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7 Reasons Why More Women Are Choosing Open Relationships

by Happy Life Official about a month ago in relationships
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Today, more women than ever are choosing to have open relationships.

After all, the nature of relationships has changed dramatically over the past few decades – and many of us don't want or need typical relationship structures like monogamy anymore.

But why?

Here are seven reasons why more women choose open relationships and some advice on how to find your perfect open relationship partner.

They can have more sex

So, let's get one thing straight: women aren't having less sex than men, far from it.

Many of them are just as likely to sleep around as their male counterparts; they have better ways of finding partners who share their values.

One survey of 16- to 24-year-olds found that 15 percent of women had casual sex with no strings attached, compared to only 10 percent of men—and in our personal experiences (as well as those of friends and colleagues), we can confirm that hookups happen more frequently among women than you might think.

The difference is that while guys tend to brag about their conquests, women don't.

And so, while there may be a lot of sexual activity going on behind closed doors, it doesn't necessarily translate into what researchers call sexual frequency.

They don't have to deal with drama

In traditional relationships, there's always someone who starts drama with their partner.

That person might be you, or it might be your partner.

This can happen for several reasons (they are jealous, you're growing apart, there's hidden baggage from previous relationships).

Still, either way, it makes things difficult because once someone has one foot out of a relationship, they usually have two.

It takes months to rebuild trust and affection, and in an open relationship, that doesn't happen.

You move on to another relationship without worrying about rebuilding broken bridges.

It takes away pressure from finding 'the one.'

In a traditional monogamous relationship, you can't go on dates with someone unless you're seeing them exclusively.

If you are interested in someone, but they aren't available to date, you have to move on.

It doesn't matter if someone else is dating them with an open relationship because it's not an exclusive arrangement, so there's no fear of missing out. You can always try again later!

It allows for more honesty: If you've ever been in a relationship where one person has cheated, you know how hard it is to trust your partner again.

An open relationship removes that fear and allows both partners to be honest about their feelings without worrying about consequences.

It encourages communication: When things get tough in relationships, people often stop communicating effectively and resort to passive-aggressive behavior or just bottling up their feelings until they explode into arguments.

They feel liberated

Research has shown that in addition to feeling more satisfied with their sex lives, women who choose open relationships also tend to feel less restricted and liberated.

They're free from thinking about how many partners they can have or when and where it's appropriate to get physical. Instead, these women take control of their relationships and can enjoy a satisfying sexual life with no limitations.

It doesn't always have to be about finding the one — sometimes exploring is as rewarding!

They enjoy the excitement

Some people crave a bit of excitement in their relationship.

They don't want to be tied down with just one person, and they enjoy dating different partners.

An open relationship gives them that freedom and excitement they need while still allowing them to have a committed relationship.

It also means they don't feel obligated to spend every waking moment with their partner; instead, they can take time for themselves.

They are tired of being lied to: Many women get tired of dealing with lies from their significant other.

Whether it's lies about cheating or how much money is spent on certain things, these women don't want any part of it anymore.

They are secure enough in their relationships

Studies show that open relationships are less common among young people; as you get older, you feel more secure in your relationship.

In one survey of college students, just over 1 percent said they were in open relationships.

Among community members between ages 26 and 74, though, almost 6 percent said they were involved in non-monogamous relationships.

The obvious takeaway is that age brings confidence—but it also brings better communication skills and a deeper understanding of yourself and what you need from a relationship.

When women learn to trust themselves first, they feel secure enough to take on an open relationship—or to choose any other kind of relationship, for that matter.

There are no limits

One of the most commonly cited reasons for having an open relationship is that it lets you and your partner experience a wider range of sexual experiences.

There's no ceiling on how many partners you can have, and there's also no limit to what experiences you can have with them—you need to be sure that all parties are agreeable (and remain so) to whatever boundaries are drawn up between participants.

It also puts an end to dating drama: If a steady monogamous relationship isn't enough for someone anymore, it's not surprising that they might want more freedom.

In an open relationship, there's less pressure to get jealous or feel like you aren't getting enough attention from your partner because they are spending time with other people.


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