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Dinner Is Served

Hungry Hotel Clerk Feasts on Big Enchilada, Five Tales of Tail, Tail #3

By Digital_FootPrintPublished 2 months ago 6 min read
Dinner Is Served
Photo by LOGAN WEAVER | @LGNWVR on Unsplash

Having the ability to read people is such a crucial skill to have. For instance, I know the hottie at the hotel front desk is a very nasty whore. 

I can just tell by looking into her eyes where I see her enamored with me and I can feel it in her lackluster handshake. 

See, her weak handshake means that daddy wasn't in the house and she's spent her entire life searching for him in every man she's come across. 

Well, look no further, bitch! Daddy's home!

After we finished discussing a little business, I, very subtly, started hitting on her and I knew right away that she was truly loving every minute of it. 

Don't get me wrong; She was quite the cool, calm & collective customer on the outside but I knew, internally, that the bitch was hotter then a furnace in Alaska in the prime of Winter for me. 

Plus, I know with exact certainty that if it was just me and her in this place by ourselves, she would've pulled me over this tiny ass deck and rode my dick off into the sunset. 

After we got done with all the "pleasantries," I asked her to do me a big favor. 

I had a big meeting the next day and needed to have my laundry done so I asked her if she could take care of it for me. She obliged with a huge smile and a wink. 

She told me that, 

"I'll do you…Oops, I mean do your laundry once my break comes."

I got a knock on my door around 7:07. I answered it and it was her looking to pick up my laundry. 

As I was putting all of my clothes in the giant hamper, I noticed a peculiar look she had on her face especially when she seen me putting my boxers in there. 

Then, all of a sudden, she started moaning lightly and sweating. 

I asked her if she was alright and she replied, 

"yes, yes; I'm fine as she started fanning herself. 

I thought to myself, 

"ding, ding!! We got ourselves a big ole' freak ala Meg thee Stallion style."

I figured her for one of those draw sniffers and all I had to do now was catch her in action.

Not too long after our convo, I snuck into the laundry room and there she was smelling my underwear with her hands inside her panties playing with her delicious, looking clit.

I said, 

"ahhh haaaaa. I knew you were a cock-crazed slut from the first moment I laid eyes on you."

She quickly tried sneaking my underwear behind her back while desperately trying to laugh off what I had just said to her. Then she started in with the begging and pleading. 

"Sir, please don't tell my boss," she pleaded. "I'll do anything," she said as her hands started unbuttoning my dress shirt. 

"Don't worry, babe. Your secret is safe with me" I told her, as a big smile came across her face. Then she licked her lips as she started descending onto her knees. 

I guess she wanted to plead her case a little bit more. 

She pulled down my shorts and began devouring my cock. 

She sucked and swallowed half of my meat a couple of times. Then she took a deep breath and took every inch of that foot long monster down her esopagus. 

Not just once but twice.

After the second time, there was a huge wad of spit from all of her gagging on the tip of my dick so she licked it up, slid her tongue in between the hole followed by a series of long licks underneath my ballsack. 

I stood her back up on her feet, bent her over the table, lifted up her skirt and ripped her panties off from her ass. 

I got on my knees and returned the favor. I buried my face inside her moist twat and started working my tongue rapidly like a twister up and down her beautiful fold. 

I slapped her ass as she started grinding my face. I gave her ass a harder slap as she rode harder and began squirting. 

I stood up, slapped her on the ass again and demanded that she get on the table. I got on there with her and laid down as she straddled my face which she rode my face until she came. 

A few seconds later, she let out a huge scream of ecstacy as she started started spewing pussy juice all over my face. I was so drenched in her sweetness that I could barely see. 

She slid back and hopped onto my dick and started riding it. I wiped away her pussy juice residue from my eyes and ripped off her bra as I buried my face into those gargantuan 36 DDD's.

She pushed me back down and placed her hands on my chest and rode me until we both nutted. 

After she came, she collased and I caught her into my arms and held onto her very closely. 

We spent the next 20 minutes laid up on top of the table cuddled up in each other's arms. I kissed her on the forehead and thanked her for washing my load and swallowing it as well. 

She laughed as she realized that she had to be back at the front desk because her shift was getting ready to start again. We said our byes and our "see you laters" then went on our merry ways. 

I wouldn't see her again until the next morning when I was outside enjoying the beautiful weather. 

I was standing in the parking lot taking in some sun when she came up to me and informed me that she had caught a snake in one of the rooms. 

She had captured this small garter snake in a pail. I leaned in and took a gander at it and then she walked on over to a grass area to release it. 

I walked on over to her as she was kneeling down and whispered in her ear, 

"you want to see my snake next?" She bit her lip, giggled and nodded her head and said, "Yes!"

Then I took her hand and placed it onto my expanding bulge inside my jeans. 

I took her to the side of the hotel building away from where the cameras were and I place her hand inside my jeans as she started squirming and getting all hot & sweaty. 

I unzipped my pants and let my huge schlong fall into her hands as she let out a huge gasp and immediately dropped to her knees and began blowing me. 

She was sucking, spitting, slobbing and working her hands and mouth all over my dick at the perfect speed rate.

She took me on over to where a camera was and hiked up her skirt as she pushed me up against the wall and jumped right on my dick. 

This bitch was in full fledged heat and her pussy was wetter then the Pacific Ocean. 

I grabbed her by the back of her neck with one hand and cuffed her pussy with the other while I was pounding her twat like a bass drum. 

She started squirting so I got on my knees and buried my face in her twat as she completely soaked it. 

She turned around as I got up and started kissing me and licking & sucking up all of her pussy juice off my face. 

She ended up pushing me on top of one of the patron's cars as she began blowing me while standing with her legs spread apart as the air breeze penetrated inside her and stimulated her clit. 

She climbed on top of the vehicle and onto me and did me reverse cowgirl style as her giant tits bounced up and down. 

Her pussy was so hot and wet that I told her to scoot on up and ride my face. 

She used my thighs as she pressed up and teased rubbing that big, bodacious ass all oer my face. 

Then she smothered my face with it as she started letting out a series of thunderously, loud moans as she clapped that ass all over my face.

She bent forward and took a mouthful of cock while riding my tongue. I slapped her ass and cuffed it with my hands. 

I made her stay still and starting motorboating her pussy as she starting spewing pussy juice all over the windshield. 

I raised up on the hood of the vehicle and started pounding that twat until I creamed inside of her. 

I slapped her ass and slid my finger in her puss while we kissed. She rested her head against the side of my face and nibbled on my ear. 

Then she whispered softly in it and said, 

"thanks for coming…….to the hotel." I whispered back, "I'm glad I came" while she jerked my dick as the sun shined down on her massive titties as I continued sucking on them.

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