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Creepy Things that Are Acceptable In a Relationship

There are many things that are acceptable in a relationship that we would never do in front of other people simply because it would be creepy.

By Yadim ShmaltzPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

If you are in a long lasting relationship, you might have noticed some of the creepy things that you accept or even do with your significant other and still consider to be completely normal. There are many things that couples do when they are alone, but they would never do in front of other people simply because it would make them look extremely weird and creepy. Do not worry, if you are one of those people—it is not something you should really worry about, even though these things might seem creepy at certain moments, we assure you that all couples have these moments.

Sometimes it seems that love really makes us blind, knowing that we openly accept some of the creepy and habits of the person we date. These habits are usually hidden while we are getting to know each other, but once both partners are completely open and relaxed about being themselves in front of each other, they come into the limelight. But doing some of these creepy things sometimes results in a stronger bond between the two of you, so maybe it is really necessary for us to be like that.

Knowing the Passwords of All of Their Accounts

This might seem rather weird at first, but many couples actually decide to share their passwords and even use the same social media accounts. Why is this a "thing"? That is a rather difficult question to answer, but there are various ways to explain it. Jealousy is one of them. Many people tend to be very jealous and they simply want to have access to your social media account, just to make sure you are not cheating or flirting on the internet. Whether this is right or wrong, it is completely up to the couples who consider doing such things. We like to believe everyone deserves some space and privacy, even people who are in a long term relationship, but if you are voluntarily giving up that privacy, than to each his own.

Saying Weird Things Such as ‘You are so cute, I could hug you so hard that you would explode.’

Ouch! That would surely hurt. Some couples tend to give themselves cute names and they use strange words to communicate, often having inside jokes that seem ridiculous to the outside world. This is a very common thing and if you do the same, do not worry, it is completely normal. Why would your loved one want to hug you so hard that you would explode? To make it clear, they surely would not want you to explode or harm you in any way by hugging you, it is just a saying and that means they want to hold you closely. There is nothing wrong with that. Unless they really mean it. Then it's unacceptably creepy.

Knowing Their Toilet Schedule

This surely sounds very creepy, but after spending a lot of time with someone, it is completely normal and expected that we will learn and get used to some of their habits. Poop schedules are no exception. Knowing this schedule simply means you've spent a lot of time together, and that you notice the little things. Isn’t that what nearly everyone wants in a relationship?

Fixing His Hair or Holding Her Purse In Public

Many couples like to function as one, even if that means that a guy will be left looking odd holding a purse outside the women's bathroom. Ever caught yourself going towards your loved one and fixing their hair while you were out in public? You might not believe it but this is accepted as normal by many couples, as weird as it may seem to onlookers. Doing such things in public means that two of you function well together and that you will always stand by your loved one and help them look better, or just simply help them out without having to ask them to do it on their own.

Knowing what Your Loved One Will Order at the Restaurant

Sometimes you might catch your significant other knowing what you want to order in a restaurant—an extremely common habit for those in a long term relationship. After months or years of spending time together, it is obvious that we will learn what our loved one likes to eat and what they prefer for dessert. Knowing this can be very useful at times, but it can also get very annoying if you or your partner wanted to try something new and you order for one another.

These creepy things don’t seem to be very creepy at all once you delve into them as products of spending extended periods of time together. It seems that the longer you are in a relationship, the more creepy habits will appear. You may look weird to the waiter or the guy at the grocery store, but most of the times it will be all fine and you will both be creepy in your own ways.


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