A Coffee Nap with a Twist

by Dan StrawberryHall 8 months ago in erotic

An Erotic Short Story

A Coffee Nap with a Twist

I yawned so hard my jaw cracked.

“Tired?” Tina asked.

“Tired isn’t the half of it,” I said. “I can barely keep my eyes open.” It was the end of one hell of a week, and I was so exhausted I couldn’t think properly. My body felt like it was made out of lead.

“So have a nap.” She said.

“God, I’ve not had a nap for years.” I yawned again. “I used to love them. I guess you grow out of naps when you get older though. Too busy for something so decadent.”

Tina shrugged. “You’re not busy now. It’s Sunday afternoon. Treat yourself, be decadent.”

“No, I couldn’t. You’ve only just come over. It’d be a little rude to just sneak off to bed.”

“I don’t mind,” Tina said. “I’ve got a book in my bag. You pop off and have 40 winks. I’ll be fine.”

I shook my head. “No, I can’t.”

“Yes, you can. I insist you do. Look at you, you’re so tired you look like you’re about to collapse. Besides,” she smiled. “We can make it fun.”

The look on her face more than piqued my curiosity. “How fun?”

“You ever heard of a coffee nap?” she said.

I shook my head. “Some sort of meme?”

Tina grinned at me. “No. It’s a thing people do. You have a cup of coffee, then you take a nap for 30 minutes, and when you wake up the effects of the coffee are kicking in. It’s supposed to feel awesome. You wake up feeling super energised.”

“Sounds great,” I said. “But I’m a bit out of practice with napping. I think it’d take me the 30 minutes to fall asleep. I may as well just have the coffee and not bother trying to nap.”

“You’re such a pessimist,” Tina said. “Anyway, that’s where the fun comes in. I’ve got the perfect way to get you off to sleep. It’ll work like a charm. I promise.”

“OK, now I really am intrigued. What’s the trick?”

Tina shook her head. “Not telling. You go upstairs and change into something more comfortable, then hop into bed. I’ll make the coffee, then I’ll come up to tuck you in.”

I still wasn’t sure about this, but Tina was insistent, so I decided not to argue. “OK, I’m game.” I got up and headed upstairs.

I closed the curtains, then got out of my clothes and climbed into bed wearing only my underwear. I listened to Tina making the coffee downstairs, and as doubtful as I’d been, my bed warmed up quickly, and I had fresh sheets on, and they always seemed more comfortable when they were clean, and my eyes started to fall shut after what felt like only a couple of minutes.

My bedroom door creaked open, and I looked up. It took a few seconds to realise what I was seeing. Then I sat bolt upright.

Tina flashed me a wide grin as she walked into my room with a mug of coffee in one hand, and not a stitch of clothing on.

“God, you look incredible. That’s not going to make me feel sleepy though. Quite the opposite.” I still couldn’t get enough of the sight of her beautiful naked body. I could feel myself coming awake.

Tina set the coffee down on the bedside table. “Oh, we’ll see about that.” She slipped under the covers with me. She gave me a quick kiss, then she reached for the coffee. “Here, take this.”

I took the steaming mug from her, but her warm body was pressed against mine, and lots of alternative ideas flooded through my mind. “I’m not sure I’m in the mood for coffee anymore.”

Tina shook her head. “Take it. Drink.”

“OK then.” I put the mug to my lips and sipped, then I almost choked on it as Tina slid her hand into my underwear and grasped my cock. I spluttered and spurted the coffee back into the mug. “Fuck, let’s skip the coffee, huh?”

Tina gave me a stern look. “No. I said drink.” She tightened her fingers around my swelling prick. She slowly moved her hand back and forth. “You drink, or I stop.”

OK, this was getting a little weird, but her fingers felt electric on me, and my cock was filling and throbbing already, so I put the mug back to my lips and drank.

Tina moved to press her body against me more fully. She pushed her breasts against my chest; they were warm and soft, and I could feel her nipples on my skin. I almost spilled my coffee.

Tina moved her hand faster, but she kept urging me to drink. By the time I’d gotten to the bottom of the cup, I was as hard as rock in her hands, and I was pulsing already. And I was ready for…

I groaned in frustration as Tina let go of me. She took the empty mug from my hands and placed it back on the bedside table, and I was just about to suggest we skip the nap again, but she put her finger to my lips, then she ducked down under the covers.

Tina didn’t mess around. She didn’t take her time. She didn’t try and kiss down my chest and stomach, she didn’t touch me in any other way. She just pulled my underwear down, and took me straight into her mouth.

I groaned as Tina’s lips closed over me. She held me in warmth and wetness, and I had to hold my hips to stop myself pressing deeper into her. I groaned a second time as she sucked and started to bob her head.

Tina really didn’t hold back. She began slowly, but she quickly increased her pace until she was moving fast and taking me deep. She sucked hard, and she grasped the shaft of my dick and moved her hand in perfect time with her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the head of me as she sucked, and she hit all the most sensitive areas. She cupped my balls and lifted them lightly in the way she knows I love.

I moaned to urge her on. I lifted the covers to watch the wonderful sight of my cock slipping in and out of her mouth. Her spittle ran down over her fingers, and made my shaft gleam.

I usually try and hold myself back when I’m getting head to let the pleasure and tension grow until I can’t hold back anymore, but today I just gave myself up to it. Tina moved so quickly and firmly though that it felt wonderful already, and I wanted to come as quickly as I could.

Tina moved faster and faster. She sucked me so hard it felt like I was pulsating in her mouth, and I didn’t know if she could keep this intensity up for much longer, but then suddenly I didn’t need to worry about anything. The pressure at the base of my cock reached breaking point, and then it did.

I groaned and bucked. A wave of pleasure ran through me, up the shaft of my dick. It hid the head of me, something detonated behind my eyes, and then I closed them tight, and I came.

My cock heaved and jerked in Tina’s mouth, and bursts of hot come surged out of me. She slowed her pace, but she kept sucking and bobbing her head and pumping her hand, and it was glorious, and it kept me coming and coming. She kept going, and she swallowed everything I gave her.

My orgasm peaked and plateaued, then began to recede, but still Tina kept working me. Then fatigue washed over me. It mingled with the tingling aftershocks of my climax, and I felt wonderfully drugged for a moment, but then sleep hit me like a train. The last thing I remembered was Tina sucking my cock gently as it softened in her mouth, and then all was black.

I woke in bed alone. It took me a few moments to remember where I was and what had happened. I got up and dressed, and Tina was right. I felt great. I felt fantastic in fact, like a new, or at least younger, me.

Tina was reading her book on the sofa when I came downstairs. She looked a little sleepy. “How about a nap?” I suggested.

She yawned and stretched. “I am feeling a little sleepy.”

“Coffee nap?” I said. “I know a great way to do it.”

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