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Agency of the 5th World Head Mission 3: The Super Smash Bros. (Remix Version)

by Jeremiah Ellison 3 months ago in Sci Fi / Humor / Fan Fiction / Adventure / Series
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A new world was recently discovered: the Super Smash Bros. world. With two of them arriving at the Agency, Jeremiah is tasked with giving them a tour. However, Meta Knight can't help but be weary of this Agency.

Previous Mission

First Mission

<Original Plotline by Jeremiah Ellison and Nic Ellison

I do not own the Super Smash Bros. series. It belongs to Nintendo, along with any other character ownership rights.>

Chapter 1

Discovery of a New World

Last time on Agency of the 5th World, Jeremiah, a 14-year-old young man with brown hair and blue eyes, was tasked with getting supplies for igloos for the new residents of the Club Penguin habitat. Equipped with his new utility belt, he heads off to the island of Club Penguin to complete his mission. Meanwhile, his old friends Tech Boy and Tech Girl, twin scientists from Planet Gaxi (Gal-a-za) with black hair and green eyes, arrived at the Agency. But quickly they got into a petty squabble nearly destroying the entire Research Lab in the process. Now onto today’s mission.

After Jeremiah did a couple of sanitary missions, Head Spikey, a big black dog with a brown underbelly wearing a spiked collar, starts telling him that the Agency may have discovered a new world.

“Cool,” says Jeremiah.

“I'll tell you more about it when we find out more,” says Head Spikey.

“Okay,” replies Jeremiah.

“By the way, has anybody told you what Nic's Girlfriend's name is, yet, because you’ve been here for quite a bit?”

Nic chimes in from the computer, “Yeah, Tiffany told him after she pinned him to a wall. She had a lot of choice words to say afterward. Oh, and it got worse when his friend tried hitting on her.”

Head Spikey slaps his paw on his forehead as Jeremiah asks, “Wait, Tech Boy tried hitting on Tiffany?”

Nic nods and Jeremiah slaps his own forehead in sheer disbelief over this idiocy.

“Is that normal for him?” asks Head Spikey.

“I don’t know. I have no recollection of him doing anything like that when we were younger. Well, when I was younger. Gaxi aging suddenly became a lot more confusing.”

“Oh. Well, I don’t want to sit here and discuss alien anatomy so, head or sanitary?”


Over the next few days, Jeremiah focused primarily on sanitary missions slowly adding on to the construction of the Club Penguin Habitat as Head Spikey, along with a good chunk of the Agency, focused on gathering intel on the new world until, “The Agency has just learned a bit more about the new world I told you about a few days ago.”

“Sweet. So what have you found out?”

“The new world is known as Super Smash Bros. I’m assuming you know about it,” guesses Head Spikey.

“Of course I do. After all, I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee,” answers Jeremiah.

“Good. That makes this easier. Two of the Super Smash Bros. are coming to the Agency. And, if you chose a head mission tomorrow, you will get to meet them,” explains Head Spikey.

“Cool,” cheers Jeremiah.

“Yes, it is. Now anyway, head or sanitary?” asks Head Spikey.


Chapter 2

The Super Smash Bros.’s Tour of the Agency

The next day has arrived. Jeremiah walks up to the door opening it up with a little squeak and enters Head Spikey's office.

“Hello Agent Jeremiah,” greets Head Spikey sitting on his swiveling chair.

“Hello Head Spikey,” greets back Jeremiah.

“Head or Sanitary?” asks Head Spikey.


“I figured you would choose head,” says Head Spikey.

“Then why did you even bother asking?” inquires Jeremiah.

“Simple. Routine. Now, down to business, as you already know, two of the Super Smash Bros. are coming here today. Your mission is to give them a tour of the Agency. Everything you need to know is on this tablet,” says Head Spikey as he hands Jeremiah a tablet.

“Alright,” says Jeremiah both enthusiastically and yet rather mellow as he takes the tablet before continuing, “In that case. I'll go get some breakfast and give them a tour when they get here.”

“I like your enthusiasm. Good luck,” says Head Spikey to which Jeremiah replies, “Thanks,” before he stands up scooting his chair back with a slight scooting sound and leaves the office the door clicking upon his exit. He walks to his left down the hall to the Breakfast Café, a restaurant like room within the Agency with plenty of rounded tables scattered around in it.

As usual, Nic and Tiffany were there. Jeremiah puts the tablet in his belt and pulls out his newly constructed anti-psychic helmet, made for the sheer purpose of keeping Tiffany, a young brunette who is incidentally the girlfriend of Nic, from infiltrating his mind. The helmet itself is quite gaudy as its metallic sheen shines looking completely conspicuous with its two antennae on top sticking out electricity crackling between them. Despite its gaudy look, he made sure to have the experts, Tech Boy and Tech Girl, double check his design to make sure nothing could go wrong because if something does go wrong, his mind can easily become a garbled mess incapable of producing a highly intelligent thought ever again. Why did he even bother with that? Jeremiah straps on the helmet and walks over to Nic and Tiffany's table taking a seat. Upon Jeremiah’s arrival, Tiffany asks, “What’s with the fancy head gear?”

“Why don’t you try reading my mind and find out?” challenges Jeremiah smugly.

Tiffany tries to read his mind, but on attempt electricity crackled between the two antennae as it took the energy used in Jeremiah’s psychic abilities causing his eyes to glow blue and molded it into a mental shield blocking the intrusion attempt of Tiffany as if it were blocking an invisible beam.

His eyes stop glowing as Tiffany observes, “That helmet blocks you from mental attacks.”

“That’s right, Tiffany! Good luck trying to read my mind now!” brags Jeremiah.

Tiffany warns, “I will find a way to break through that anti-psychic helmet as I have done so many times in the past.”

Jeremiah challenges, "Go ahead and try. However, I warn you that mine isn’t of the standard design. You will never be able to break through it.”

“I accept that challenge,” accepts Tiffany smugly.

The waiter arrives to take their orders, taken aback for a brief moment by Jeremiah’s gaudy headgear. He clears his throat and composes himself reminding himself that he’s seen worse. They all order some donut holes and chocolate milk. He leaves shaking in disgust to get their food. While waiting on their food, they discuss with each other about their various duties today such as Jeremiah’s mission, Nic’s various support equipment, etc. Tiffany tried talking about her duties as a nurse, but Jeremiah was too squeamish for it. The waiter arrives with their food and places it on the table right in front of them. Right after Jeremiah ate, the PDA announces, “The Super Smash Bros. have just arrived. Will their assigned tour guide please meet them?”

Jeremiah thinks to himself, “Wait, does the Agency only think of me as a tour guide? I have mixed feelings about that. Of course, maybe I’m overthinking it.”

Jeremiah gets up moving the chair creating a grating sound and exits the Breakfast Café walking over to the ship bay. On his way there, he switches out his anti-psychic helmet placing it back in his belt in favor of a tour guide hat. Once there, he spots Meta Knight, a spherical organism dressed like a knight with tiny hands and feet, and Mr. Game & Watch, a 2-dimensional being that looks like a generic retro video game character.

Jeremiah walks up to them and greets, “Hello, I’m Agent Jeremiah. I'll be your tour guide today.”

He slightly bows.

“I'm Meta Knight. Nice to meet you,” greets back Meta Knight as he holds out his hand. Jeremiah shakes it.

Jeremiah shakes Mr. Game & Watch’s hand as he makes an odd beeping sound.

Jeremiah lets go of his hand and says, “Lets-a go! Before I steal anything else from Mario.”

Jeremiah takes out the tablet Head Spikey gave him earlier displaying detailed directions on the left-hand side so simple that even Jeremiah can understand them, a map of the Agency on the right-hand side of the screen, and an information button on the bottom right corner to bring up more detailed information. He selects the Living Unit on the tablet and starts walking towards the upper hallway. They arrive in the Living Unit which is a long hallway consisting of several doors each with an agent’s name on it.

“This is the Living Unit. As you can see, there are several doors here each leading to a currently active agent’s room. If you look over there, you’ll see the door to my room. That’s not important, but it’s a neat little tidbit.” Jeremiah laughs. “Moving on.” They walk out of the Living Unit as Jeremiah selects the next room on the map. They go through a short hallway before making a right turn ending up in a room full of various different screens across the wall with two rows of keyboards and full 3D holograms of four planets.

“This is the Main Satellite Room also known as the World Observation Room. Using a variety of different satellites in conjunction with special FTL (Faster than Light) transmitters, we can keep track of all the worlds under our jurisdiction in real time. If there’s ever a crisis on any of the worlds, a message is sent to Agent Nic who relays it to Head Spikey and from there, agents are selected to handle the ongoing crisis.”

Meta Knight notices, “I see. I notice that none of these are my world. May I ask why?”

“It’s very simple. Your world was recently discovered so we don’t have any satellites for it yet deployed. Of course, I can’t give you any further details as this is in Head Spikey’s jurisdiction.”

Meta Knight nods, “Alright.”

Mr. Game & Watch makes a sound which Jeremiah assumes is a sound of agreement. “Now, if you’ll follow me, the next stop is the Training Room.”

They walk out of the main satellite room and go into the Training room right next to it.

“And here, we have the Training Room where a multitude of agents spend their off days training themselves to sharpen their skills. We got targets, (Jeremiah presses a button causing one to appear and he blasts it with a white beam.) sandbags, the works. Everything you need for your training needs, except a giant monster. You never know when you may need to fight a giant monster.”

“And how often do you fight giant monsters if that’s a concern?” asks Meta Knight.

Jeremiah ponders this for a moment as images of giant monsters he fought in the past flash in his mind. Mr. Game & Watch makes a noise of concern looking at Meta Knight.

Jeremiah answers, “Not as often as one would think actually.”

Both Meta Knight and Mr. Game & Watch just look at him with dumbfounded faces.

“Yeah, I know. That’s weird. Blah blah blah. Next room?”

“Hold up. I want to see what you can do.”

Jeremiah cracks his knuckles and presses the button on his watch and turns it to a timer program on it which he sets to-

“I can only spare about three minutes. That work for you?”

“Yes. I can make do with that.”

They walk out to the middle of the Training Room.


Meta Knight gets into a fighting stance.


Jeremiah gets into a fighting stance too and places a finger on his watch.


He starts the timer. Meta Knight rushes him using his wings for speed. Jeremiah jumps up to avoid the initial attack and aims his palm downward at Meta Knight. Meta Knight suddenly changes directions, spinning in midair, charging towards Jeremiah. Jeremiah unleashes a quick blast of white energy (Light Blast). Meta Knight crashes into the ground. 2:30. Meta Knight starts flying around him in a circle before he disappears. Jeremiah makes a shield of light (Light Shield) by projecting the energy from his hands. He shapes it into a sphere which Meta Knight hits from the side. A sword of light appears in Jeremiah’s hand. The sphere disappears and he levitates straight at Meta Knight and slashes him. The force of the slash sends him flying into the wall which breaks on impact. 2:05. Meta Knight starts going straight at Jeremiah doing the drill maneuver again. Jeremiah dodges to the side and unleashes a burst of light energy (Light Burst) knocking Meta Knight into the floor. 1:45. Meta Knight gets up and signals a stop.

Jeremiah levitates down and stops the timer.

“I believe I got a good feel of your fighting style. Light-based attacks, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct. They’re not my only powers, but I’ve been using them a lot lately. I’m surprised you signaled a stop to it.”

He helps Meta Knight up and he says, “This was only a friendly spar. I wanted to know what you were capable of. You seem very adept in combat and aerial maneuvers.”

“Yep, of course you can fly, so aerial maneuvers are a must,” replies Jeremiah.

Mr. Game & Watch makes an annoyed noise as if to say, “Can we just go to the next room now?”

Jeremiah lets go of Meta Knight’s hand and replies, “Yeah. Let’s go to the next room.”

They walk out of the room and head further down the hall to Jeremiah’s left.

“If you look to the left over there, you’ll see the entrance to the Agency’s prison. I’m not really sure who or what is in there, but for our own safety we’ll be skipping that room.”

Meta Knight nods and Mr. Game & Watch beeps in agreement. They walk past the prison with the mystery of what or who could be inside there hanging with an ominous air. Luckily, it wasn’t too far of a walk to their next destination. Jeremiah opens the metallic door with a low creak and inside the room was a giant space with the Club Penguin Habitat visible towards the end of the room with its snow ever present on the ground, igloos in a corner of it, and a couple of rows of buildings, not to mention people working on a projector for an artificial sky. Next to it, construction is underway for a brand new habitat that looks more condensed and seems to be a smaller building within the Agency.

“This is the Habitats section where our allies from other worlds live at. The part covered in snow is the Club Penguin habitat, which is coming along nicely. We got many people who have come in from the original Club Penguin and have decided to move here with many actually aiding in the construction of the habitat. The one next to it, according to this, is one based off your world.

Meta Knight questions, “You mean to tell me that you have enough data on our world in order to already construct a suitable facsimile?”

Jeremiah answers, “Apparently so.”

“How long have you guys known about us?” interrogates Meta Knight.

“I was informed a few days ago that the world was recently discovered. While I believe that’s how long they’ve known about you guys, they may have known for longer.”

Meta Knight concludes that questioning Jeremiah will be a waste of time as he is not informed enough about the Agency’s inner operations. He looks down at the construction of the Super Smash Bros. Habitat and is surprised to see how quickly it’s nearing completion. Mr. Game & Watch is also looking down as Meta Knight says, “Let’s move on to the next area.” Jeremiah looks at him while he walks away and nods in agreement. They both walk out of the room and Mr. Game & Watch just notices, makes a distressed beep and runs after them.

They walk back into the hall and once they reach the junction that leads into the Main Satellite Room, they turn the opposite direction and go down to the end of the hall which turns into “the storage room. That’s where we store everything we’re not currently using. Do you two want to go in there?”

Meta Knight nods and answers, “Yes. I do want to go in there.”

Mr. Game & Watch beeps affirmatively. Jeremiah walks ahead and opens the door. The room is pitch black until Jeremiah flicks the light switch next to the doorway inside the room. The room is mainly full of boxes and miscellaneous other items such as high-tech gadgets and what-not. For some strange odd reason, there is a box labeled “Yarn” which Jeremiah questions as Mr. Game & Watch finds one labeled “Needles”. Meta Knight finds some weapons towards the back of the room with a laser rifle facing up towards the ceiling out of the box, but nothing too suspicious about it especially since they were informed prior that the Agency was a peacekeeping organization. He picks up the blaster and puts it in the appropriate box for safety reasons. He closes it with a silent thud and walks back to Jeremiah. He asks, “Jeremiah, how long have you been at this Agency?”

“A few days. A couple of weeks at the most,” answers Jeremiah.

Meta Knight ponders this as Mr. Game & Watch looks at him in concern. “This explains why he doesn’t know much about certain aspects of this organization. However, there’s one problem in this line of thinking.” He asks, “If you’ve only been here a couple of weeks, how are you so strong with your abilities. I could tell that wasn’t just natural talent.”

“I trained elsewhere to hone my powers,” plainly states Jeremiah.

“And where pretell did you train?” asks Meta Knight.

“Classified,” answers Jeremiah swiftly.

“Classified!? With how swiftly he answered that, it’s very evident that he’s used to answering these sorts of questions. Is it just him, or everybody here?”

Jeremiah states, “Let me clear up one thing.” Meta Knight responds, “Huh?” “I wasn’t lying when I said I was new here. I’m just not allowed to say anything regarding how I was trained, unless given explicit permission to.”

Meta Knight breathes a sigh of relief as that does clarify he’s at least telling the truth. Still, he can’t help but wonder who Jeremiah is. For now, he decides to drop it and sees how it plays out. Jeremiah says, “Now if you’ll follow me, we’ll head over to the next room.”

They walk out of the room and through the hall. They turn at a point a bit before they would have reached the Main Satellite Room and walk down ways a bit before arriving at a door. “Over there is Head Spikey’s office. But, I’ll be saving that for the end of the tour,” states Jeremiah.

Meta Knight nods along with Mr. Game & Watch before they turn and head into the Computer Lab which is lined up with many rows of computers. Jeremiah clicks the info button on his tablet and explains, “This is the Computer Lab where our data is stored. This lab is primarily used for the development of new programs that can aid in our ongoing mission to keep peace across the multiverse along with logging various records into our database for record keeping. According to this, agents and habitat residents are also allowed to use the computers here for whatever they need just so long as they ain’t disturbing any of the day-to-day operations here.”

Meta Knight nods in response, “Hmm. I see.”

Suddenly, somebody’s head pops out from behind a computer desk.

“Wait, is that…? Tech Boy!” recognizes Jeremiah waving at him.

Tech Boy looks towards the sound of Jeremiah’s voice and waves back. He stands up and walks over to him.

Jeremiah says, “What are you doing here? I thought you worked in the Research Lab?”

“We’ve actually been assigned to both, though Research is our primary occupation. I was repairing a computer over here. Wouldn’t power on to save its life. The power cord port was faulty so I had to replace it.”

“Ahh,” responds Jeremiah.

Meta Knight asks, “Friend of yours I’m assuming?”

“Yeah, Tech Boy been my friend for years. We were even on the same team for a while,” answers Jeremiah.

Meta Knight looks at Tech Boy and extends his hand. “It is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Meta Knight.”

Tech Boy takes it and shakes it. Mr. Game & Watch offers his hand and Tech Boy also shakes it. Mr. Game & Watch lets go as a little pixelated sun appears above his head. Tech Boy laughs. “I got to get back to work and check the rest of these computers. Good luck with your tour.”

“Thanks. Good luck with your computers.”

They wave goodbye and exit the room. They turn and go down the hallway until it turns into another section of the Agency. They go inside and see a room filled to the brim with hospital beds, medical equipment, curtains, etc. Jeremiah presses info on his tablet and says, “Here we have the Medical Wing. As the name implies, this is where all the wounded go when something goes horribly wrong. There are plenty of able-bodied nurses and doctors on standby to help with any injury or illness.”

Tiffany runs across the room causing Jeremiah to exclaim, “Tiffany!? I didn’t know you work here!?”

This causes her to stop for a brief second, look at Jeremiah, before stating, “Can’t talk now. I have a patient I have to get to.” And with that she runs off. Jeremiah asks, “Shall we move on to the next room?”

They exit the Medical Wing and go up the hall, turning right at Head Spikey’s Office, and they stop at the intersection next to it. Pointing to his left, Jeremiah states, “If you go that direction, it will take you to another hallway that connects the Hanger and the Living Unit. Since we’ve already been to those rooms, there’s no need for us to go in that direction at this time. (Meta Knight makes a mental note of this. Mr. Game & Watch makes an affirmative beep.) For now, we shall be going to the Research Lab which is that-a-way.” Jeremiah points to his right before he starts walking once more.

As soon as they walk in there, alarms could be heard going off all over the Research Lab. A machine in the center of the room is generating a dangerous amount of energy. Tech Girl exclaims, “It’s going to blow!”

“We need to reduce the power output ASAP,” loudly states Gary for the other scientists.

“I’m going to redirect the power to other lines,” exclaims the third.

“We’re all going to die!” yells a fourth.

Jeremiah says with a worried expression on his face, “We should come back later.”

He turns around and powerwalks away with the other two following with Meta Knight asking, “Shouldn’t we be worried about them?”

An explosion could be heard in the Research Lab which suddenly barricaded itself with blast-proof steel. Jeremiah responds, “I’m sure they’re fine.”

They turn right, then left, and find themselves in a courtyard with plenty of tables, grass, plants, and flowers inside a little greenhouse. “This is the Courtyard where you can go for a little bit of sunshine. We got birds, flowers, even tables for outside dining. In addition, (Jeremiah checks the tablet) anyone living at the Agency is allowed to start a garden or grow plants in here as long as they don’t obstruct the walkways in the center. Anyone in the Courtyard is advised to be mindful of the plants.” Jeremiah clicks out of the info tab. Meta Knight comments, “Fascinating. But are you sure those people in the Research Lab are ok?”

As if right on que, Tech Girl completely singed and covered in soot, with her hair frizzled, walks in and sits down on one of the chairs. “Are you alright?” asks Jeremiah.

“Yeah. Normal lab accident. Nothing to worry about,” says Tech Girl dismissively waving her arms.

“What about everyone else?” questions Meta Knight.

“Nobody died, so it’s all fine.” She falls asleep. Meta Knight, not completely at ease, decides to let this go. He walks out of the Courtyard and Jeremiah and Mr. Game & Watch follow him.

Once they’re out in the hall, Meta Knight asks, “How many rooms are left?”

Jeremiah checks and answers, “Three, excluding Head Spikey’s office. And they’re all restaurants.”

“Just show me where they are,” says Meta Knight.

Jeremiah takes them down to the end of the hall, right of the Courtyard. The room at the end of the hall past another intersection is none other than the Breakfast Café. “Here is where you go to have breakfast. There are a variety of different breakfast items on the menu such as donuts, waffles, sausage, etc. You can either go up to the counter to order, or wait at one of the tables for a waiter to serve you. Let’s move on,” says Jeremiah before exiting the room.

They turn at the intersection in between the Breakfast Café and the Courtyard to the left and see a fork in the hall. Jeremiah turns left ending up at the Lunch Restaurant. The room is full of more rectangular tables than circular one, which most of those were rather small with stools for chairs close to a wall. The rectangular tables were also bigger in general and were more so in the center and lined up against the outermost wall. There was a ribbon leading up to the counter. Jeremiah says, “This is the Lunch Restaurant where you go to eat lunch. This one is more like a traditional restaurant where you have to order your food at the counter. They got burgers, mac & cheese, chips, etc. Whatever you can need for your lunch needs, they will most likely have it. Now, there’s only one room left to go.”

Meta Knight already has a wild guess as to what the next room could be called. They walk down to the other side and step foot into the Dinner Diner, which is more like an “all you can eat” buffet. Meta Knight says, “Let me guess, this room is Dinner something.”

“You are correct. This is the Dinner Diner where you go to eat Dinner. I’m sure you can see for yourselves, but it’s more of a buffet than anything. There is more variety than the Lunch Restaurant though. Now then, time for our last stop.” They exit the Dinner Diner and walk all the way back to Head Spikey’s office and open the door.

Chapter 3

Suspicion Arising

Jeremiah and the Super Smash Bros. enter Head Spikey's office.

“Mission Complete,” says Jeremiah upon entering saluting to Head Spikey.

“Good work Agent Jeremiah. Meta Knight and Mr. Game & Watch please go to the Super Smash Bros. habitat we prepared,” directs Head Spikey.

“We will go, but I must ask you how long you’ve known about our world,” interrogates Meta Knight.

Jeremiah looks at him not even surprised by this outcome. Head Spikey answers, “As I told Agent Jeremiah, we’ve only known about you guys for a few days. Do you have a problem with the Agency?”

“The main problem I have is how swiftly you moved. You already have a habitat based off our world prepared. How does one organization move that fast?”

Mr. Game & Watch beeps, but nobody can derive a meaning from it with the exception of Meta Knight. Head Spikey responds, “If that’s your primary concern, then let me assure you that the habitat is nowhere near completion yet. We start out by making sure it’s livable and add on to its facilities over time. It’ll probably take months before the habitat is near completion.”

Meta Knight concedes, “Very well. Come Mr. Game & Watch. Let us be on our way.”

He twirls his cape as he turns around and opens the door. Mr. Game & Watch follows, but before he leaves he makes an apologetic gesture. The door closes behind him.

“Well, that was unexpected, but his suspicions are well-founded. We must do all we can to quell these suspicions in time,” says Head Spikey looking at the door before turning his head back towards Jeremiah, “Now that your mission is complete. It's screen time!”

“Oh yeah,” says Jeremiah.

A screen appears showing the newly constructed Super Smash Bros. habitat which looks like a 3-story fortress with an attic on top where Meta Knight and Mr. Game & Watch are currently residing.

The screen disappears.

“Cool,” says Jeremiah in excitement.

“Yes it is. You better get going now,” states Head Spikey.

“Ok. See you later.”

As Jeremiah was leaving Head Spikey's office, a picture falls out of his pocket that looks like some strange logo of two circles orbiting another circle like an atom.

Head Spikey notices it and asks, “What is this Agent Jeremiah?”

Jeremiah rapidly picks it up and hastily answers, “It’s nothing. You just get back to your business.”

Head Spikey thinks, “He’s hiding something. But what? And more importantly, why? This requires further investigation. Wait a minute. When Tech Boy and Tech Girl got here, he already knew them. I’m willing to bet that they also know what is going on here and their showing up after a mere day that Jeremiah joined is no coincidence either. I don’t think I can trust these new recruits. I need to keep my eyes on them.”

“Well, alright then. See you later,” says Head Spikey.

“Ok, bye,” says Jeremiah as he exits out of the front door.

Chapter 4

Meta Knight vs. Mr. Game & Watch

Meta Knight and Mr. Game & Watch arrive at the bunker that is the Super Smash Bros. habitat. The silhouette known as Mr. Game & Watch beeps and goes up to the attic. Meta Knight looks around for sleeping bags when his shadow becomes more overcast in a swirl. “Do you really think you can trust them?” asks an ominous voice.

Meta Knight gets out his sword and demands, “Who are you? Reveal yourself!”

“Who says I was hiding. I’m right below you.”

Meta Knight looks down at his shadow which suddenly stretches on the floor with the head in a double triangular shape as its red eyes open.

“My shadow? No, something else.”

“Join me, Meta Knight. I can make you stronger than you’ve ever been before. All you have to do is pledge your loyalty to me,” offers the shadow.

“And why would I do that?”

“You’re a knight. Isn’t a knight’s job to serve their king?”

“Indeed. But you are no king of mine.”

“Pity. Well, now seems like a good time to test it.”

His long, spindly hand with two claws rises out of the ground and pulls out in a haze of dark fog, a Smash Ball. Only this one was completely dim. “This was a prototype of the Shadow Energy Core. Unfortunately, the results were less than satisfactory. But it will give you a taste,” he breaks it, “of the shadows.” Out of it, darkness spurts forth and spreads.

When Jeremiah walks out of Head Spikey's office, an agent runs up to him and announces, “The Super Smash Bros. are fighting.” “Say what?” questions Jeremiah unable to believe it, considering Meta Knight’s behavior. “At the very least, he should have no reason to attack Mr. Game & Watch.” He runs on over to the Super Smash Bros. habitat, a black haze covering it. Apparently, the fight just started. Meta Knight, his eyes glowing purple with some mark glowing on his mask, starts slicing Mr. Game & Watch with his sword, Galaxia. The first few slices were all direct hits. Mr. Game & Watch jump kicks Meta Knight. Meta Knight starts spinning, his blade forward, as he lunges at the silhouette. The crowd was chanting either “Meta Knight, Meta Knight” or “Mr. Game & Watch, Mr. Game & Watch.” Mr. Game & Watch tries stopping Meta Knight’s attack with his bare hands, but the spikes of Galaxia prove to be too sharp to hold as he lets go in pain before being hit and getting knocked back. Mr. Game & Watch gets back up and beeps angrily. A black chair appears in his hand as he rushes at Meta Knight, who wraps his cape around himself and disappears. Reappearing behind him, Meta Knight slashes Mr. Game & Watch. He falls and is struggling to get up.

In the darkness, the Super Smash Bros. Symbol appears glowing on the floor. Jeremiah starts thinking, “Is this Darkness’s doing? This black haze seems similar to shadow energy, but it’s slightly off.” Then, two dim Smash Balls come out of the symbol. Meta Knight breaks one of them, but right before he could launch his Final Smash, Mr. Game & Watch struggles to his feet and smashes the other one. They simultaneously activate their Final Smash. Meta Knight tosses his cape open as darkness flows out of it. This renders the sight of the spectators pitch black. Jeremiah’s eyes glows blue as he sees Mr. Game & Watch turn into a giant octopus with his sight now being entirely in blue. Meta Knight tries slicing at Mr. Game & Watch who defends him with his pixelated tentacles. Taking note of the marking he sees on their faces, Jeremiah thinks, “Oh crap. I recognize those markings. I have to stop this now.” Jeremiah jumps into the battlefield, causing the glass of the window that was in front of him to break, and he blasts the Super Smash Bros. Symbol with a Light Blast shattering it. The black haze starts fading as the darkness returns to Meta Knight’s cape. Mr. Game & Watch starts turning back to normal. They both hold their heads in pain from a splitting headache as the markings on their faces disappear. Jeremiah thinks, “They disappeared!?” Meta Knight asks groggily, “What happened?”

“You two had a fight,” answers Jeremiah.

“We did? I don't remember anything. What about you Mr. Game & Watch?” says Meta Knight.

Mr. Game & Watch shook his head.

“All I remember was that black shadow.”

Jeremiah noticeably reacts to that tidbit. He yells to the crowd, “Go back to your posts. Nothing to see here!” The crowd dissipates in annoyance and disappointment. He turns back to Meta Knight, “What can you tell me about that black shadow?”

“Why are you so interested in it?” questions Meta Knight.

Thinking quickly, Jeremiah states, “Well you two did just fight within the Agency and as the agent who stopped it, I have the right to ask questions.”

Meta Knight looks in his eyes and while he can tell that Jeremiah is not telling the truth, he can see a greater purpose in this question.

“The black shadow appeared under me, beckoning me to join him. When I refused, he expressed his disappointment and shattered the dimmest Smash Ball I ever seen bathing this whole area in darkness. After that, everything is a blank.”

Jeremiah mutters, “That’s not his usual M.O.”

“Usual M.O.? Do you know who this shadow is?”

Jeremiah looks around, his eyes glow blue as he takes his sight all around before they turn back to normal. He whispers, “Look, this is classified information, but I’ll let you know right now. Beware of Darkness. If he gets his hands on you, he can make you turn to his side whether you want to or not. If you ever see him again, run. Nothing can hurt him outside the Shadow Realm.”

Jeremiah levitates out of the habitat as Meta Knight thinks, “He took a big risk with that warning. I think at the very least, I can trust him.”

Next Mission

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Hello, my name is Jeremiah Ellison and I'm here to post content that I hope you will like. I mainly specialize in Sci-fi, action, and apparently psychological horror as of recently. I hope you enjoy my content.


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