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14 sexy, covert ways to grind with a guy and make him hard in a matter of seconds

Find out how to make a guy go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds by grinding with him. The key? Learn without being blatantly transparent about your intentions!

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 9 min read

When we consider the art of grinding, we typically think of teenagers. But in actuality, we all utilize it on a regular basis. There is a fine line between being stylish and being vulgar as a girl. You can certainly engage in open gimmickry with any man you choose, but do you really want to be so forthright about it? Instead, learn how to quietly and sensually grind with a guy and watch where it goes!

You need to be aware of a few things in order to grind with a guy and look beautiful while doing it. The most essential thing to remember is to never appear too desperate when you're attempting to score with a guy since that will only make you seem too approachable.

What exactly is grinding?

For the uninitiated girls, grinding is the art of moving your butt over a guy's crotch, especially when dancing with him. Now, we all know this. It may sound extremely daring, but when people of different sexes are attracted by one another, they naturally act in this way.

Many young women ask how to work hard while yet looking nice. But there is no need for classes to learn how to grind with a guy. The guy will still adore it no matter how you do it.

What matters, however, is how readily you'll play along and yield to a man's crotch.

Can grinding be subtle at all?

It's not necessary for grinding to be overtly obscene. There are techniques you can use to practice grinding with a guy without anyone noticing.

Of course, if you're discreet enough, you can grind away in public, but what about in private? You keep on working, girl, regardless of whether you're being subtle or not!

However, if you're in a bar or club and you're grinding hard, you can be stealthy by moving slowly and subtly, and maybe even by sitting or standing behind a booth or other form of partition. He will be able to enjoy what you are doing since it will just appear that you are dancing.

Why might grinding be a bad thing?

Learning how to grind with a guy is all fine and no, it’s not bad! But, if you’re in public and you’re all out grinding on a guy’s lap, especially a guy you don’t know so well, it may be perceived as being “too much” by the guy or those around you.

Does it matter to you? That’s up to you.

But, if you want this dalliance to turn into more than just a one night stand, be very careful with the grinding action you indulge in.

Of course, if you’re with the guy and you’re both out for a night in the club, you can dance with your man and grind on his lap all you want. You’re together and you know where you stand. But, if you’ve just met this guy and you don’t want to give him the impression that you’re easy, tread carefully.

Should we have to have this conversation? Hell no! But, we all know that’s the way of the world. But, if it doesn’t matter to you or you’re not interested in more with this guy, make your own choices and do whatever you want to do. It’s your life at the end of the day and you know who you are!

How to grind with a guy and arouse him

If you want to know how to grind with a guy, arouse him, and feel great doing it, here are a few tips that can make all the difference between a hard-to-get girl and an easy-to-get girl.

1. Get a girlfriend to dance with you

Dancing alone makes the whole grinding game rather obvious. To start off, dance with your girlfriend and make it seem like you’re not really noticing any guy.

Soon enough, you’ll have a few cute guys dancing around waiting for your attention.

2. Dance next to the guy you like

But don’t even bother looking at him just yet. Watch him from the corner of your eye and see if he’s been noticing you. Or if you want to grind with some guy who hasn’t noticed you yet, just move along on the dance floor until you’re close to him.

3. Brushing time

Dance normally as you always do, but move really close to a guy you like and brush him with your butt *fake-accidentally, of course*.

Don’t try to get his attention just yet, don’t look at him, don’t smile at him, and don’t make it seem like you’re desperate to dance with him by staring and giggling at him.

Wait for him to do something or reciprocate. Right now, just make it seem like you’re dancing with your friend. But don’t stop the occasional butt brushing against him, let him feel your touch and want more of it.

4. Touch him with your breasts

Grinding with a guy is the easy part. The tough part is to make it all seem discreet. As you’re dancing with your friend, move your shoulders around so your breast touches his arm now and then.

Does he catch your inadvertent touch? Does he smile or approach you closer? If he notices it and tries to gain your attention, return the gesture by giving him a quick, sweet smile to let him know you've seen him.

But be careful not to make it too obvious and keep your purposeful touches hidden from him.

5. Let go of the reins

As you dance, keep your hands by your sides and allow them drift toward his butt and legs. He would undoubtedly begin to move around a lot more only to receive more of your touches.

If you want to make a guy work for your attention, always keep your body or hands very close to him. However, refrain from initiating any physical contact.

6. Join him in a dance

Make your way across the dance floor to dance alongside him. You can grind a guy without having to stand in front of him quite yet.

Simply increase the arousal by frequently letting your hands and hips touch. But again, don't focus too much on him just now. Enjoy yourself while dancing with your own companion.

7. Let the fingers touch

Let your fingers touch his fingers as both of you dance beside each other. And when your fingers do touch his, don’t move them away but don’t do anything about it either.

It’ll drive him crazy and all he’d want to do is clasp it. He may even try that!

8. Step in front of him

Once you’ve had a lot of body touches going on and he’s constantly trying to look for ways to touch you, it’s time to get to the part where you grind with the guy discreetly and subtly.

By teasing him long enough, you would be able to arouse him and make him work for your attention instead of being too easy to get which is always a good thing. It’ll make him want you more too!

Step in front of him and move your pelvis around so your butt is constantly touching his thigh. This will be his cue to come close behind you. If he’s shy, a few *accidental* touches on his crotch with your butt while dancing will definitely do the trick.

9. Swivel your butt

Get incredibly close to him once he is directly behind you and gently rub your butt into his crotch.

Dancing and swaying as usual, but focus more on moving your hips so you can feel his pants tighten behind you.

10. Avoid moving too quickly

When you're grinding with a guy, you need to move slowly if you want to be stealthy. The ideal method is to move your butt in little circles or sway from side to side. This gives the impression that you are dancing.

He won't be able to tell if you're being purposeful or not, and that's the impression you want to give out.

If you push your butt back too far and lean into him too hard, there’s going to be no mistaking what your game is. Keep it small and on the right side of the line.

11. Put your hands on your sides.

Drop your hands down or run them down your hips occasionally while you sway, if the guy isn't already putting his hands on your hips. Even great if you can frequently lower your hands to touch his fingertips.

The only thing he'll want to do when you slide your butt all over his crotch is grip your hips or your hands and get closer. This is because you'll have aroused him so much.

And really, that’s all there is to grinding and making it appear like the guy is doing all the effort!

grinding advice for provoking a man

Use these three simple strategies to drive a guy crazy if you're grinding and want to get him much more hot.

1. As you dance, take a position in front of him. Grin with him and raise one hand, putting it behind his neck.

2. When he's behind you, tuck your thumb into his jeans or just beneath his belt. Direct his hand to hold you slightly below your breasts or around your waist.

3. Grasp his crotch with your butt until you feel him stiffen. Turn around and approach him with your pelvis as comfortably as you can.

Be brave and give it a shot!

Often, our lack of confidence is what prevents us from moving forward. You may have a strong attraction to a man and sense that he is considering you, but you lack the courage to initiate contact.

These suggestions will assist you in doing that without making it seem overly simple. In addition, he'll be certain at the end that you both desire and like him!

You kept him guessing the entire time by acting subtly. You decide what happens after that!

Try these techniques the next time you're out clubbing now that you know how to grind with a guy subtly and sexily. Even when you liked a person before, it can be a lot of fun to make him feel like he's trying to get your attention.


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