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Emma's Secret

by Amber Paolilli 14 days ago in fetishes

Part 2

Emma's Secret
Photo by Dainis Graveris on Unsplash

Emma had returned to work that Monday not knowing what would happen once she saw Brad. He hopefully didn't know it was her. She wanted him to know but at the same time was terrified of what he would do if he did. Brad was back to work the sae day and seemed very distracted. He didn't speak to her as usual but she could tell he was lost in his mind most of the time. He had texted her shortly after she had left the motel that night only so she had his number. She wanted to text him back but she wasn't sure what to say.

Emma shut off the lights in her office and walked out closing the door behind her. It was Friday afternoon and time to head home for the weekend. As she walked past Brad's office she noticed his door was open and he was still sitting at his desk. She almost dared to stop and say hi but decided she would leave him be. He seemed stressed and she didn't want to annoy him. Emma continued to the elevator and on to her house. When she got home her phone went off. It was Brad. He had texted her. Emma took a deep breath and read the text.

'Hello, Emily. There is going to be a party tomorrow night at a hotel in my city. I was wondering if you would like to join me again? It's another maskarde. Let me know.'

Emma's heart jumped at the idea of being with him again so soon. She hadn't decided if she could tell him who she was or not but maybe this being another party she could wear her mask to. She almost couldn't contain her excitment. She could imagine his beautiful body and hard cock and she started to feel herself grow wet. She decided she would text him back and find out where to meet him.

'Hello, Brad. I would like that. What hotel? What is the theme?'

'Hello, Emily. It's going to be at the JW Marriot in Houston, Texas. Party starts at 8pm. The theme is business party. Where a nice dress.'

'Okay. I will be there.'

Emma was so excited that she had a hard time concentrating on making dinner. She looked in the closet trying to decide on what she would wear. She pulled out her low cut red dress. It was one of her favorite dresses. It fit her perfectly and and hugged her hips and breasts in all the right places. She had a pair of red high heels that matched and she decided to go buy a red mask in the morning. Emma went to bed ecxcited for the next day. She spent her night dreaming about what was to come.

The next morning Emma awoke ready for the day. She spend through a bowl of cereal and headed to the mall to find a mask for the party. She found a small store that had constumes and langerie. While shopping she not only found the mask but a new thong and bra to match the dress. After finding the mask Emma ran some errands before stopped to grab a late lunch. She headed home to get ready after a long day of running errands. Emma showered and shaved her legs. She decided to shave her bikini area also.

At 8pm Emma walked into the bar of the hotel and looked around for Brad. She didn't see him yet but there were tons of people in the room all wearing masks. Emma approached the bar and asked for a drink. The bar tender brought her the beer she ordered and headed off to serve the next person. Emma sipped at her beer as the people buzzed around her. She was worried that someone she knew would recognize her.

As she finished off her beer and set it down on the bar Brad appeared. He was dressed in black dress pants with a light blue dress shirt and tie. He did not have a jacket this time but he had the same black mask. He looked handsome as ever. He sat on the bar stool next to her and looked her up and down. She could see the bulge pushing on the front of his pants. She instantly made her center wet.

"Hello Emily. You look absolutly stunning tonight." he said. "Are you ready to go to our room?"

"You look stunning yourself. Lead the way sir." she said, with a wink.

Brad stood up and took Emma's hand and lead her for the elevator. They rode the elevator to the 4th floor and walked to the room Brad had paid for. When he opened the door he motioned for me to enter and followed behind. The room was large and bright. There was a king size bed and a couch with a coffee table. Emma walked to the windows and pulled the curtain aside a little to look at the city. When she turned back from the window she saw Brad starring at her. He was looking at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Emma stood there feeling very self consous. She didn't know why he could make her feel so beautiful with just a look. Brad approached her slowly looking her over from head to toe. He stopped in front of me and leaned down and kissed me gently. Emma kissed him back and leaned into him pressing her breasts against him. She reached down and felt the bulge of his cock and began to stroke him through his pants. He moaned against her mouth and reached a hand up to caress her right breast.

Brad then broke the kiss and stepped back from her. Her grabbed her shoulders and spun her around to face the window. He grabbed the zipper at the back of her dress and slowly unzipped it revealing her lacey red bra. He slipped the dress off her shoulders and down let it fall to the ground. He slapped her ass lightly making her breath in sharply. He slid his hand between her ass cheeks causing her to spread her legs slightly giving him better access. He slipped his fingers down between her legs and into her wet center. He inserted 3 fingers into her hot pussy and began fingering her slowly.

Emma didn't move as he reached around to her front with his other hand and slipped her bra off he right breast. He caressed her breast while he fingered her. She moan her pleasure as he stoked the fire building inside her. He kissed on her neck as she tipped her head back. She reached behind her and grasped his hard cock through his pants and began stroking it them best she could. She couldn't wait to feel it inside her.

"Mmmm.. Does that feel good? Do you like it when I finger your hot wet pussy my pet?" he whispered as he kissed on her ear.

"Yes, Master!! Your fingers feel so good." she said starting to breath harder.

Brad continued to finger her until she was about to cum and then removed them leaving her frustrated and moaning her displeasure. He unhooked her bra and tossed to the the ground. He turned her around to face him leaned forward to breifly suck her left breast before releaseing her breast.

"On your knees my pet." he said, while he unbuttoned his shirt.

Emma did as she was told and kneeled before him. She reached up to unbutton his pants and lowered the zipper. He wasn't wearing any boxers and his hard long shaft sprang forward standing tall in its glory. She grasped his shaft in her hand and began to stroke him as she licked the head. He moaned as he watched her suck his shaft. She glanced up at him and moaned against his shaft. He reached down and grabbed her hair in his hands and held her head still as he moved his hips driving his cock in and out of her mouth.

"Reach down and stroke yourself, Emily. I will allow you to cum."

Emma again did as she was told and reached between her legs to rub her clit. She moaned around his cock and the feeling and could feel the fire building again. He continued to thrust his cock in and out of her throat diving deeper and deeper until he balls pressed against her chin. He would hold his cock in her throat and wait until she began to struggle a little for air then pull out of her mouth completly before doing it again. The control he had to give or take along with the feeling of her stroking her clit sent her over the edge and she cam hard.

Brad released her hair and pulled from her mouth letting her catch her breath. She trembled slightly from her orgasm as she looked up at him. He lifted her to a standing position. He leaned down to kiss her and slowly backed her towards the wall. She felt the cold wall at her back as she bumped into it. Brad stepped back from her and fished removing his pants and shoes. He then knelt before her and slid her thong down from her hips and she stepped out of it. He kissed her thighs and worked his way to her wet center.

Brad stuck out his tongue to lick the length of her wet folds ending at her clit. He brought his right hand up to her wet center and inserted 3 fingers into her wet pussy and he continued to lick her clit. Emma moaned as he stroked her to yet another orgasm. He removed his fingers from her and stood leaning forward to kiss her deeply. She could feel his cock rubbing against the front of her pussy. She still had her heels on making her the perfect height He reached down and guided his cock between her wet lips and into her pussy.

He started to move within her and the position allowed his shaft to stroke her clit at the same time. Emma had never been fucked this way before. As he started moving within her he lowered his mouth to her left breast and began sucking and nipping at her nipple. She inhaled sharply and moaned her pleasure. She couldn't believe how amazing this felt. Brad grabbed her wrists together and held them above her head. He released her breast and wrapped his other hand around her throat squeezing gently.

Brad kissed her deeply driving his tongue into her mouth. She couldn't move and as he began to squeeze a little harder while kissing her she couldn't breath. This sensation heightened the feeling of his cock sliding against her clit. Emma cam hard and squirted against his long shaft. Brad moaned against her mouth before releaseing her mouth to start kissing on her neck. He lessened his grip on her throat allowing her to breath freely. He continued to work her towards another orgasm and when she was close to the edge he squeezed her throat again causing her to squirt on him again when she cam.

Emma was astonished at how her body reacted to what he was doing. She was glad he held her against the walk because she was sure she wouldn't be able to stand. Brad released her wrists and pulled from her stepping back. Emma slid down the wall to a crouching position as her legs felt weak. Brad walked to the bed and grabbed some rope from his bag. Emma watched him with curiosity and a little but or nervousness. What was he going to do now??

"Stand up beautiful and lay down on your back on the bed." he said helping her stand. Emma laid down on her back waiting to see what he was going to do. Brad grabbed her legs and bent them so her calves toguhed her thighs. He then wrapped the rope around there legs tying them in this position. and spreading them as wide as he could before sliding the rope behind her back and strapping both legs as tight to her body as possible. He grabbed cuffs from the bag and cuffed her hands to her ankles leaving her spread wide open to him and not allowing her to move. Brad then grabbed a vibrator wand from the bag and showed it to her.

Emma felt her muscles tighten in anticipation. Brad started by rubbing it over her nipples causing them to become even more pert then before. He slowly ran the wand down her stomach and to her clit. He had it on a lower setting. Just enough to tease her and drive her wild. He settled between her legs and slipped his cock into her pussy while holding the wand against her clit. He started moving inside her slowly. With his free hand he reached up to caresse he left breast. Brad then turned the speed up on the wand and it sent Emma into another orgasm causing her muscles to tighten around his cock.

Brad began moving inside her faster and then again turned up the wand. Emma couldnt catch her breath as she cam over and over again. As she came down from one orgasm she was immeditaly sent into another one. Brad suddenly pulled from her and at the same time removed the wand from her clit. He grabbed ahold of her and spun her around leaving her head hanging just off the bed. Brad slipped his cock between her lips and she began sucking on it. It didnt take long for him to cum in her mouth and she found this satisfaction sent her into another orgasm.

Pulling his spent cock from her mouth he gentelt turned her to the side allowing her head to rest on the pillow before he uncuffed her and untied her. She spread out allowing her muscles to rest and for herself to catch her breath. She felt fully satisfied and spent. Brad crawled into the bed next to her and craddled her in his arms. Before either of them realized they had drifted off to sleep.

Emma opened her eyes and looked around the room trying to remember where she was. She looked over to the couch and saw Brad sitting there watching her. She remember what they had done and smiled at him. Brad didn't smile back tho and she instantly knew something was wrong. As she sat it she noticed her mask had fallen off. Emma glanced at him again waiting for him to say something.

"Emma? Why did you tell me it was you?" he asked, watching her as she sat on the edge of the bed not bothering to cover herself with the sheet.

"I didn't tell you who I was because I thought you would run the other way. Hell you barley even look at me and speak to me even less at work. I figured there was something wrong with me and I didn't want to scare you away." she said, looking at him waiting to see if he did just that.

"I didn't think you wanted anything to do with me either. I didn't think I was good enough for you. You're the most beautiful woman in the office and could have anyone you wanted. Why would you want me?" he said, looking unconscious for the first time ever. "I have wanted to speak to you sense you started at the office but couldn't get the confidence to do it. I wish I had known you wouldn't have rejected me."

"Rejected you? I have had a horrible crush on you sense the first time I saw you. All the woman are always drooling over you there was no way I could have gotten close to you. Besides I didn't think I was your type. I also never pictured this being something you were into." she said, chuckling a little. "Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining."

Brad just sat there and starred at her for a moment before bursting out laughing. She wasn't sure if he was losing it or thought the situation was as funny as she did. Emma stood up and walked over to sit next to him laying her left hand on his thigh and looking him in the eye.

"I want this to continue. I hope you can forgive me for lying to you about who I was." she said hoping for the best.

"Of course I forgive you. I just wish we could have know this awhile ago. I still want this to continue with you. Do you think we could do that? And maybe more like a real date sometime?" he asked with a hopefully look in his eyes.

Emma felt her heart jump at his words. She was so glad he didn't run the other way and couldn't believe he felt this way about her too. "I would love that. How about we meet for Dinner tomorrow night?" she said, feeling hopeful.

"That sounds like a great idea. I will pick you up at 7PM at your place." he said as he leaned forward to kiss her. He adjusted so that he could slip his hand between her legs and began stroking her clit. Her hand slid up to his already hardening cock. Emma moved his hand from her clit and pushed him back against the couch so she could adjust to straddle his legs. Emma lowered herself onto his shaft and began riding him.

Brad looked up at her admiring her beauty. He couldn't believe she was really here with him and riding his cock. He had so badly wanted to have her in his world but never thought she would welcome it. He sat there allowing her to set the speed as she continued to ride him. Emma rode him faster and harder as she could feel the heat building inside her. As she cam she sat down taking his entire length inside her as he muscels gripped him. Brad cam at the same time filling her with hot cum.

Emma climbed from Brad's lap and went to the bathroom to clean up. When she returned to the room Brad had dressed and was waiting for her. Emma retreived her clothes and dressed. Brad walked her to her car. They agreed to meet for dinner the next day and he would pick her up at her place. As she drove home she couldn't stop thinking about how happy she was. She looked forward to dinner and whatever else was to follow. Her heart pounded fast as she remembered his confession about wanting to be with her. As she drifted off to sleep that night she dreamed about Brad and their potential future together.

Amber Paolilli
Amber Paolilli
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