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Dream Date - Collaboration of sorts ...

by CR. Phoenix about a year ago in fiction
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Part Two

Cassidy’s hypnotic and very engaging invite didn’t leave much room for thought, it only increased the instinct not to deny my curiosity. She had me hooked from the moment I walked into the studio. I watched as she danced from space to space with sweet finesse and the gracefulness of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.

It must’ve been the outfit she decided to wear this night but then again my memory is a bit hazy until now recalling her request to dress accordingly. The rose-pink overalls she wore had caught my deepest imagination, which is to say that the little she revealed left more to the imagination.

The array of paint stains covered her outfit like overlapping rainbow blotches running across the chest and along both her legs. At the time I hadn’t placed her reason for the attire, and it didn’t strike me as odd to ask. In the end, it really wouldn’t matter, she enticed me to walk across the cherry hardwood finish as though I was enchanted.

And without an ounce of resistance pulled myself around the Island to see Cassidy standing before a set of ceiling to floor curtains draped over the opposite wall. She grabbed a handful of cashmere and tugged at the two violet panels, splitting them apart, towards adjacent sides.

Behind them was a custom-built rolling shelf housing a set of twelve fairly large containers. I could tell that the circular pails held some kind of substance and from where I stood a shimmer of light cast a reflection on its surface.

My first initial impression was that the material looked clear like water, but Cassidy certainly squashed that theory in a hurry when she stretched around an electrical panel and flicked a switch. The overhead fluorescents powered down and for a split-second darkness took over.

Cassidy called out, “Eric, you alright?” she asked, concerned I may crash into some of the furniture and hurt myself. “Yeah...haven’t moved an inch since the lights went out,” I hastily responded. “Okay good...just give me one more second,” she strained, then a sharp exchange of metal on metal to a switch.

Closing my eyes for the moment gave me a slightly heightened sense of hearing and Cassidy was within earshot. Listening to her in the background shuffling about when everything went quiet.

Unexpectedly I heard two distinct noises. The crisp clear sound of two clasps pinched together echoed through the room. I finally opened my eyes to bear witness to a mesmerizing sight.

Making a minor adjustment to my vertical and horizontal plane to absorb the masterfully visual setting. A luminescent glow spread across the shadows and over the entire space.

A lovely silhouette gently floated towards the centre of the canvas holding a bright neon yellow orb in its hand. Streaming lines ran across the floor like a river. Cassidy walked up and handed me the glowing soaked sponge. The lightning streaks of gold dripped down her arms constructing their impression.

She gently took my hands in hers, lifted them above her head, and squeezed the contents loose. The neon fluid spilled outlining the lovely features of her face. It gingerly laced the length of her full lips and slowly followed the locks of her hair. It trickled along the strands, drenching the ends to her shoulders trailing a path south to the cliffs of her collar bone.

The luminescent medium discovered a lane and swam smoothly down her chest, gaining momentum with each pulsing grip on the sponge. The gold liquid spread further branching out more wildly over the contours of her breasts.

The overflowing yellow wash dripped tenderly off the ledges of her rigid nipples, diving into a pool amassing near her toes. Consumed by her provocative sweet intoxication, I delicately pulled away from her hands and began peeling the clothes from my body.

I was adoring the magical spectacle in my sights. Resting in awe with how her form evolved from its original shadow, but I felt a need for a similar connection to the paint and a deeper connection with Cassidy.

Finding myself standing next to the vivid hues of colour they each sprang out, calling to my soul, yet the bright crimson spoke loudest. Dipping my hand into the dragon’s breath I removed the luffa carefully not to spill more than I needed.

The paint gushed within my grasp, seeping through my fingers while the excess splashed across my feet; I marvelled at its uniquely distinct creation.

From this position, I caught a glimpse of Cassidy Sinclair’s wonderful form from my left peripheral. A golden sensual statue slowly formed as she poured the remaining substance over her lovely frame. The scene was both completely fascinating and erotic.

The space suddenly got a little brighter as the glowing paint ran down the length of her body pulling out every vivacious curve. And once again she guided my senses with that subtle sweet sway of an inviting finger.

The illumination amplified with every step forward and the closer I got the greater my attraction to Cassidy; she was breathtaking. Standing face to face, I could see the emerald in her eyes. She took my hands and proceeded to guide them up above my head.

And as she had done previously, Cassidy squeezed the contents from both my palms. The immense crimson flood came crashing over my skin. The shock phased through my body and burst from my swollen pores.

Cassidy released her fingers from mine. She slid them vertically along the length of my arms, leaving a trail of the scarlet pigment with them. Closing my grip tighter on the luffa the paint raced over my flesh and gravity drew it closer to the floor.

She took a handful of the crimson and laced my chest with streaks of infinite lines, circling my chest. The cool sensation under her gentle caress aroused every one of my senses. Cassidy fused the two colours and delivered a third.

I could no longer resist the temptation to touch her, touch her sensual form, wrap my body around her scintillating curves and feel every ounce of her energy. The idea flushes through me as the saturated red sponge spills the last drop.

After tossing it aside, I grazed through her thick wavy hair with my fingers melding the colours and leaving streaks of orange blazes. She collected the mix and searched to create a masterpiece on my skin. Cassidy’s hands hovered loosely on my flesh she swirled and sliced, whipping the excess splatter onto the canvas below. Her will completely focused on me and yet her design was methodical.

What we added to the mix she managed to take pieces away to create something remarkably new. And I knew, she desired I contribute to this magnificent collaboration. From her hair my fingers lathered and filtered the goblets of orange, extending its vibrance past her neck and onto her shoulders.

Her breath quickened and her body began to hum as the paint folded upon itself. The bright essence of the lava mixture poured equally across her breasts. Cassidy could feel my hands glide over the ample shape of her mounds and a feverish sigh escaped her golden lips.

We each took turns exploring our divine creation, her soaked hands reaching beyond my waist grinding against the grain and forcing the paint up my back, while I pressed my chest tightly on hers, running my fingers along the arc of her ass.

Falling to our knees the luminescent paint exploded across the canvas stretching towards all four corners. Cassidy held my hands, tangled her fingers with mine, and kissed my lips delicately. I could feel the electric energy soaring from my skin. Then she slipped her velvet tongue into my mouth, I could taste the fruitiness from the merlot we shared earlier.

The smoldering sequence of kisses spread across the width of the canvas. Our legs intertwined like the limbs of a spider tree. My hands firmly grabbing her tush holding her up and she wrapped her legs around my waist, squeezing tighter. With every sweet touch and deep sweltering kiss, the arousal became staged beyond moments.

We were so enchanted and lost with one another that somehow our creative souls managed to pull other glowing orbs from the shelf. The adventure of two artistic spirits rising from their passion to create and be as one.

Cassidy saw the magical motley of colour from our figure dancing and eased into my chest resting on my lap. She gazed deeply into my eyes, leaned into my mouth tenderly with hers. She could feel the rigidity of me vibrating against her inner thigh and with her hand gently guided me into her temple.

The erotic energetic connection spread like angel fire through our veins flushing our hearts with adrenaline and a joyous release.


About the author

CR. Phoenix

I live moment by moment, creatively writing from an ensemble of memories, lessons and experiences.

All images are from my personal collection

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