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Ball busting for 10

That looks painful

By Owen Cochrane-milnePublished 3 years ago 9 min read
Ball busting for 10
Photo by Maxim Selyuk on Unsplash

Ball busting for 10.

The phone rang and as the ringtone to Dirty by Christina Aguilera rang out across the front room Sam answered the phone.

‘Mistress Erzulie Lwa!’

The phone was on speaker so Rufus could hear everything.

‘Hello Mistress Erzulie Lwa’ a confident males voice rang out ‘can I ask am I on speaker phone?’

‘Yes, I am washing the dishes right now and don’t want to stop. What do you want?’ Sam said smirking at Rufus.

I have seen your advert and would like to come and see you for some cock and ball torture, anal play, ball busting and foot fetish play.’ It was odd he sounded like he was ordering a domino’s pizza not asking to be beaten to smithereens.

I would like to see you on Wednesday at 2pm but can only do 45 minutes not an hour. Will the rate be the same?

‘Yes anything over half an hour is charged at the hourly rate.’ Sam said in a confident tone.

‘I have my own outfit but would ask that you wear a PVC dress and PVC high heeled boots with heels 5 inches or more.’

‘I can accommodate that. I do ask that you provide your name and a work phone number so that I can always reach you.’

After a pause ‘That’s fine my name is Julian Sampson and my work number is 0208 652 3409.’

‘Thankyou’ Sam said scribbling down the name and number ‘I’ll see you on Wednesday at 2!’


Sam had seen two clients already but they were pretty ordinary clients wanting some spanking and general humiliation.

It was 1:30 and Sam was parading around the front room in her PVC dress and boots.

‘It’s the first time I’ve worn this do I look the part?’ Sam asked playing the unconfident card.

You look sexy and like a dominatrix robot from the future.’ Rufus said trying to hide his lust.

Sam’s dreads were tied back and she had black eyeliner/mascara giving her eyes a smouldering intense look, the PVC clung to her body and had pushed her tits up so they looked full and bulging.

‘Can we just fuck him off and have sex?’ Rufus asked seriously.

‘I’m not throwing away £200 just to have sex with you, you horny dick! Maybe after I’ll kick you in the balls and if your still game we can fuck then.’

Not sure about the kick in the balls but defo up for some Mistress Erzulie Lwa action after we’ve got rest of the afternoon off.’

With that a text came in.


‘Quick get yourself behind the mirror’ Sam said hurriedly.

Rufus left the front room entered the hall and entered the viewing stage through the cupboard door. He got in position sat down and waited both excited and slightly scared to see what was about to unfold.

Rufus heard the door open and heard the muffled sound of voices in hallway. A moment later Sam aka Mistress Erzulie Lwa entered the room looked straight into the mirror and blew him a kiss.

He switched on the one way microphone and waited.

Next was something he wasn’t expecting. A thin wiry man walked into the room in full gimp outfit. His entire body was covered in PVC except his mouth eye slits and cock and balls. He looked like a perverted super hero but without the equipment to save the world.

Mistress Erzulie Lwa walked over to him and gave him a huge slap across the face.

‘How dare you stand in front of me, kneel you scrawny little worm!’

With that Gimpman as Rufus decided he was now called dropped to the floor on all fours.

‘Come here!’ Mistress said walking backwards and pointing to the floor in front of her PVC boots.

Gimpman moved forward eagerly moved towards his Mistresses boot.

‘Not that way! Face the wall!’ She said as she pushed Gimpman round like a subservient toddler.

All Rufus could now see was the profile of both of them Mistress towering over her subservient slave.

Mistress walked over to the bed and got the leg shackles that were laying there. She knelt down and while saying ‘DON’T MOVE.’ Shackled his legs apart so there was no chance of closing his legs.

‘For your total lack of respect I will teach you a lesson.’ She said booming down at him ‘10 of the best!’

With that she pulled her leg backwards to a 90 degree angle and kicked him hard in the balls.

Rufus grimaced at the first kick and held his own balls as if he had been kicked. But to his surprise Gimpman barely grimaced.

‘Two!’ Mistress kicked him again square in the knackers this time Rufus saw Gimpmans cheeks puff out and blow.

‘Three!’ another full on kick and this time a whimper came from Gimpman’s mouth.

‘Four!’ Another heavy blow as Rufus had to look away.

‘Five!’ Rufus wasn’t even looking this time he was in pain for Gimpman.

‘Six!’ Rufus looked back and Gimpman was dribbling slightly. To his surprise Rufus looked away from his face and looked to his bent over body and he could see an erection poking out from behind his leg. How the fuck is he getting hard from this Rufus thought staring in amazement.

‘Seven!’ This time the kick went under Gimpmans balls and connected with both his balls and cock squashing his cock up to his stomach.

‘Eight!’ Sounded the war cry as she kicked him again. This time the gimp drooling and erect said ‘Please no more!’

‘Nine…. Shut up you vermin you know the safe word.’

‘Ten!’ with the final kick Mistress slightly lost balance a wobbled on one heal her raised leg quickly coming to her rescue as she almost fell over.

With this Gimpman to in pain to notice crumpled to the floor and lt out a big gasp of relief.

At first Rufus thought Gimpman was a shit super hero but now was more than impressed. This was one hard mother fucker. Unlike James Bond he could take a serious beating and he now realised his secret weapon was his open cock and balls. This bastard could take more pain then anyone he had ever met get an erection from it and could probably spunk in the bad guys eye giving him time to release his restraints and overpower him or not to be sexist her.

While Gimpman laid on the floor Mistress reassumed her composure. She checked her hair was still in place took a deep breath and ordered Gimpman to reassume the position. Whimping as he did Gimpman whispered ‘yes Mistress; and again positioned himself on all fours.

It was time for Leroy as Sam liked to call it. Leroy was a 9 inch strap on black dildo that scared Rufus. When they bought Leroy Sam had offered to try it out on Rufus. Rufus was open minded sexually but the sight of that Dildo scared him. Sam and he had done the strap on thing with smaller dildo’s and Rufus kind of liked it. However it was only ever partially enjoyable and just made him feel like he needed to take a dump. The most satisfaction he got from it was as it came out of his arse and he flet lime he’d managed a rather big poo.

Never the less Mistress hitched up her skirt attached Leroy round her waist attached the straps between her legs and looked quite menacing with it. She applied a lot of lube to Leroy and told Gimpman to unzip his arse. Gimpman eagerly unzipped his zip and waited eagerly for penetration.

Mistress knelt down behind him grabbed his hip with both hands and moved Leroy forward. She pushed Leroy playfully into Gimpmans arse widening it for full occupancy. Gimpman groaned as she toyed with his arse then let out a groan as she slid Leroy in. About half way in Leroy got stuck and Gimpman let out an aggh as Leroy finally slipped inside.

FUCK ME Rufus thought he could take a train.

Mistress gradually moved Leroy from a slow canter to a vigorous pace. All this time Gimpman was moaning wildly his erection getting more and more rigid. After what seemed like an age but was probably ten minutrs Gimpman was rock solid and clearly ready to explode.

Mistress pulled Leroy out of his arse and after a long loud fart emanated from his behind.

‘HOW DARE YOU FART AT ME’ Mistress said as she grabbed Gimpman from behing and swung him round. She proceeded to wrench his mouth open and stick Lerou down his throat.

Gimpman still confused chocked as she stuck 5 of his 9 inches into his mouth. As she pulled out Gimpman gagged and left a long line of spittle connecting his mouth to Leroy.

‘Take it you dirty cock sucker’ Mistress said as she plunged Leroy deep into Gimpman’s mouth. She repeated this over nd over and as Rufus watched it went further and further in down Gimpman’s throat. His hands free Gimpman started wanking his erect cock furiously with his right hand while playing with his balls with his left.

After skull fucking him for too long than was natural Mistress pulled out and pushed Gimpman to the floor.

‘Please Mistress can I suck on your boots and then cum on them’ Gimpman asked voice hoarse.

‘Yes you little bitch but suck my boot heel like a cock!’

As she said this she raised her PVC boot above him resting her hand on the four postr bed wall and said ‘SUCK IIT’

Gimpman agreed firstly licking the heel eagerly then spitting on it.

SLAP ‘How dare you spit on my shoes!’

Gimpman grovelled for a moment then proceedd to suck her 6 inch heels all the way down unitil he gagged. He carried on with this for another minut until he stopped and said I’m too horny Can I cum on your boots?’

With a sigh of partial relief and satisfaction Mistress sleammed her foot on the floor and ssaid

‘IF You Must!’

Gimpman proceeded to get his rock hard erection and furiously wank until he spurted all over the PVC.

.Go to the toilet get a wet wipe and clean me up!’ Mistress said annoyed.

Gimpman now relieved gathered himself slowly and stood erect. He left the room and within moments came back in wet wipes in hand and cleaned Mistresses boots.

‘Thankyou! ‘ Was the solitary word Gimpman said as he exited the room.

Sam looked straight through the glass into Rufus’ eyes and made a hand movement around both sides of Leroy and thrust it ar him.

Rufus couldn’t help but feel scared and violated by what he had seen.

Julian came back in the room now fully dressed and said ‘ excellent session could we do the same next month?’

Mistress replied ‘Only if next time we use my stinging nettles’

Julian replies ‘Can’t wait!’

Julian leaves and and as Mistress lies back on the bed sayd ‘Your turn now darling!’

Rufus replies ‘Fuck right off!’


About the Creator

Owen Cochrane-milne

I am a new writer from England with a triptic mind and good vocabulary. Be prepared for disturbed sex drugs and rock n roll with a twist.

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