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A letter To The Unintended Seductress

Her unaware sex appeal is the tool that brings her what she wants in her whole life

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 4 min read
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Ms. Seductress,

I bet you would never have imagined that you would have an ‘upgrade’ in your life by this method! Someone that’s timid, passive, unpopular as you since you were young, someone that has perceived sex as something dirty, someone that felt ashamed of your body, etc.

In a nutshell, someone that has been going all the opposite way of being successful in this world, by not playing according to the rules of the world. You can’t be expected to be in the top brass in life if you can’t play a brilliant game in this human jungle!

You simply do not have the wits and wisdom to be where you want to be, more so with your emotional nature which has wrecked all your opportunity!

You thought you understand all the rules in the world but in actual fact, you don’t… You have viewed everything in a blanket which is wrong. You had been merry-go-round almost your whole life and wonder why you are so unfortunate in both your career and personal life.

Until the day you finally awaken from the repeated hard knocks, coupled with some fateful events. Your mom’s unexpected passing during the pandemic gave you the hardest blow ever. You learned a lot from the whole tragic episode and tasted the pain like never before.

With the right timing, the man that has been admiring and desiring you for the past two decades has stood up and surprised you with his bold move. He gave you the life and the love that you wanted all along.

He made you feel wanted and loved. You finally start to fall for him and opened up to him. His passion and persistence have broken down your wall and melted your frozen heart. He made you feel safe to open up emotionally and sexually. You can see in his eyes his admiration and obsession with your body, which you have been disdained all this while.

You looked at yourself in the mirror and were amazed that you are not what you thought. You do have a sexy body, feminine curve, and a sweet face when you smile. “How come I never noticed these all this while?” , “I knew that I’m not ugly but I never knew that I have such power to make him so obsessed with my body!”

You have held firm of the belief that you will never use your body to seduce any man to get what you want. “He must show me a lot of proof that he likes me more than my body then only I will give my body to him, never the other way round.” So you said to yourself, largely due to your cultural upbringing.

Maybe you need love, or maybe you need to feel safe, or you were bent by his persistence, and you know he sincerely likes you after such a long time, you know that he is financially stable and able to give you what you want. All your pre-conditions were thrown out of the window, and you let him have your body.

You never thought that he grew crazier over you the more he makes love to you. You were touched by his love and you have naturally pleased him by doing the acts that he requested. Coupled with all your prior sex experience you have actually unlocked all your hidden talents and skills in sex. He is growing crazier over you as time passed by. Now he has the plan to be with you for the rest of his life.

He bought you your own place, the lovely home bearing a prestigious address where you could only dream of your whole life! This has elevated you suddenly among your siblings and peers. They were all shocked how could this happened to you overnight! Your self-esteem was lifted and your confidence was restored.

Just like what your astrologer has been telling you — you do have what you need to succeed but it was deeply hidden waiting for you to discover. This sexual prowess must be one of them!

You have been working so hard and determined to use your own power to have your share of place in this world. Yet you were too blinded to use this sexual prowess to fast-track you to where you want to go, in the right way.

You are not a gold-digger but a sincere innocent woman that has finally used one of your strengths on the right man, to bring him his happiness and in return, he brings you your happiness. Isn’t this a win-win and value-added relationship?

Sex is a great power if you use it on the right man with good intentions for both.


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