Coming On Her Face

by Dan StrawberryHall 8 months ago in erotic

A Facial Erotic Short Story

Coming On Her Face

It was one of those cold, grey, wet Sunday afternoons in winter when you can’t bear to go outside.

We didn’t have any money either; our latest student loan instalments had dried up, so we couldn’t have afforded to do anything even if we’d wanted to. We sat in her room in the hall of residence and we smoked the last of her weed and played video games instead. We kissed and fucked lazily as the wind howled outside her window.

As the sun fell and the sky started to darken, we found ourselves on her bed. I was too stoned to do anything other than lie and watch, but she was still in the mood, so she settled between my legs. She pulled my underwear down and she played with my cock.

She didn’t do it with any particular intent, there was no urgency, she did it for her own entertainment more than for mine. She passed my cock from hand to hand, she stroked it, she watched closely, almost as if she was inspecting me.

Even though I was spaced-out, and even though I’d come so many times already that day, as she fondled and squeezed me, the inevitable happened, and I swelled in her hands. She looked up and grinned. She tightened her fingers around me. She began to move her hand up and down.

She did it slowly though, still without any urgency, but it made me moan and tremble. I’d never had anyone touch me so lazily, so languidly, it made me feel overly sensitive, and each touch sent shivers through me. I started to pulse in her hand. She looked back and forth from my face to my cock, enjoying the effect she was having on me.

I moaned louder to urge her on, but she toyed and teased me still. She moved so slowly. The tension inside me grew though, I got so hard I started to ache, I begged her to move faster, to bring me off, but she just laughed. She said it was more fun this way. She kissed the end of me with a soft, slow press of her lips, and I bucked beneath her.

She kept it up. She kissed and licked in all the most sensitive places as she stroked me, but she didn’t do it with the consistency I needed. I grew more sensitive, the ache became hurt, I’d never looked so hard and swollen.

I begged with her, I pleaded, and just as my desperation started to turn to anger, she took mercy on me. She took me into her mouth and sucked, and warm, wet pleasure enfolded me.

She moved her head up and down, her lips slipping back and forth over the sensitive rim around the head of my cock. She moved her hand in time with her mouth and the pressure built and built, but not for long.

I groaned loud, my whole body stiffened, I gasped, and the pressure broke. A surge of hot, liquid relief rose up through my prick and when it reached the tip I was there. I looked down at her. At my dick between her lips. I wanted to see the moment the first spurt of my come filled her mouth. She had other ideas though.

She slipped my cock out from between her lips and she rested it against her cheek. I bucked and throbbed and the first jet of come spurted out of me and onto her face. A second jet joined it, falling across her cheek and over her nose, and then a third, and another and another. She laughed with glee as it happened, and that made my climax come on even harder.

I came over and over and over. All that teasing, all that build up, all that tension, it got me there hard. She moved my dick back and forth across her face to get my come all over her. Great spurts of it gushed out of me and over her cheeks, it went across her grinning lips, onto her nose, up to her forehead, it coated her. It was the dirtiest, most wonderful sight, and her glorious laughter made it all the better.

She took me into her mouth and sucked me again as the last of my come pulsed out of me, that beautiful, dirty, filthy, wonderful angel of a girl. She kept sucking as my cock softened between her lips and my come ran down her face and dripped onto my body.

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