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Welcome to the club

By Owen Cochrane-milnePublished 3 years ago 8 min read
Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

I slip my silk lucky boxer shorts on; they feel good especially on my cock. I am feeling fresh having just showered with my mint body wash and had a close shave. I go over to my four-poster bed and my shirt and jeans are laid neatly on the crisp freshly washed crimson sheets. I put on my Gucci jeans that show off my peachy ass then slip into my striped Ben Sherman shirt. I sit on the bed put on my socks then my Gucci boots. I feel like a sexy cowboy a hard lean pleasure machine. I walk over to the mirror in the bathroom check myself over and apply my aftershave. It stings slightly and takes away from the anticipation tingling through my body. I wink at myself then walk back to the bedroom check everything looks good pick up my leather jacket head over to the chest of drawers and pull out the bottle, put it in my top jacket pocket and go to leave my penthouse apartment. I check myself in the full-length mirror by the front door. You sexy cunt. I leave take the elevator and enter the cold night. Even the coolness of the night couldn't stop my blood from boiling. It had been a full lunar month since I last had a woman and tonight was my night.

I was meeting m a Pilates instructor I had met through tinder. I took on out my phone and looked at her picture she was brunette with a big smile kind yet hungry eyes. She was in her 30's and in the pictures she sent looked toned a fit with nice pert tits and a cracking arse.

I walked through the park the shortcut to my favourite haunt the three sirens. I get to the pub and as I enter tap my pocket checking the bottle is still there. The pub had the typical saloon style and was busy I could hear the general noise of boozy overly loud conversation. I searched the pub and found her in a tucked away corner. She waved at me looking excited. She got up and we hugged each other briefly before sitting down.

' wow!' she said looking at me.

'you look better than your pictures',

' so do you" I flirt back.

'so, what's your name then I've been waiting to find out mysterious M.'

‘ha ha’ she laughed playing with her hair ‘I like to be shrouded in some mystery, M is short for merlot.'

‘Merlot what a cool name, I've never met a merlot before bet you are intense and velvety like the wine.'

'Know your wines then?'

‘Just a hobby- Merlot?’

‘Make it a bottle’.

‘Liking your style coming up.’

After the usual fight at the bar I sit down and pour the wine. She takes a big slug of it straight away.


‘You have no idea’.

I match her slug and think tonight is going swimmingly. A nick cave song comes across the airways I recognise it but can’t remember the name as usual.

‘Do you like Nick Cave?’ I ask as she seemed to tune in to the track.

‘I love him especially murder ballads and stagger lee they are my favourites, but I have to admit I prefer Grinderman.’

‘You are an angel sent from heaven…. They are my favourites and I love Grinderman so much better to rock out to.’

‘Wow we are kindred spirits have you seen him live?’

I saw Nick Cave a few years back fantastic gig ended up throwing a plastic pint glass at a toff who told the lady I was with to shut up during an interlude.’

‘OOOH so you like to stand up for your women then.’

‘I am a rogue and a gentleman’.

That’s what I like to hear.’

The rest of the date went well we chatted the usual work, travelling, funny anecdotes. She excused herself and went to the toilet. I took the opportunity to take the bottle and drop a few drops surreptitiously into her drink. She returned and quaffed the rest of the glass. Bizarrely her eye colour seemed to change from green to grey but then I could be imagining it.

‘Shall we get out of here?’ she suggests.

‘Fancy a walk in the park’ I bat back.

‘ooh that sounds lovely.’

We put on our coats and stagger out of the pub the two bottles of wine we necked in quick time fashion having an effect on both of us. We walked round the park in a comfortable silence for a while. The night was overcast at the moment but there was the odd gap in the clouds. After some more chit chat she started to wobble on her feet noticeably and grabbed my arm.

‘I feel a lot more drunk than I thought I would’ she said slurring her words.

‘Fresh air can do that’ I reply confidently.

‘I think I need to lie down’ She said sounding worried.

‘My place is just round the corner do you want to come back and I can call you a cab’.


I grab her satchel it’s heavy and I wonder what must be inside but no time for that its time to get back. I manoeuvre her quickly through the park and back to my apartment. We enter I pray that no-one sees us, my prayers are answered. I take her into the lift and we ascend to the top floor. I struggle with her and get her through my door and plant her on the bed. She is totally out of it now. I go over to the cabinet and snort my fat line of coke, I want to be sharp for this. The coke burns my nose a familiar pleasant burn and I turn round and look at her. She is out cold. I put on murder ballads by Nick Cave. I strip her naked and position her on my bed handcuffing her to the bottom rungs of the four poster bed. I lick her face and kiss her soft lips. My erection was starting so I undid my trousers and slid off my clothes. I stood there looking in the mirror and my handsome cock. I go to the drawer and find a condom tear the wrapper and slide it on. I look over her body she is so gorgeous and could have been the one maybe this was a bad idea but it was too late now. I mounted her and felt the warmth as I penetrated her. As I did so she seemed to come to slightly groaning in pleasure. I carried on slowly fucking her looking out over the London skyline. It made me feel like a God at times like this. As I looked out of the window the clouds were departing and the full moon shone through the window directly onto the bed. As this happened I heard a curdling noise and looked down. She was foaming at the mouth, shit I gave her too much but as I was about to get off her, her back arched violently and her pussy contracted so tight it felt like a vice. I was stuck inside her as she started spasming. I was really beginning to freak out when her tits started to grow and her face started distorting and growing hair. Just one on her forehead to start with but then all over her body. By this time I was so scared but couldn’t shout for help as no one would hear and I would have to explain the situation. Her face gradually morphed into a strangely sexy animalistic wolverine. I tried everything I could to get off her, but I was stuck. Next thing she snaped the handcuffs off the bed and grabbed me by the throat.

‘HOW DO YOU LIKE IT’ she curdled.

If I could have shit, I would have. She flipped me onto the bed and back handed me across the face. It was the hardest hit I had ever taken. I was discombobulated and just lay there as her vice like vagina grip on me loosened and she slid off me. What did make me grin is that my condom was hanging limply out of her as she rose. She quickly grabbed her bag and pulled out the rope that was clearly weighing it down. She tied me to the bed by the wrists. I thought to myself I deserve this and just accepted it. She bit her fangs into my arse and I screamed in pain. I coincided well with the music. She proceeded to slash at my back then flipped be over and bit my nipples hard. I was going to be mauled to death and the fear was intense but I felt I needed this. Next thing she grabbed a huge strap on dildo out of her bag. Little did she know I liked this, and I recoiled but only faking it. She strapped it on and proceeded to fuck my hard without lube. The penetration hurt and I cried out I pain but after a while I began to enjoy it. I think she realised as she donkey punched me in the back of the head and I passed out.

I came to and was still tied to the bed. Merlot was sitting across from me.

‘Welcome to the club!’


About the Creator

Owen Cochrane-milne

I am a new writer from England with a triptic mind and good vocabulary. Be prepared for disturbed sex drugs and rock n roll with a twist.

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