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Dirty Diary Entries (Rolando POV)

20+ smut series

By JadedPleasuresPublished 15 days ago 10 min read

Time: Unknown,

Modern fantasy Fiction,

Location: Astral planes, shadow domain.

Rolando stood by the portal back to the mortal realm, having seen his lover off. A draining sensation down in the core of his being occurred as they faded from the shadow realm, leaving him feeling cold and empty. How many times as he walked the beauty that consumed his every thought to the portal only to watch instead of screaming for his other half to stay? How many nights has he not been able to rest due to his every emotion swirling at the loss of his lover's touch?

Anger consumed him like wildfire as Rolando turned from the portal before he released a blood-curtailing roar from the depths of his throat to the skies above. His hatred for the gods that refuse him and his only solace to be separated from each other until a time comes when they will be his once again. The blood in his body roils into a white-hot spillover of aggression and rage. To those around him's dismay, Rolando began attacking and harming everyone nearby. Destroying as much as he could until his anger subsided as he had every time they left prior.

Once he calmed himself to a manageable point, Rolando returned to the chambers where he and his love had had their most intimate moments. The images flood back into his mind as he begins growing hard while remembering the earlier moment. A wicked smirk pulls at the corner of his lips as Rolando calls the memory to the forefront of his temporal lobe. A primal glint forms in his eyes as the images replay in his head while he stares at the mess-ridden sheets of the bed where his beloved's scent and cum still are.

The sweet, blissful remembrance of his mate's screams in pleasure as his hips pounded into the tight entrance of their sex. And of how his love's walls pulsed and spasmed over his thick rod while he slammed into them. All of the beautiful symphonies of cries that left his mate's throat caused a sadistic smile to form over his lips, revealing sharp fangs. His large, lethal form began undressing before he moved over to the bed. A primitive growl left his throat as if pulled from a darker place within his soul. As the images of their sex replay over and over in his head, heat spreads quickly throughout his body, causing his member to twitch until it stands erect by the time he reaches the bed.

Rolando leans down, studying the fluids on the sheets before reaching out to touch the soaked spot with his fingertips. As soon as the pads of his fingers touch the soaked spot, he feels the slick fluids coat his fingers, kicking up the scent of his beloved. A groan escapes his throat, and a shiver runs down his spine.

"Oh, Kitten. You leave such a mess behind for me. I love it."

Rolando's breaths shorten and come out faster as he thinks back on how it felt with his shaft pounding deep inside of his beloved fated one. Using his other hand, he grips his erect member in a firm grasp as a menacing glint passes through his dark eyes. Taking his hand, that has the slick fluids from his love's body. Rolando touches the head of his shaft, slowly circling the hole around his Urethra as a shudder runs down his spine before leaning his head back to groan out at the sensation. He then pushes the sticky, cool fluid farther out over the head of his swollen member. Out of his peripheral vision, Rolando spots a pair of panties on the floor.

"That little Vixen."

He growled low before reaching over to pick up the intimate article of clothing.

"Such a good fucking girl."

His body shuttered in primal delight as Rolando's words rumbled in a dark growl from his chest. His hand grips his shaft as he holds the underwear of his lover in his hand, the veins bulging on the back of his hand from the confining grip. A wicked grin creeps over Rolando's lips as he begins stroking his shaft in slow, long strokes, flicking his wrist every so often to twist his hand over and around himself to heighten his pleasure before he brings the undergarments to his nose and inhales his fated one's scent. Lifting his leg to place his knee on the bed to lean over the soaked spot that holds all of his love's scent from their sex, he positions himself on the bed with his cock hovering over the patch of fluids on the sheets, as he continues the stroking motions over his member.

Pressing the garment to his nostrils, Rolando takes another long, slow inhale of his mate's scent while his hips thrust against his hand.

"Even when you're not here, you still drive me fucking wild, pet."

He grunted out as he rubbed the head of his penis against the slick sheets of the bed. Once the aroma hits his nostrils, his hand begins pumping over him faster. His hand flicks over his rod while he strokes himself, releasing guttural moans of pleasure. The sensation sends his body into overdrive as he removes the silk underwear from his nostrils to fist in the hand that holds his cock. A hard shudder rocks his body as the cool silk cloth touches his sensitive rod. His frame leaned forward over the spot to place his weight onto his hand, bracing himself against the mattress. Rolando pressed the tip of his shaft carefully pointed down to press into the wet sheets as he stroked his member with the silken cloth of his lover, adding to the sensation by extending the index finger of the hand that grips his schlong to press on the opening of his Urethra, rubbing the slick juices from his mate over the head of his joystick before his hand pumps harder over him, and his hips buck into the bed as he pictures forcefully fucking his beloved mate's holes.

With both sensations, a predatory glint fills his eyes before he fists his grip tighter around his cock, panting harder with his beloved's intimate belonging wrapped around his shaft, feeling the fabric pressing against him while fucking his hand. His hallucination felt so real that it felt like he was able to hear his mate's voice in his mind while he pumps himself.

"Master~. Stop, please. It is too rough."

He could practically hear them crying out as if they were with him now, pleading for him to be gentler.

"Not a fucking chance, Kitten. You are so fucking tight around my cock. I love it, and you know you love feeling Master fuck you like this."

Words pulled from his throat in response to the intense moment that he was having with himself. A loud grunt leaves Rolando's throat at the fabric moving over his cock. Leaning his head back at the pleasure he is giving himself with his mates' intimates sends shivers throughout his body. A sick, sadistic smile spreads over Rolando's face as he imagines pounding into them over and over again. This erotic hallucination played before him while fisting his cock, moving it faster. His hips jerked, pushing the phallus deeper into the slick sheets with his mate's fluids lubricating and protecting his sensitive flesh from the linen. As he imagined the sexual faces of his lover, he began to turn it into something darker still. While he stroked his erected member, he tightened and untightened his hand around his rod. He purposely added pressure with his hand as he imagined his hand wrapped around his mate's neck, hearing their gasps and cries for release as they begged him to stop.

"Beg me to fucking stop you, little fucking cum dumpster. If it is perfect, I might give you what you want."

Rolando spoke in a low, gruff tone of voice. He emphasizes his point with rough, hard thrusts into his hand. His mind focused on the words of the imaginary voice of his beloved. The image cried out in bliss while they squirmed under his relentless thrusting.

"Master~ Fill me please, make my cunt yours. Turn me into your cum dumpster. Remind my body who it belongs to. And how no other Master could fill me like you can. Please, cum in me. I need it so badly."

He could hear the hallucination calling out to him.

The image he conjured prompted his hips to piston against his hand while he stroked his thick rod. A dark primal need to claim his love's body overtook his mind as he grunted and fucked his hand while pre-cum leaked onto the sheets before his balls tightened at his approaching climax. Thrusting his tool harder into the mattress, he pictured their screams filling the air while conjuring the sounds of their lewd sex could be heard in his mind. A low, deep, and rumbling growl that bordered on primitive left his throat as he worked his shaft expertly. The soft fabric from his lover's panties moved over his rod, sending shivers through his body.

"Good girl. Take all of it, you dirty little cum slut."

Rolando's hips pounded into his hand as he thought about destroying his mate's womb. Pushing their little figure past the point of breaking so he could rebuild them the exact way he wanted them. His own personal cock holster. His perfect little cum slut. Waves of pleasure rolled through him as the muscles in his abdomen flexed in preparation for his expectant climax.

"Rolando~! I, please. Please make me your dirty little cum slut. Remind me who truly owns this body. Please fill me with your hot seed. Make me scream your name. Please, show me why no other Master could compare."

He imagined her begging him for his large, hot load. He continued his relentless pounding against his fisted hand with his fated mate's panties wrapped tight around his throbbing rod. He could feel his testicles tighten, his breath coming in ragged panting. Rolando leaned forward, bracing himself against the bed with his free hand as he pumped himself faster and harder, conjuring his beloved mate's voice in his mind. With one final push, a roar of pleasure ripped from Rolando's throat as he released his sticky seed over the same wet spot on the sheets where his mate's fluids had been earlier.

"Next time we meet. You will not get away from me. I can't wait to hear that slutty mouth of yours beg me to stop. Whimpering and squirming underneath me. I promise, pet. I will hunt you like the prey you are."

Rolando grunted after his release before looking at his waisted seed in disgust, wishing that it had been in his mate's cunt. The predatory glint in his eyes never left his eyes. Afterward, he straightened from his position and then stood from the bed. His muscles quivered from the impact of his release while Rolando quickly dressed. The dangerous smirk he wore on his lips added to the cold and cruel demeanor he always had.

With a quick pivot on his heel, the entity that ruled the shadow domain with an iron fist left the chambers, screaming for the servants to clean the mess and be quick about it.

Rolando's thoughts are on his next rendezvous with his mate, where he plans to devour them once and for all. He moved towards his throne room to reign over his domain with a set determination to conquer the trials he had to for his mate to remain with him for the rest of eternity.

"Those Gods will rue the day they chose to keep you from me, my only light."

Rolando growled to the skies while he waited for his beloved to grace him with their beauty and presence. Because time flowed differently in the shadow domain, he fiercely controlled what could be four to five days for his treasured mate. It may be over 40,000 years of waiting for him until they return.

Until that day, he decided to cause some mayhem while they were away.

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Hello, Greetings, hi, Its been a minute. Just wanted to put a little reminder that my things are for 18+ only. Mainly because they are all Fan Fiction ideas that i write about. THATS ALL FOLKS!!

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