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Hi Dear, How Was Your Sexual Rendezvous Tonight?

The happily married couple was exchanging their sexual conquest experiences…

By Life LessonPublished 2 years ago Updated 2 years ago 3 min read
Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

“Oh, she was great! But still not as great as you!” He planted a kiss on her lips.

“Really? tell me what has she done to drive you so crazy?” She returned the kiss.

“Sure, but you must tell me first your story with that hunky guy.” He quipped.

“Hahaha…he was a flop! Not even half as good as you!” She laughed.

They both looked glowing and were brimming with excitement.

They are a rather unconventional married couple, aren’t they? Or you may think that they must have problems in their marriage, but they are not! They have a blissful marriage, a satisfying sex life, a happy family, lovely two teenage kids, the soul mates for each other, they are each other’s best buddies, enjoying and exploring the world together in all aspects, including sexual conquest.

They both have high-flying careers and businesses, healthy, attractive, friendly, and humble beings, both in their early 40s. Their marriage is solid as a rock and each of them is looking forward to growing old together. So what makes them so open to such an open relationship?

Both have traveled a lot during their younger times and are still full of energy till today. They have definitely seen the world and the world is at their feet. Maybe because of their high energy, and child-like curiosity, they want to taste everything more than the ordinary folks.

Sexual conquer gives them a lot of fun and more zest to their lives. They have the sharp eyes to identify their playmate — those that want to have a no-strings-attached fling, just for the thrill of it.

To them, life is like a party, and they want to enjoy it to the maximum, why not? They are financially free and still have ample energy to enjoy sex outside of their marriage.

They have made it clear on the agreement that all these sexual conquests are just like ‘dessert’ to them, their marriage will be their main course and is here to stay till the end of their lives, and their family is still the most important thing to them.

Hence they make sure their playmate are the ones that stick to the agreement and not the ones that will spoil their reputation, or involved with them emotionally. They will make clear that it's just for the pleasure and experience of the physical body, nothing more than that.

They are a married couple that has no problem separating the sex and their emotional bond. Sexual conquest adds spices to their lives and they are excited to share the experiences with each other, without any jealousy involved.

Over time they have come to know a circle of couples that share similar interests and attitudes towards sex. Some of them have no qualm admitting their boredom with their wife or husband after being together for decades. They still love each other and have never thought of divorce but they want some sparks in their sex life.

The concept of an open relationship which is just changing the sex partner, not the marriage partner comes as handy.

Occasionally, an orgy with a few highly trusted long-time couple friends will be organized for more thrills and excitement. They keep this highly private and exclusive only to their rather small circle that has such tendency.

Some may think that they are immoral in doing this, but they harm no one. They do not promote it in the public but only carefully select those who have such preferences and are mature enough to not cause any social problems.

Maybe they are just those that have so many privileges and extra energy for such seemingly immoral activities? They live their lives to the fullest.

Some people have the opinion that monogamy is against human nature. The news of infidelity, extra-marital affair, and divorce is becoming very common now in our modern society. Some people view monogamy as an evolution into civilized society.

However, the human primitive desires die-hard, many are still doing polygamy behind the scene, albeit in a different format e.g mistress, girlfriend, the friend with benefits, etc., so long it is never been discovered, or stay as an open secret, or a secret totally.

What do you think?

* * *

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