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Deviated Hearts

A novice love is challenged through a complicated series of misunderstandings and mistrust.

By Suzii~Published 14 days ago 4 min read

In a lively and dazzling city, a delightful and ambitious woman worked as an assistant in a prestigious company. She felt an instant attraction towards her charming manager the moment she laid eyes on him. He was not only a dedicated and skilled worker but, an admirable volunteer who worked part-time at an antique crafts shop as well. Entranced by his mesmerising confidence, she often fantasised about having him acknowledge her presence and fall in love with her. To capture his attention, she would spend hours dolling up and picking her best outfit to wear to work. Working alongside the manager, she always displayed an endearing smile on her face and went out of her way to help him with his managerial tasks. However, he seemed oblivious to her advances and treated her like everybody else. 

Confused by his disinterested attitude, she soon learns a shocking fact: another woman has conquered the manager's heart. He supposedly has feelings for a female colleague whom he works with at the antique shop. The assistant's heart sank, and her demeanour was filled with despair. Despite it all, her competitive self awakened a real desire to fearlessly pursue the manager. Refusing to give up on him, the assistant made countless efforts to get to know him on a personal level. But, a while later, reality hit her hard; she came to the realisation that despite all her efforts, her feelings were not reciprocated, and she was only wasting her time. With a heavy heart, she decided to stop trying and, instead focus on advancing her career.

A week later,

Colleagues spread rumours about her and the manager. They bombard the manager with questions hinting at a possible romantic relationship with the assistant. He refuses to respond and continues with his work. Suspicious of it all, he notices a significant and dramatic change in the assistant's character. Although he is drawn to her newfound confidence and resilience, her dull and indifferent attitude towards him, frustrates him.

Overwhelmingly perplexed by it all, the manager decides it is time to investigate the real reason behind the assistant's change of attitude. After hours of deep thinking, he concludes that she must have moved on to someone else. Coincidentally, he recalls a scene of her at the staff cafe, openly being amicable and playful with a male colleague. Assuming the assistant has taken a liking to that male colleague, the manager is now certain about the sudden transformation of her attitude towards him. Filled with envy, the manager is motivated to capture her heart.

The manager musters up the courage, to finally confront the assistant. Wearing a nervous smile, he approaches her and, unapologetically confesses his feelings. "I need you to hear me out. I don't know why you're behaving this way towards me lately, but I don't like it." He lets out a deep sigh and then continues. "I don't know if I have hurt you unknowingly but, I am sorry. Okay, here's the deal. I have feelings for you. And, I think I love you." Stunned by the unexpected confession, the assistant's heart pounds rapidly, her eyes widen in shock and her body stiffens. Unsure of how to respond, and in sheer desperation to escape the intense moment, she rushes off in the opposite direction.

Baffled but also sceptical of the manager's confession, the assistant questions his sincerity.

"He's such a player. Already in love with another woman, why is he trying to torture me? I shouldn't take him seriously."

Reassuring herself, she continues being distant and cold towards him. By doing so, she believes he would inevitably lose interest and stop toying with her feelings. Nevertheless, the manager takes a different approach; he is incredibly persistent and determined to continue pursuing her.

One Monday morning,

News about the assistant's resignation circulates across the company. The manager's heart tightens, he is heartbroken and regrets not confessing his feelings sooner. He spends the following months longing for the assistant, wondering how she is doing and if they will meet someday. On the contrary, he is mad at her for completely disregarding him when she decided to quit.

"How could she simply move on after my confession? Could she not have at least informed me of her resignation decision first?"

A year later......

On his way home, the manager suddenly craves some ice cream. As fate would have it, the previous assistant found herself in the same neighbourhood. In need of something to cool her down, she decides to visit her favourite ice cream store. To her surprise, her old manager is there too. She approaches him boldly and without any hesitation, hands him a handwritten letter. In it, she explains how she truly felt about him. Aloof and swamped by a mixture of emotions, the manager slowly walks up to her, and gently takes the letter off her hand. 

Remaining silent, he walks back to his car. In there, his heart races with excitement as he impatiently opens up the letter and reads it. Meanwhile, her heart is heavy with guilt and regret as she watches him drift far away. That particular moment reveals to her an important truth; regardless of how hard she tried to deny it, he was the only one to still conquer her heart. Desperate for a miracle, she walks back to her car, anticipating a future where they both heal their wounded hearts and experience true contentment.

Finally, the two cling onto a thin rope of hope, to guide their deviated hearts to certainty.

Young AdultShort StoryLove

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