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Agency of the 5th World Head Mission 1: Agents Assemble (Remix Version)

by Jeremiah Ellison 4 months ago in Series / Humor / Fan Fiction / Adventure / Sci Fi
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Jeremiah was recently recruited into the Agency of the 5th World and is sent off on his first mission: to retrieve Gary the Gadget Guy from Club Penguin. But who is Jeremiah really? Is he friend or foe? Find out now.

<By Jeremiah Ellison

Original Plotline by Jeremiah Ellison and Nic Ellison

I do not own Club Penguin, FusionFall, Pokémon, or Roblox. Each belongs to their respective owners.>

Chapter 1

The Agency of the 5th World

On a small planetoid there stands a building like a huge flat office complex complete with gray metallic hallways all throughout the building surrounded by lush green forests. Off the edge of the building lies a hangar for spaceships to enter and leave the building at will. This building, this business, this agency is known simply as the Agency of the 5th World. Entering the planetoid’s atmosphere is a taxi service spaceship in need of some repairs. It flies through the open hangar doors stopping above the gray metallic floor before lowering itself down releasing air pressure making a slow humming sound. Once the ship lands and is completely stationary, the door on the side opens with a mechanical wheeze. On the other side of the door is none other than Jeremiah, a 14-year-old male with brown hair and blue eyes usually seen wearing a t-shirt, sweatpants, and a metallic gray wristwatch on his right arm with a big red button in the lower right corner and a chair logo on it. He pays the driver and walks off the ship using the platform created by the lower half of the ship’s door. Once his foot touches floor and his body is completely off the door, it closes. The taxi ship lifts off, turns around, and blasts off. He takes a good look at the Agency. Being in the hangar, there are plenty of spaceships all around parked neatly in rows. Many agents walking around. Some getting ready to leave. Others simply chatting with their friends. One is even working on his ship wearing a mechanic’s outfit soaked in oil. Jeremiah sees a stand near the gray, metallic hallway with brochures on it. He walks over to the stand and picks one up. It contains a map on the back of it.

Jeremiah ponders, “I think I take a left turn at Albuquerque. No, that can’t be right. Albuquerque isn’t supposed to be on this map. Is that supposed to be a McDonalds? Oh man. Where’s Tech Boy when you need him? Maybe that guy over there knows.”

He walks up to the young-looking agent and asks him, “Where is Head Spikey's office?”

The agent points to the hallway and replies, “Just go down the hall and once you turn the corner it should be the first door on your left.”

Jeremiah looks down the hall and processes the instructions for a couple of seconds before finally understanding. He looks back at the agent and politely says, “Thanks.”

Jeremiah starts the trek down the hall to his office. He thinks to himself, “Why did I even bother picking up a map? Seriously, I got no navigator and whenever I read maps, I always get stuck in the middle of nowhere. And then something happens that I have to stop or take care of. Next time, I’m going to stop at Planet Gaxi and drag either Tech Boy or Tech Girl with me so they can read the maps. Or better yet, just drag both of them. After all, what’s the worse they can do to me? Throw me in jail? I’ll just escape or the council will bail me out. Plus, they would understand, anyway. After all, they’ve been with me ever since I was starting out in the Superheroes. They would never let me down. Oh, it looks like I’m here.”

Jeremiah enters Head Spikey’s office as the door squeals upon its opening. In there was a dog with black fur, a dark brown underbelly wearing a spiked collar sitting on an office chair in the middle of the room facing towards the door and a guy slightly younger than Jeremiah with brown hair and blue eyes doing computer work in the corner, yet there was no sound of keys being tapped on the keyboard, just a faint crackle of electricity. Jeremiah naturally assumes that the human on the computer was the head. He was about to go up to him when the dog greets in a deep voice, “Welcome to the Agency of the 5th World."

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Either I have finally gone crazy or that dog just talked,” denies Jeremiah.

“I did just talk. The name is Head Spikey,” answers the dog.

“The head of the Agency is a dog?” questions Jeremiah.

“Yes, that’s right,” answers Head Spikey plainly before inquiring with a menacing growl in his voice, “Is that a problem?”

Jeremiah replies awkwardly, “Umm…No. No, it isn’t. Anyway, thanks. So, since I'm new here, are you going to tell me about the Agency first or do I have to prove myself in a mission first?”

“First I'll assign you your mission. Then I'll tell you a bit more about the Agency,” answers Head Spikey.


“Your very first mission here is to go to Club Penguin and bring Gary the Gadget Guy to the Agency.”

“Okay. I got it.”

“Now let me explain the procedure. Before you do any of your missions here, you go down to breakfast. Then, you go and catch the ship to your destination. Next, you do your mission and take the ship back here. Last, you report to me. Then, its mission cleared.”

“I see. Well, I'll get going over to breakfast. Where do I go to eat breakfast, anyway?”

“Hold on a minute. I want to introduce you to the Agency's computer operator and operator, Nic. He's not a field agent but he is backup in the field.”

“I see,” nods Jeremiah.

“He has the power to control electricity. Agent Nic can you please show Jeremiah your three basic powers?”

Electricity starts surging through the computer in front of him. Nic struggles to get the electrical currents back in control. Apparently, he’s been operating the computer by his electrical powers instead of the keyboard the whole time. Head Spikey surprised him when he mentioned him causing Nic to lose control. He absorbs the electricity.

Nic takes a deep breath, stands up and turns to face Jeremiah. He greets, “Sorry about that. I’m Agent Nic. Pleased to meet you.”

Nic offers his hand and Jeremiah accepts it giving him a handshake. He asks him, “Haven’t I seen you before?”

“Maybe. Oh, I remember now. You crashed down one day while me and Head Spikey were on a fishing trip. I gave you the card that led you to the Agency,” remembers Nic.

“Ah. I remember now.”

“Anyway, let’s take this to the training room,” states Head Spikey.

“Alright then. Let’s go,” says Jeremiah.

“Okay. Just follow me,” directs Head Spikey as he gets out of the swiveling chair.

They exit the office and walk through the many hallways of the Agency over to the training room. When the door opens with a slight squeal, they find themselves in a big room with a tan floor and walls similar to a gymnasium with a control room above in the left wall identifiable by its oval shape and the big window surrounding it. Upon entering Nic presses a button opening up a panel on the wall revealing a target.

Head Spikey walks up the stairwell on the side of the training room over to the control room.

Nic starts out, “I’ll start out by showing you how I shoot a lightning bolt. You ready?”

“Oh yeah. I’m ready.”

Electricity starts surging through Nic’s body. He focuses it all into his hand. Then he shot it out of his fingertips. It hit a bull’s-eye on the target leaving a scorch mark on it.

“Impressive,” says Jeremiah.

“You see, I can use it as many times as I want without draining something,” explains Nic.

“Draining something?” asks Jeremiah nervously before the color drains from his face as he flash backs to a time when he was facing a villain named Colossal Boy.

Colossal Boy is a young man with dark brown hair and blue eyes whose powers are draining energy. This allows him to steal his opponent’s powers and use them against them. In the flashback, he was draining Jeremiah’s energy, who was 9 years at the time. If he takes all of somebody’s energy, they die right on the spot, like a video game except real and a lot more dangerous. They were in the middle of outer space in a place so far removed from all known regions that it wasn’t on any maps and radars don’t reach that far. Jeremiah is curled up on his stolen space ship in pain from the energy drain.

He taunts, “Poor deluded child. You went on this wild goose-chase trying to find the very person who exposed your identity to the world, yet the answer was right under your nose the whole time. It was I who did it!”

The pain increased as Jeremiah felt sick to his stomach. He felt like he was going to vomit, but that wouldn’t be wise in a space suit, due to the air helmet. He could only choke out one word, “Why?”

Colossal Boy replies, “Why? No reason really. I just wanted a taste of your delicious energy. Unfortunately, you made too big of a name for yourself in the Superheroes and if I tried doing what I did to the others on you, people were sure to notice. That brings us to this big charade. If I wanted your energy, I had to make sure nobody would question your disappearance.”

The beam draining his energy grew thicker. Jeremiah felt himself getting weaker, his life fading. He mumbles, “Ot…hers?”

“The missing heroes, in other words.”

Suddenly, an object made out of chunks of space rock hits Colossal Boy interrupting the energy drain knocking him to the side. The object turned out to be the tongue of some guy with black hair and brown eyes, which turned back to normal as he rushes to Jeremiah and asks, “Are you all right?”

The flashback ends and Jeremiah shudders at the memory. He thinks to himself, “Please tell me that he isn’t an energy drainer like Colossal Boy. I have enough trouble with one. I don’t need another.”

“What I mean by drain is recharge my electricity. Most often by taking electricity out of a machine,” explains Nic, seeing the look on Jeremiah’s face as he flashbacked.

“Oh. Okay. I thought you meant something else for a minute there. But it’s cool,” says Jeremiah doing his best to keep his composure.

“Ok. Let’s just move on. Now, I shall make an electric ball,” declares Nic.

Another target appeared out of the wall. Once again, electricity starts surging through his body. He focused it into the palm of his hand. This time around, instead of shooting it right away, he swirls up the electricity condensing it until it was a nice, thick electric ball. He tossed it like a baseball at the target. It was a home run and a bull’s-eye at the same time. Jeremiah would have wondered where all the targets came from if he hadn’t seen the Superheroes’ funding.

“I have to drain a little bit to use it, but it recharges so quickly I don't really notice,” explains Nic.

“I see,” acknowledges Jeremiah.

“Last, but not least, is Planetory Wall,” says Nic.

“Let me guess, it’s a power that acts like a shield,” guesses Jeremiah.

Nic nods and continues, “It can even protect me from rocket launchers. Isn’t that awesome?”

“Maybe, if you could prove it,” replies Jeremiah with a bit of a smug face.

Nic held his right arm out. He spread electricity around himself and forms an electrical dome around him. A rocket comes out of a panel on the wall and launches itself towards him. It explodes on impact with the electric wall. Nic was unscathed from it.

“Well now. Color me impressed. However, I dealt with worse things than rocket launchers,” states an intrigued Jeremiah.

“Like what?” questions Nic, electricity crackling, ready to attack at a moment’s notice.

Jeremiah thinks, “Better play it safe for now. If I continue this conservation, I risk blowing my cover.”

“Umm…nothing…nothing. You are very awesome. So, let’s just forget I said anything and move on,” says Jeremiah ready to pull out his memory eraser if necessary.

“You bet I am. Anyway, that is all my basic powers,” finishes Nic.

Head Spikey walks out of the control room and says to Nic, “Thank you, Nic.”

“You're welcome,” replies Nic with a grin.

“You better get to breakfast Nic,” states Head Spikey, nodding his head towards the door.

“Ok,” says Nic, exiting the room for breakfast.

“So, where do I go to eat breakfast?” asks Jeremiah.

"To get to the Breakfast Café, go down the hall, take a right at the last intersection, it's the second room on the right,” directs Head Spikey.

“Thanks, Head Spikey. But before I go can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, what is it?”

“Do you know anything about a villain named Darkness?”

Head Spikey gasps.

“This isn’t the place to talk about him. Follow me back to my office,” instructs Head Spikey his tone more serious and graver than before.

Jeremiah does as instructed and follows him back to his office. When they got there, Jeremiah takes a seat as Head Spikey presses a button with his paw and all the doors and windows barricaded themselves. Now the room was completely soundproof.

“By the reaction you had in the training room and the fact that you sealed all possible ways of escape, I guess you have heard of him.”

“How do you know about him?”

“I fought him a few times.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. You’re telling me you faced Darkness more than once and somehow you’re still alive?” questions Head Spikey his disbelief growing throughout that entire sentence.

“Yeah, that’s right. So what do you know about him?" asks Jeremiah itching to get to the point.

“Not much. We know he's trying to destroy the multiverse. But that's it.”

“I see,” says Jeremiah very skeptical.

“But most agents don't know about him. So please don't tell anyone about him. Okay?”

“Okay. I’m very good at secrecy. Does Nic know about him, at least?”

“Yes, he does. He is one of our oldest recruits.”

“I see. Well, thanks for telling me.”

“You're welcome.”

He takes off the barricades on the door and windows.

“Okay. Now before I head to breakfast, I got one more thing to ask?” states Jeremiah.

“And what would that be?” inquires Head Spikey.

“Can you please get me a map I can read? After all, this map I got at the ship bay makes no sense,” complains Jeremiah.

“Sorry. It’s not my problem that you can’t read maps. So, bye,” answers Head Spikey as he kicks Jeremiah out.

The door shut behind him. “Ah, man. I’m no good with directions either. Well, take two of me trying to find my way. And action,” says Jeremiah as he treks down the hall to the Breakfast Café.

Chapter 2

Nic and his Girlfriend

Jeremiah finally finds his way to the Breakfast Cafe by following the smell of waffles. Good thing he did too, as he still can’t read the map. It’s a wonder why he hasn’t thrown it away yet. Jeremiah looks around the Breakfast Café, a restaurant housed within the Agency with small round tables scattered across the room, waiters walking around serving various breakfast commodities such as coffee, waffles, and even donut holes; the whole place exuding a tranquil atmosphere. He sees Nic with some odd-looking skinny girl with brunette hair sitting down at a table close to the entrance in front of him on his left side. Jeremiah walks up to them and pulls out the spare chair with a screech. He sits down.

“Hello, Nic. Who’s the weirdo?” greets Jeremiah nonchalantly.

This apparently made the girl angry. Suddenly, Jeremiah starts floating up by an unknown force that sends him flying across the room into a wall with great impact breaking it, but not completely, behind him. Jeremiah worries, “Please tell me that isn’t coming out of my paycheck.” Jeremiah struggles to move but finds himself unable to as an invisible force keeps him pinned to the wall.

Suddenly, he hears a voice snarling in his head, “I hope it does come out of your paycheck. After all, you deserve it.”

He looks in front of him and sees the brunette in front of him hand outstretched, face red with anger. Everyone in the Breakfast Café watches the phenomenon in awe, unaware of the psychic conversation these two are having.

“Now, I get it. You got psychic powers and I just ticked you off,” figures out Jeremiah a little too late.

“Gees. What took you so long to figure that out?” questions the girl.

“Simple. I have no common sense at all. Now, what was the best way to beat someone with psychic powers, again?”

“You do realize I can hear every word you’re thinking, right?”

“Yeah, I know. Oh, I remember now. You think of something completely boring and utterly useless to them. I got an idea. A, B, C, D, E…”

“That’s the best thing you can come up with? Singing the alphabet in your head?” psychically exclaims the girl in annoyance.

“What? I’m not exactly Mr. Boring. That’s Tech Boy’s job.”

“Who’s Tech Boy?”

“A friend of mine you’ll probably never meet. But seriously, who are you? I want to know who I ticked off at the very least.”

“The name’s Tiffany. Don’t you dare forget it.”

“Okay. Got it. Sorry about ticking you off. I just don’t know when to keep my big mouth shut. Besides, the map of this place is impossible to read.”

“Oh, I get it. You weren’t watching your mouth because you were too frustrated at the map to care.”

“Yeah, let’s go with that.”

Tiffany releases Jeremiah from her psychic grip causing him to fall to the floor. Suddenly, the PDA announces, “The flight for Club Penguin will leave in 10 minutes.”

“Wait a minute? There’s an airport here?” inquires Jeremiah confused.

“Well, yes and no. No, there is no airport. It’s just the ship bay, which we launch the ships out of. And yes, we offer flight services to agents without ships,” explains Tiffany.

“Oh. I see. I actually know where that is because that’s where I entered the Agency when I got here.”

“Okay. If you’re going to make it in time, you better leave now,” states Tiffany pointing behind her.

“Alright. See you two later. Hopefully, on better terms,” says Jeremiah quickly waving good-bye before running out there at breakneck speed.

While running down the hall he thinks to himself, “Ah, man. I missed breakfast. Can this day get any worse?” On his way to the ship, he gets lost, again. Even worse, a piano falls on his head on the way there because some blond girl passing by distracted the guy who was hauling it. Jeremiah didn’t die due to the partial invulnerability he developed over the years combined with his unorthodox shapeshifting which makes him not 100% solid at any given time. Jeremiah thinks to himself dazed, “Yep, it just got worse.” He shakes it off and hops out of the piano and starts running again. Thanks to his super speed, he was able to get on the ship to Club Penguin with one minute to spare despite all the distractions.

Chapter 3

Gary the Gadget Guy

The ship lands at Club Penguin’s snowy beach. The door opens with a puff of hot air. Jeremiah grabs his jacket and zips it up before he walks out of the ship taking note of the beach’s snowy environment as opposed to the usual sandy environment associated with beaches and he thinks to himself, “Penguins are weird.”

As Jeremiah starts walking towards the Ski Village dead ahead, the pilot exclaims in his gruff voice, “Wait! Do you even know where you're going?”

Jeremiah turns around, looks at him, and assures him, “Yes, I know full well where I’m going. After all, I did make an online account on Club Penguin. What I didn't know back then was that I was making an actual life form. Which is kind of weird considering it’s a computer game and by normal standards shouldn’t even be possible without some sort of virtual reality materialization device. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyway, G should be in the Command Room.”

“Can you repeat all that? I’m still trying to grasp the part about the doohickey,” asks the pilot.

“What didn’t you get?” inquires Jeremiah a little bit annoyed.

“Everything,” answers the pilot.

Jeremiah curses himself, “Curse me being smart and Tech Boy and Tech Girl’s detailed explanation on virtual-reality technology.”

Jeremiah suggests not wanting to spend hours on end trying to explain the concept of virtual-reality materialization to some random guy, “How about I just go get G instead of standing here all day trying to explain this to you?”

“Good idea. Good luck with your mission,” says the captain as he preps the ship for take-off.

“Alright, then. See you later,” waves Jeremiah as he turns back around and continues walking towards the Ski Village.

“Alright, then. Bye,” waves the captain before the door closes and the ship lifts off and goes off world.

As Jeremiah is walking towards the Ski Village, a gust of wind blows giving him a chill. He thinks to himself, “I hate the cold.” It doesn’t take long for him to arrive in the Ski Village consisting of an old wooden ski lodge and an odd giant monotone gray building called the Everyday Phoning Facility which looks severely out of place compared to everything else in sight. Penguins all around were staring at him and whispering stuff like “Is that a human?” or “What is a human doing here?” Jeremiah sinks deeper into his hood as he thinks, “Maybe I should have gone in penguin form.” He walks into the Everyday Phoning Faculty ducking a bit in the doorway as it was designed with penguins in mind. Lucky for him no one was in there. The room inside was completely barren minus a phone booth and two cameras surrounded by four columns with a dark gray floor. The phone booth turns into a screen with text displayed on it, “Welcome Agent Manaphyguy.” The column in the upper righthand corner rises up to reveal a secret elevator, which was a little small for him. Jeremiah walks into the elevator. It closes and descends down into the EPF (Elite Penguin Force) Command Room, that has a huge monitor on each side on the upper level along with a humongous table for meetings also with a giant display in front of it, and a virtual reality simulator in the very back of the room. In there, sitting down at the computer on the opposite side of the room, was a blue penguin wearing glasses and a lab coat. That penguin was G also known as Gary the Gadget Guy. He hears the elevator come down and looks over at Jeremiah, who instantly recognizes him thanks to a previous event where he was forced to reveal his human form to him at one point in time.

He turns his chair around, gets up, and questions Jeremiah while waddling, “What the heck are you doing in your human form, Agent Manaphyguy?”

“Umm…How to explain this? I got a new job at this one place called the Agency of the 5th World and they sent me here to recruit you,” answers Jeremiah.

“I see. But still, you can’t just come in your human form like this. People will get suspicious about Club Penguin being an actual world and if that happens, we’re all doomed,” lectures G.

“I’m guessing I should have thought of it more. But technically, it doesn’t matter since this is only part of a job I’m doing,” counters Jeremiah.

“You’re wrong. It still matters. But we’ll discuss that later. Right now, what does this ‘Agency’ want from me?” asks G.

“I have no clue. I assume they need your scientific expertise there or something,” answers Jeremiah honestly.

“Okay. I’ll join. However, you’ve got to change back to penguin form on the way there until we’re out of Club Penguin,” says G.

“Great. Just hold on a minute so I can shapeshift into a penguin. Then, follow me to the ship,” instructs Jeremiah.

“Okay,” replies G.

Jeremiah turns into blue slime and slowly shrinks down and molds himself in the shape of a penguin, the constant swishing of his being consistently audible. Once he takes the shape of his desired form, the slime begins to solidify as the more details begin to pop out such as the eyes, the slime turning into a lighter shade of blue. All this before a white line ascends from the bottom changing his color to light blue with a white belly giving him the properties and attributes as one of the inhabitants of Club Penguin. After Jeremiah finishes shapeshifting into a penguin, Gary and him waddle to the elevator and out of the Command Room. Upon exiting the door of the Everyday Phoning Facility, they still garnered the attention of nearby penguins, albeit to a lesser degree, because of the presence of Gary, one of the many mascots of Club Penguin. They waddle over to the beach and the ship lands making a small whine as it depressurizes. The door opens and the two penguins waddle aboard.

Chapter 4

Mission Complete

Jeremiah, back in his human form with his jacket off, and Gary arrive back at the Agency. They both walk over to Head Spikey's office.

Head Spikey observes upon their entrance turning his swiveling chair towards the door, “It looks like your mission was a success, Agent Jeremiah.”

“So that's what they call you here Manaphyguy?” inquires G.

“Yes and yes,” answers Jeremiah to both of them.

“Gary, can you please go to the Research Lab?” asks Head Spikey.

“Sure. Where is it?” inquires G.

“Just go down the hall, take a right at the last intersection, and it's the first room on the right,” directs Head Spikey.

“Okay. Thanks,” says G.

Gary exited Head Spikey’s office closing the door behind him heading to the Research Lab.

“Good job on your mission, Agent Jeremiah,” congratulates Head Spikey.

“Thanks Head Spikey,” replies Jeremiah.

Then Head Spikey presses a button next to his chair barricading all the windows and the door in the office. Head Spikey must have some top-secret information he wants to share with our hero.

“I have some really important, top secret information for you,” states Head Spikey with the utmost importance.

“The narrator just said that,” points out Jeremiah.

“DON’T BREAK THE 4TH WALL!” exclaims Head Spikey.

“Gees. All right. Why are you trusting me with this kind of info so soon and does it involve Darkness?” inquires Agent Jeremiah curiously and at the same time cautiously.

“Yes it does. Since you already know about him and somehow miraculously survived a fight against him.”

“Miraculously?” questions Jeremiah raising an eyebrow.

“Well, I don’t know what happened in those fights or about your true power. So, that is my best guess,” counters Head Spikey.

Jeremiah not wishing to argue the point any further raises his arms palms towards Head Spikey and says, “Fair enough. (He puts his hands down and crosses them.) So, what is it?”

“We have learned that Darkness has made a Shadow Energy Core. We are making something that can stop it. But we need stuff from the other four worlds. Those four worlds are Club Penguin, Roblox, Pokémon, and FusionFall. Thanks to you we now have Club Penguin on our side. But, there is a problem with FusionFall,” explains Head Spikey.

“What?” inquires Jeremiah who is still a bit new to the online accounts creating actual life forms concept.

“FusionFall is working together with Darkness,” answers Head Spikey.

Jeremiah gestures in a pointing motion and says, “I made an online account on FusionFall, too. Again, not knowing I was making an actual life form. It's probably just Fuse and his army of Fusions and Fusion Monsters.”

“That is correct. We need to unite the four worlds if we ever want to defeat Darkness,” finishes Head Spikey.

“I see. I will do my best to unite the four worlds,” vows Jeremiah.

“Good. You better get down to dinner, then. And just so you know, you don’t get dinner at the Breakfast Café,” explains Head Spikey.

Jeremiah thinks to himself, “Oh no. More directions that will fly over my head.”

“Then where do I get dinner, then?” he asks.

“At the Dinner Diner,” answers Head Spikey.

“And where is that at?” asks Jeremiah gesturing in a confused manner, his right hand pointed upside down, palm forward.

“First, take a right, go down at the last intersection, it’s the first room on the left,” directs Head Spikey.

“Okay, I got it,” lies Jeremiah.

“Well, see you tomorrow,” says Head Spikey.

“Okay. See you tomorrow,” says Jeremiah.

Head Spikey presses the button next to him retracting the barricades on the door and windows allowing Jeremiah to leave his office. He opens the door and closes it with a click. As he was walking, he presses the red button on his watch causing the two sides to open up like a door outward ending up on their respective side of the watch revealing a screen on the inside. Somebody appears on screen. “I'm in,” he whispers to his watch.

“Good. Remember, your mission from us is to negotiate an alliance between the Superheroes and the Agency,” reminds the person on the screen.

“I know. Don't worry. I'll make sure to do that,” assures Jeremiah.

“Okay, then. End Transmission.”

He presses the button again turning off his watch’s display and causing it to close. He sighs and continues walking hoping he’ll figure out where to go for dinner.

Next Mission

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