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Story #5 of "Amelia's debauched vacation. New lover Victoria"

By Amelia PalmerPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

I'm lying with my husband, relaxing. I'm looking at them fucking with interest. There's a woman riding on his cock and rubbing her clit. And there is a man bent his companion, and she is screaming in her voice how good it is for her. Very near a young girl sits on one cock and sucks the second, and her girlfriend works with her mouth two trunks at once. Lesbian girls teaching their craft to two other gals.

- Honey, don't you think it's not normal to indulge in debauchery like this? - I philosophically asked my husband.

- Abnormal, but I like it! - He answered.

- I also do not mind, but ... Have you noticed that those couples, spouses, it seems, have changed husbands ... or wives.

- Yes, they did! Oh, boy! - My husband exclaimed in admiration.

- What, also wanted to fuck another? - I asked without malice and suddenly got terribly excited by what he said.

- Come on, you say too! - He was embarrassed, but his erect penis said otherwise.

- Come on, I'll allow it! Look, what a boner you have! - I exclaimed, and I was stunned by the idea.

The uncontrollable lust had shut down my mind.

- Boys! - I turned to the guys fucking my girlfriend in the mouth. - Would you like to play with me?

- Amelia! What are you kidding me? - my hubby tensed up.

- It's not a joke, honey! Besides, you owe me from last night! I reminded him. - Here come the boys. And it's time for you to take their place, darling. Come on, don't let me down. I want her to scream under you and beat in ecstasy!

I didn't have to ask my husband twice. He jumped up like a scalded man and went to the girl who was left alone. And two handsome young men with erect penises and smiling, as if they fucked women ten years older than themselves every day, came up to me.

- Well, what's up, handsome guys, shall we have fun? - I said softly and took their powerful tools in my hands.

Inside everything was trembling with anticipation of a crazy gangbang that was going on in my excited head. Two beautiful hard cocks were in my hands for the first time. And my body knew what to do with them.

First, I sucked myself dry. I licked the head of one and ran my hand down the shaft of the other. Then I switched places, noting how different they were. The presence of my husband licking the vagina of a young girl a few meters away from me made my lust unbridled.

All my girlish fantasies suddenly overnight got this kind of realization. One young man I asked to lie on his back and saddled him. The second one I continued sucking, but not for long. I moved the cock from my vagina to my ass. Not immediately, but I got on it all the way, fidgeted a little to get used to it, and then asked the other one to fuck me in the vacated hole. It was an awesome sandwich. Two big stubby cocks were fucking me almost synchronized. The screams of pleasure that burst out of me traveled far and wide on the beach. Even when I saw my husband's eyes rounded, I continued to get high.

"You fuck a young girl, keep fucking, honey, don't get in the way!" - I thought and concentrated on my sensations.

Soon one of the students who was on top started to spew. I could feel his hot streams. At that moment my crotch began to contract, a crushing orgasm hit me head on, penetrating every cell. I squirted, it was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. Orgasmic jolts of liquid poured out of me in streams. My boys were stunned by what they saw. And I fell on my side without strength. The one that was in my ass still held on and continued to pound me with renewed vigor. Which made me throb again after a minute.

"Fuck, what's happening to me!"

My whole body shuddering with blissful spasms, I lost my grip on reality and blacked out. When I recovered, I saw my husband leaning over me. The students had scurried off to their female students. I was bursting with happiness and bliss.

- Sweetheart, are you okay?

- Great! Did you like the girl? - I asked out of politeness. I didn't care, to be honest. I liked the boys, or rather their magic wands.

- It's unusual to fuck young girls, it's so tight! I came too fast! - complained my husband.

- What are the people doing? Not fucked yet?

- I think they're already fucked! They are lying, sunbathing, young people are splashing in the water, - and the husband described the surrounding world.

- Good! We should get to know each other better. - I suggested. - Do you know who you fucked?

- Anastasia! - He bragged.

- And who fucked me until I was shaking?

- Artem and Denis!

- Here! I also want to meet everyone!

We walked along the beach and gathered vacationers under the pretext of getting to know each other better. Since I was the initiator, I was the first to speak:

- Sorry, friends, that I interrupt your precious vacation! But I can't get any rest from the madness that is happening to us!

I looked around at the people present and saw quite interested and, pleasantly enough, handsome faces.

- And don't tell me, - exclaimed one of the women, who called herself Nadia. - We are almost forty, but as if off the chain! We've never had so much sex in our lives as in these three days!

- It's all Vicky's pies! - suggested Masha the lesbian.

- Not pies, but buns! - corrected her friend Lera.

- Oh, what's the difference? The ass will grow from pies or buns! - concluded the first one.

- Don't worry, girls! - Tatiana, the second woman, spoke up. - In this mode, all the calories from those buns will stay here on the beach!

Everyone laughed, appreciating the joke.

- It turns out that if you do not eat in the morning that delicious, this bacchanalia will stop? - Sergey, Nadine's husband drew the obvious conclusion.

The gathered murmured unhappily, but the reason for discontent was still unclear. Either stop eating, or you don't want - don't eat.

- As you wish, - shouted Anastasia, the youngest, probably, - I'm satisfied with everything!

The people stopped talking and stared at her, waiting for her to continue. And she continued:

- Yes, it suits me! I love sucking dicks! Yes, I do! I want to try double penetration and squirt like Amelia! Her husband said it's never happened to her before!

- No, it hasn't! - I confirmed it. - And I don't want to say no either. - I said, and I was surprised at my own audacity.

- No one does! - agreed from all sides.

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