Best Masturbation Tips For Men

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Best Masturbation Tips For Men
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Best Masturbation Tips Summary

This article will cover some of the best masturbation tips for men. These tips will include tips for techniques that you may not have thought of yet, and also some tips for best hygiene practices. Both are equally important. Some of these have not been tried personally by me (the author) but will be a mix of my experiences as well as some ideas that others have told me about; having tried them themselves and swear by them. Yes; even masturbation can get boring eventually if you don’t mix it up from time to time. This article will help you learn new ways to do just that.

Important Hygiene Tip

One of the most important things to remember is often neglected by many men; hygiene. It is common knowledge that masturbation needs lubrication. Rather than breaking out the lotion or just anything available; it is best to use a water-based lubricant. Yes; you would do well to spend the little bit of money and keep lube on hand. No pun intended. A water-based lubricant will break down and clean off much easier than an oil based one. Also; the less amount of chemicals you put down there; the better.

That brings us to the second part of this hygiene tip. Be sure you are cleaning yourself up down there after each session. If for any reason you cannot get to a rag, soap, and water right away; consider using a wet wipe until you can clean yourself properly. Clean your testicles, shaft, head, and also your inner thighs thoroughly. Using only a paper towel or dry cloth will leave the chemicals, sweat, and residue on your skin; including the bacteria that is left behind. Warm and wet; this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. If you do not clean properly after each time, you will likely get jock itch; among other problems. Keep the fungus off of your crotch and clean well after each session.

Don’t Forget to Breathe

Of course, this tip sounds ridiculous or obvious, but often times we men stop breathing during masturbation as well as during sex. Holding your breath is a natural response, actually. Concentrate on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. This simple trick will help you to last longer during masturbation and during sex, as well as make the experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming. This is especially effective if you are someone who enjoys “edging” during masturbation; which we will talk about in the next section.

Edging During Masturbation

If you haven’t heard of “edging” then you are missing out on a trick that many men use to prolong and increase the amount of pleasure that can be experienced. This is a technique where you stop right as the orgasm starts. Let your body calm down a bit; the sensation, not the mood or erection. Once the orgasm feeling has subsided; begin again. Do this several times until either you do not stop in time or you simply want to allow yourself to finish finally. This will prolong the experience, but also this is a great way to ensure a more powerful orgasm once you reach that point. Just be aware of your physical limits when doing this; eventually, your skin will begin to go raw or irritated; and nobody wants that.

Pillow Love

The first of two ideas that some will find a little strange; which they rather are, but they do work. If you have or can find a thick bed pillow, even out the pillow so that the inside material is evenly distributed. If you fold the pillow in half, and lay it down; look at what you have. You can use this folded pillow the hole it creates to masturbate; even laying on top of it. If you want to avoid the clean up of the pillow afterward; consider wearing a lubricated condom. This will catch the mess, as well as create a slippery friction that could make the experience more pleasurable and effective. Of course, many prefer not to use the condom for the same reasons that it is hated so much even during sex; but it is worth considering if you try this technique.

Bed Love

Given the tip above, I’m sure you can guess what this tip will be. Again; you will need to use a lubricated condom for this one. This time, however; it won’t work without the aid of the condom. Put the condom where it always goes; which will provide the lubrication needed. This tip is to utilize the space between the mattress and box spring of the bed. The mattress will supply enough weight to keep your manhood gripped tight, the condom provides the lubrication and ability to have motion without hurting yourself. Again; the condom also adds the advantage of catching the mess; just be sure to be aware if the condom breaks. It is all less complicated than it sounds, but perhaps one of the tips that carries the most risk of not going right when compared to the others found here.

Upside Down Can Be a Good Thing

Our final tip for this article is another simple one. Surprisingly; it never occurs to many men that even when using your hand to get yourself off; it is okay to turn your hand the other way. You grab yourself like you would any other round object, then you do what you do. Well, why not turn your hand so that your small finger is on top and your thumb is on bottom? This turns your hand into a proper hole, and changes the sensation you feel. This technique requires that you use plenty of lube, but you should be doing that anyway; so why not give it a try?

Though it would not be suggested to masturbate while you are upside down; since the mess only has one place to go at that point; it is a good idea to try different positions during your “me time.” Try moving your body into different positions and see which ones you enjoy and which are just too awkward or not helpful in any way. You may find a new favorite way to get off.

Final Thoughts to Know

Remember; there is no shame in masturbation. You do have a responsibility to stay safe during any type of sex; including when it is only with yourself. Treat your body right and it will treat you right. After all; masturbation is always sex with someone you love.

Timothy A Rowland
Timothy A Rowland
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