrass you in intimate moments, especially your lover. your.

Even if some women like their partner to be well endowed, size plays a secondary role in erotic pleasure.

The clitoris, the G-spot, and the area at the entrance to the female reproductive organ play the main role in obtaining pleasure.

You could get an explosive orgasm only by oral and manual stimulation or by penetration combined with clitoral stimulation.

Too much manhood can even cause problems, regardless of the type of sex you have.

The worst problem? Vaginal rupture, which consists of the rupture of the skin at the entrance to the female reproductive organ and later, hemorrhage.

The conclusion? "It doesn't matter if you're small if you're good at it!"

What is the average size?

If your boyfriend is "gifted", you could play to satisfy your curiosity by measuring his organ.

He will like the idea if he has anything to brag about. For this, you need an inch of tailoring or a ruler. You can measure its length (from the base to the end of the glans) or the circumference

Two doctors in the UK read all the published studies on its size and determined the size with certainty: the size in the flaccid state varies between 7–10 cm.

Once erect, the average is 14 cm long and 10 cm in circumference, but of course there are those cases of men with an organ of 20 cm or even more. However, the "ideal size" seems to be 17 cm.

Techniques by which men can enlarge their organs. Are they safe?

We live in a world as free as it is attracted to a satisfying intimate life.

It is impossible to open emails or a website without seeing an advertisement with products for enlarging the male organ, long-term erections, or premature ejaculation.

And even if these ads wreak havoc on men's minds, the truth is that none of these products have been tested and approved as safe and effective, whether it's herbal pills, gels, or weight lifting exercises.

Surgical procedures are even more dangerous because they can leave painful scars during the erection and can cause erectile dysfunction.

Some men choose pumps or rings for the male organ that fill the tissues abundantly with blood to temporarily increase its size and duration of the erection. Both should be used with care, so as not to cause the tissues to stretch or the blood vessels to rupture.

The myth of the gifted black man

A black man thought of writing a book about his own life experience. His name is Scott Poulson-Bryant, he is of African-American descent and especially, he is one of the majority of black men who do not have an above-average organ.

As he confesses, he does not have the measure that many women think of, as did a high school classmate, who invited him to her high school prom because she expected him to be very gifted.

The funny thing is that she was so convinced of what she had heard that she praised Scott a lot, even though his endowment was normal.

His self-esteem grew rapidly because he was told from an early age that if you had a small man, you were not a real man. This was just a happy episode, as Scott soon realized that white girls viewed him more as a source of pleasure than as a man.

This made him feel complex and he could hardly find a balance close to women, with many black men sharing the same problem.

Let's face it, it's impossible not to look at a man's hips just once to see if he's among the "happy owners." 

Morning erections

You've probably wondered at least once why your boyfriend has an erection in the morning. You don't have to complain, because it can be a perfect start to the day for both of you!

Morning erections are associated with sleep with rapid eye movements and intensified heartbeats. And if the lover somehow still dreams of you in provocative poses, the result of the dream is not surprising and maybe you even give him a sequel!

Erections decrease in frequency and intensity as the man gets older. Thus, a man aged 18–30 can have several erections per day, a man aged 30–50 is limited to 1–2 erections per day, and after the age of 50 everything depends on the man's lifestyle and his genetic endowment. Some men have an erection up to the age of 60, others up to 80.

Wet dreams - erection and ejaculation while sleeping

Wet dreams. You already know pretty well what they mean, but they're also called fantasies.

The age of the first wet dream is 13 years, but 10% of men cannot ejaculate until around the age of 19.

Not all erections during the night ended with an ejaculation. Nocturnal erections have two purposes: either to bring oxygenated blood to the organ muscle (only one erection) or to eliminate excess seminal fluid (erection and ejaculation), which means that a man has much fewer wet dreams if he makes love or masturbates enough. of des.

As for dreams during which men have an erection, well, they mean something because they are the product of the subconscious: hidden thoughts, conflicts, contradictory feelings, attraction to a certain person, desire, and passion.

Many dream interpreters say that tunnels represent the vagina, snakes are the symbol of manhood, and so on, but dreams, in this case, involve more people you are attracted to in real life than so-called symbols.

And in case you haven't experienced this before, find out that women also have wet dreams.

They appear when you dream of a love scene or with erotic overtones with a certain person, especially with the man you feel attracted to. You can even have an orgasm.


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