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Cancer Sex Astrology

The sex astrology of Cancers is dictated by the compassion and sensitivity that accompany a water sign.

By Emily McCayPublished 8 years ago 11 min read

Fire, earth, air, and water are the four elements essential to life. Each needs the other to exist, yet they can also end each others existence. The same can be said for the zodiac sign that falls under each element. The 12 signs of the zodiac are split evenly between the four elements, each being categorized by the personality traits that defined them. Compatibly in friendship, love, and sex is directly correlated to the element that controls each signed. Cancers, born between June 21 and July 22, are a water sign, and some of the most emotional of the zodiac. Cancer's sex astrology is defined by their deeply compassionate and sensitive dispositions.

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The Man

He is restless, prone to brooding, idealistic, a daydreamer who is also very sentimental. Because he is ruled by the waxing and waning moon, he has marvelous emotional highs, and abysmal lows—and the alarming ability to pull people along with him in either direction. He loves the company of beautiful women—especially if they are witty conversationalists. Who doesn't? you ask, but the difference is that Cancer male is also very attractive to such women. However, when he has wooed and won them, he quickly becomes possessive.

The woman he loves will have difficulty living up to his expectations, for he expects far too much. It doesn't help that he tends to sulk and withdraw into his shell when disappointed, rather than to say openly what is bothering him. He is reluctant to part with old friends, old habits, or places he has become accustomed to living in. He resists and fears change in his mode of life. He clings to memories, scattering family pictures throughout his living quarters, keeping old school mementoes, and calling old friends whom he hasn't seen in years. His fantastic memory and nearly total recall stands him in excellent stead in discussion and argument.

He has firm beliefs, and all goes well as long as you do not oppose those convictions. If you do, he will not let go until he has persuaded you. He is looking for a long-term, hopefully permanent relationship with a woman. Yet if a rupture does occur, he can move on to a new love, for he has the knack of establishing intimacy very quickly. However, anyone who has really touched his emotions will never be truly forgotten. He is a complex individual, whose changing moods make life with him anything but easy—and anything but dull. His tenacity of purpose is a good omen for success, and his sensitivity and intellect make him a natural leader in politics, literature, and business. Warning: Beware of Cancer on those nights of the full moon.

His Sexual Technique

He is persistent, yet unsure of himself. He needs constant encouragement. If he gets warmth, he will be a delightful swain. He enjoys playing the role of teacher, and a woman is wise to let him believe he is initiating her into the true mysteries of sex. He will take her step by step, explaining what he is doing, why, and what she's supposed to be doing. Don't stop him along the way with any remark that indicates you know all about that or have done it before, or he will promptly retreat into his shell, dreaming of all the wonderful things you might have done together.

He is an expert at clitoral manipulation. He has a special gift in this technique of foreplay. He prefers to perform with his fingers and not orally, but his touch is so finely sensitive that he literally has exquisite sensations at his fingertips. What aids Cancer in lovemaking is his superb power of recollection. He remembers everything he has ever done that has aroused a woman to passion. As he carries those youthful experiences with him into adulthood, he adds many imaginative refinements.

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His Sexual Hangups

Heterosexual Cancer male likes his women to wear lacy, frilly underthings. Those of this sign who go over the thin dividing line into what some people call kinky display a fondness for wearing those garments themselves. They enjoy dressing as women and passing themselves off in public as a member of the opposite sex, and their mimetic skills and ability to gauge other people's reactions enable them to carry off the masquerade perfectly.

Many men born under this sign are frotteurs. They enjoy rubbing themselves against the buttocks or crotches of strangers, and public conveyances offer them the best opportunity for satisfying this particular hangup.

The Woman

She must be wooed with tender care and patient consideration, for she will retreat from an aggressive man. It is difficult for her to give herself in love, although she is very attractive to men because of her modesty, winsomeness, and sympathetic understanding of their personal problems. There are two things this woman must have in combination: love and security. She searches for the kind of love that is more than sex—that means home, children, and a stable relationship. When she finds it, she will go all out for her mate, and she is fully capable of becoming the most satisfying sex partner in the zodiac! Her sincerity in the act of love makes her the worst possible candidate in any "play for pay" arrangement, whether as a prostitute, call girl, or simply a marriage arranged for material reasons.

She can't fake a sexual response. However, in the right circumstances, she can be a devoted mistress, provided she knows the man is truly unable to marry her or that he is genuine in his belief marriage does not matter. She is passionately loyal once she has committed herself to a man. She is also a good homemaker, a gourmet cook, and knows how to keep within a budget. Any man who wins her for a mistress would be well advised to make her a wife—just to make sure he doesn't lose this treasure! Not that he has to worry much about losing her. She is the prototype for the song "Stand By Your Man," for she will stand by him even though he's an alcoholic, bully, or not-so-secret swinger. Whatever the reason, Cancer women are quite often mistreated by men during love relationships.

Her Sexual Technique

Don't expect to make out in the backseat of a car. She is far more comfortable in her "nest," where she feels secure. In fact, when the big night arrives, she will probably invite you to dinner at her place. And there will be candlelight and good music. Don't be too aggressive, though, or you may never get from the dining room into the bedroom. When she takes off her clothes for the first time, she expects to be told how lovely she is, Cancer women dote on admiration.

A compliment is fully as important as any other preliminary, and if you know her, you know already that she isn't going to like being rushed. In love, unlike the racetrack, the prize does not always go to the swift. When she begins to lose some of her inhibitions, she likes to see and fondle male genitalia, and to let her lover's testicles dangle in the palm of her hand. She also inflicts love bites on the inside of the thigh, high up near the crotch. Cancer women are moody, and when they don't feel like having conventional sex they are often quite inventive. Her favorite position: lying prone while the man enters her from behind. That satisfies her innate modesty—she doesn't have to be seen having an orgasm—and also pleases a latent Cancerian desire to rub her buttocks against the man.

Her Sexual Hangups

Cancer females are not as a rule subject to extreme sexual variations. However, when they are, it will probably show up as a facet of her strong maternal instinct.

Since many Cancer women feel men are too rough in their lovemaking, they are also occasionally drawn to their own sex. In lesbian affairs, they tend to take the dominated role.

In heterosexual relationships, a few Cancer women heighten oral intercourse for the male with a flavored douche or insist that their partners coat their penises with some flavoring. For reasons I have yet to discover, lemon, lime, and strawberry are favorites to titillate their taste buds.

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Cancer's Erogenous Zones

One of the biggest turn-ons for both male and female born under this sign is soul kissing—deep kissing, with full use of the tongue and teeth. They have been known to kiss to orgasm.

However, the most sensitive area of the body is the breasts. Both sexes will respond to oral and manual stimulation of their nipples. Caresses on the underside of the breast with a soft finger pad or fingertip create the most urgent sensations of sexual desire. They also like the "winding" movement, when the nipple is held between thumb and forefinger, and wound like a watch. Even late in foreplay, a gentle tugging at the breast or nipples will add to a Cancer woman's pleasure.

A trick for the woman making love with a Cancer male: Run your hand over his chest, barely touching the skin. The hair on his body will seem to reach up to touch your fingers. He'll go wild!

The Approach to Cancer

Cancers are attracted to water sports, so invite them for a day at the beach, or to an aquacade. If you pick a private enough beach, or one where there are no laws against it, they will gladly join you in skinny dipping. This gives them the satisfaction of letting you—and anyone else in sight—admire their body. Like to give them a gift? Try something that enhances the home: framed pictures or tapestries, leather-bound books, even fancy cooking utensils. For him; boxed gifts of cheeses, or exotic foods. With both sexes; never, never refer to other love affairs.

Cancer people are not interested in those who were important in your life before they came on the scene. When you meet someone born under this sign turn the conversation toward charities for children and child care organizations. The Cancer female is very interested in children, and has even been accused of trying to be mother to the world. If this is so, the Cancer male is trying to be the father. Or try your luck at politics, particularly with the males of the sign. If your boss in a large business enterprise is a Cancer man, a good way to get closer is to bring him some personal problems. He has a paternal view toward all his employees—and whether you can change this attitude into something more interesting is up to you.

How To Break Off the Affair

A brusque, insensitive manner will send her scurrying, but if you try to push her too hard, she will simply dig in and hold on. The way she fights back is through nagging—and she has an uncommon gift for that. Far better to work in less obvious ways. She looks for, and needs, tenderness. Withhold it. Don't let her share in your life, but indicate that her role is merely to wait on you. If this causes her anxiety, as it undoubtedly will, offer her no reassurance. Be moody for this has a direct effect on her emotions.

With him, be dominating, make the social plans, become the prime mover in the affair. Make indifferent meals, serve them while grumbling about how culinary matters are the least interesting thing in your life.

Criticize his bedroom approach, his sex technique. He has a secret feeling he's dull in that department, so let him know you think so, too. Unforgivable.

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Cancer and Aries: Aries is too adventurous for Cancer, and the biting tongue of Aries deflates the Cancer ego. No match.

Cancer and Taurus: An excellent mating with many happy days ahead. Both have interests centered on home, money, and thrift, and also share a love of food and sex.

Cancer and Gemini: Fun-loving Gemini can be too much for oversensitive Cancer, whose insecurity is aggravated by flirtatious Gemini. Bad vibes here.

Cancer and Cancer: Too much sensitivity, so there are bound to be emotional problems. Cancer needs someone sympathetic, not another Cancer who is likely to criticize.

Cancer and Leo: If Leo overcomes his personal vanity and pays enough attention, there are good times ahead. Cancer needs the affection and love Leo can give when in the mood.

Cancer and Virgo: Both shy, retiring types, more comfortable at home rather than at public meetings. This relationship may last, though outsiders consider it dull.

Cancer and Libra: Libra likes to avoid trouble, and Cancer's many moods are both extremely attractive and hard to take. After a while, Libra tends to look elsewhere.

Cancer and Scorpio: Moody Cancer and strong-willed Scorpio forecast an affair marked by instability and impatience. Both signs are extremely possessive.

Cancer and Sagittarius: Opposite goals and different desires. Cancer needs home and security, Sagittarius trusts to luck.

Cancer and Capricorn: Capricorn appreciates Cancer's approach to home and thrift, food and sex. Capricorn doesn't display affection publicly—but Cancer can live with that.

Cancer and Aquarius: Lone wolf Aquarius will bruise Cancer's ego. While sexually compatible, Aquarius is too self reliant, too ready to heed other siren calls.

Cancer and Pisces: They share the same values, and both need affection and ego-bolstering. If they meet each other openly, there are great days—and nights—ahead.

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