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Agency of the 5th World Head Mission 2: Igloo Supplies (Remix Version)

Jeremiah is once again sent on a mission to Club Penguin. This time to gather building materials for igloos for the Agency's new Club Penguin habitat. However, while he's gone two new faces arrive at the Agency. What are their goals and how did they find it? Find out now.

By Jeremiah EllisonPublished 8 months ago 20 min read

Previous Mission

<Original Plotline by Jeremiah and Nic Ellison

I do not own Club Penguin or Pokémon. Club Penguin is the property of Disney while Pokemon is the property of Nintendo, Gamefreak, and the Pokémon Company.>

Chapter 1

Time for Another Mission

Last time on Agency of the 5th World, Jeremiah, a 14-year-old young man with blue eyes and brown hair, arrived at the Agency of the 5th World and joined the organization meeting characters such as Head Spikey, a talking black dog with a brown underbelly wearing a spiked collar, who is in charge of the Agency; Agent Nic, a lanky young man slightly younger than Jeremiah in charge of support; and Tiffany, a young brunette psychic girl who is currently dating Agent Nic. After a brief introduction, Jeremiah is assigned his first mission, to recruit Gary the Gadget Guy to the Agency. While the mission was successful, new intelligence arrives informing Jeremiah that a villain named Darkness is on the move and has teamed up with the FusionFall world. What will happen today? Find out now.

It's Jeremiah's second day at the Agency. He opens his eyes while lying on his soft bed with white sheets and blankets. Gray walls surrounding him on all sides. There is a desk and a chair in the corner. He has had no time to customize his room as it’s only his second day there. He rises to an upright position and turns his head to the boxes on the side of the room. Luckily, having infinite storage pockets means infinite space, no matter an object’s size. The boxes are more for organizational purposes. He pulls aside the blanket and gets up. He goes into the bathroom and brushes his teeth. As the minty fresh breath from the toothpaste passes from his mouth, he grimaces as unlike most people, he does not like the feeling of minty fresh breath. He turns off the faucet and we zoom out of the bathroom as the sound of roaring water spraying down on something can be heard on the other side. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate what I’m talking about. The sound stops and a moment or too later, Jeremiah is changed and ready for work in a red t-shirt with white sleeves and gray sweatpants. He was never one to dress snazzily. The door opens and he walks through the gray hallway over to Head Spikey's office with only one thing on his mind, “What's today's mission?” He arrives at the office and opens the door to enter. The fluorescent lighting fills his view looking into the medium square office with walls a different shade of gray, dark gray floorboard, and multiple chairs in there. Head Spikey is already seated at the center of the office in his swivel chair. Nic is currently not in the office and his chair remains unoccupied.

Jeremiah greets, “Hello, Head Spikey.”

“Hello, Agent Jeremiah,” greets back Head Spikey.

“What is today's mission?” inquires Jeremiah.

“I'm pretty sure you remember yesterday's mission,” comments Head Spikey.

“Yes. I remember.”

“It's related to that mission. May I direct your attention to the screen?”

“There's a screen in here?”

“Yes. I'll show you it now.”

A screen suddenly appeared. On the screen there was a Club Penguin habitat under construction with much scaffolding as far as the eye can see with many penguins working on the infrastructure. While there seems to be no humans in sight, it could be inferred that there might be some off-screen.

“You're building a Club Penguin habitat?” inquires Jeremiah surprised.

“Yes, we are. We need some supplies for igloos. Gary wanted to build a coffee shop first. You know how he is about his coffee,” states Head Spikey.

“Yeah. I know,” replies Jeremiah well aware of his caffeine addiction.

“Anyway, your mission is to go to Club Penguin and get the items I'm about to say. So, you better take notes.”

Jeremiah pulls a notebook out of his infinite storage pocket along with a pencil.

“First, you'll need some snow from the Snow Forts. Then, you need to get some ice. Melt it. And put it in tanks. You'll need at least five tanks. I suggest getting the ice from the frozen lake. You'll also need a yellow puffle and a picture of an igloo,” lists Head Spikey.

“I see. But where would I get the tanks anyway?” inquires Jeremiah.

“In the storage area of course.”

“Ok. But how do you expect me to carry it?” asks Jeremiah curious how the Agency would expect such a feat from someone normally, especially since they would have no clue about his infinite storage pockets.

“I’m glad you asked. I would have Nic press a button to eject the solution, but he’s getting breakfast at this moment, so I have to do it myself,” states Head Spikey.

He climbs off the chair and walks over to the computer. He somehow types something on the keyboard using the little nubs on his paws and a metal box ejects itself from the computer. Head Spikey takes the box and walks while holding it with one paw towards Jeremiah and hands it over. Jeremiah takes it as Head Spikey takes his seat facing Jeremiah. He opens it up and sees a metallic silver belt with plenty of slots on it and a circular red centerpiece on the front with its buckles that are more like latches in the back.

Head Spikey explains, “That is an Agency-issued utility belt given to all agents who work here. The reason why I didn’t give it to you yesterday was because you were on a trial period. I was impressed by your results, so with that along with the dangerous fact that you already seem to know classified information.”

Upon mentioning that, he stares at Jeremiah intensely and menacingly causing Jeremiah to laugh nervously in response.

“I have decided to make you a full-time agent. That belt has a variety of different options such as gadgets, like a laser cutter; a grappling hook; a walkie-talkie that lets you communicate with Agent Nic; and more.”

“Impressive,” murmurs Jeremiah.

“Indeed, it is. I am sure that belt will come in handy many times throughout your journeys as an agent of this establishment. Now, that you have you your mission details, you better get to breakfast,” says Head Spikey.

Jeremiah responds, “Ok. I'll make sure to get the tanks after breakfast."

“Ok. Bye.”


Jeremiah opens the door with a squeak and exits to the Breakfast Café.

Chapter 2

Tech Boy and Tech Girl

Two small spaceships enter the atmosphere of the little planetoid the Agency is built upon. Inside these ships were two faces unfamiliar to those in the Agency, yet familiar to Jeremiah.

“I told you these were the right coordinates,” brags Tech Boy.

“Alright,” groans Tech Girl, “You were right about it being the left turn in the Albuquerque Sector.”

They land in the ship bay. As the cockpits from the two depressurize and open, two people emerge from them. A boy and a girl both with black hair, green eyes, wearing lab coats, and big black boots hop out of the ship. They take a good look at the Agency.

“So this is the Agency?” questions Tech Boy.

“I guess so. Its technology is definitely inferior to ours,” states Tech Girl.

“Agreed,” agrees Tech Boy.

They walk into the hall and after turning the corner look, they notice Tiffany walking by having just finished breakfast, a few crumbs on her cheeks that she quickly wipes off.

“Ooo la la! Take a look at that hottie,” comments Tech Boy checking out Tiffany.

“We’re not here to get you a date. We’re here to help Jeremiah with his Council-appointed mission,” points out Tech Girl.

“So? Nobody said that I can’t do both. Besides, what girl wouldn’t want to be with the prince of Planet Gaxi (Gal-a-za)?” questions a cocky Tech Boy.

“You’re just asking for it,” warns Tech Girl.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be right back,” assures Tech Boy.

He walks up to Nic’s girlfriend beaming out of self-confidence or complete delusion.

“Hey there beautiful. How would you like to be with the prince of Planet Gaxi?” asks Tech Boy.

Tiffany punches Tech Boy in the face. He falls down to the ground with his face bleeding from the punch.

“Ouch, that’s smarts,” screams Tech Boy in pain.

Tech Girl snickers trying to and failing to contain her giggles until it bursts forth like a dam causing her to laugh excessively pointing at Tech Boy eyes closed with tears in her face because of how hard she was laughing. She spits out, “I told you…Ha ha ha…that it was…ha ha ha…a bad idea!”

“Shut up!” yells Tech Boy.

She says, “Sorry about my…ha ha ha…brother. He’s not usually…ha ha ha…this dumb.”

Tech Boy gets up and growls at his sister, “I resent that remark.”

She gets a hold of herself and says, “You might want to stay quiet Tech Boy. I’m pretty sure you’re already pretty low on the food chain after that.”

Tech Boy scowls. Tech Girl walks up to Tiffany and says, “Once again, sorry about my brother. We’re here to talk to Head Spikey so if you could just direct us to Head Spikey’s office, we’ll be on our way.”

“Sure. It’s over there,” directs Tiffany pointing to Head Spikey’s office.

“Thanks,” thanks Tech Girl.

They walk to the door Tiffany pointed at and Tech Girl opens it.

“Who are you?” asks Head Spikey ready to attack.

This takes Tech Girl by surprise for a brief moment but Tech Boy walks past her the blood still on his face.

“My name is Tech Boy. This is my sister Tech Girl.”

Tech Girl awkwardly waves.

“Why is there blood on your face?” cautiously inquires Head Spikey.

Tech Girl chimes in, “He tried to hit on one of the girls in the Agency. Let’s just say it didn’t turn out so well.”

“Oh, okay,” says Head Spikey as he relaxes a bit, “So, can you explain the reasoning of why you two are here?”

Tech Girl steps up and explains, “You see, we’re from Planet Gaxi. Planet Gaxi hosts the best technology in the multiverse. My brother and I came here to help with technological advances.”

“I see. But, how did you find the Agency, anyway?” questions a suspicious Head Spikey.

Tech Boy answers, “One of your agents came to our planet recently, and was impressed by the work of our scientists. So impressed, he came up to us in the palace…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute. Palace? What palace?” interrupts Head Spikey.

“Umm…you see. We’re not just any civilians from that planet. We’re royalty,” explains Tech Girl.

Head Spikey thinks to himself, “Oh, great. First, we get someone who claims he survived a fight against Darkness, multiple times. Now, we get royals from another planet. What’s next? Evil Alien Overlords?”

“Hey, Head Spikey. There’s some Evil Alien Overlords here to see you,” says Agent Nic.

“Just put them on the list,” told Head Spikey, thinking he’s going crazy.

“Ok, Head Spikey,” replies Agent Nic.

“What are the odds?” asks Tech Girl.

“Pretty good this week,” answers Head Spikey.

“Ok. Anyway, as I was saying, the agent was so impressed by the work of our scientists he came up to us in the palace. While there, he asked nicely if he could take some of the scientists over to the Agency. After a thorough explanation, we decided to come over here personally. He gave us directions on how to get here and here we are,” explains Tech Boy.

“Ok. Well, in that case. Tech Boy, you go over to the Medical Wing and take care of that bleeding. After that, I want you two to report to the Research Lab. Do you need a map of the place?”

“Yes, please,” says Tech Girl.

Head Spikey gives them a map. Unlike Jeremiah, they can actually read maps.

“Well, see you later,” says Tech Girl.

“Have a nice day,” says Tech Boy.

“Bye,” says Head Spikey.

They leave Head Spikey’s office through the door and walk over to the Medical Wing. After a while later Tech Boy was finally back to normal thanks to the wonders of medical science. However, it was a bit awkward when they saw Tiffany was the nurse there. Regardless, she performed her job well in Tech Boy’s treatment. After he got a thorough check-up, they were free to leave. Tech Boy gets up off the bed. Tech Girl stands up from her chair and they exit and head over to the Research Lab. They walk into the room to find it filled to the brim with many computers and monitors manned with several scientist all around them on the walls. The room itself was hexagonal in shape keeping the computer keyboards nice and straight. Upon entering, they are greeted by none other than Gary the Gadget Guy.

“Hello. Are you two also new here?” inquires Gary.

“Yes,” replies Tech Boy.

“We are,” echoes Tech Girl.

“Welcome to the Agency. My name is Gary the Gadget Guy.”

“My name is Tech Boy.”

“My name is Tech Girl.”

“So, Gary. What species are you?” asks Tech Boy.

“Tech Boy. Don't ask him that. It makes you sound stupid,” bosses Tech Girl.

Tech Boy snaps back, “Who are you? My mom?”

“No. Besides, you know our mom is trapped in another dimension,” replies Tech Girl.

“Oh. I'm so sorry. Did I make you mad?” annoys Tech Boy.

“I think these two are twins,” speaks Gary.

“I'll say,” agrees another scientist.

“Why is their mother stuck in another dimension?” inquires yet another random scientist.

“Good question,” answers one more scientist.

Tech Boy and Tech Girl suddenly start fighting each other. Tech Boy’s eyes suddenly surge with electricity in the pupil and parts fly out of his pocket and from across the lab into Tech Boy’s hands. They constructed themselves in a couple of seconds into a laser gun. He fires at Tech Girl who dodges to the side and makes one herself. She aims and fires at Tech Boy. He leans to the side causing it to miss. Suddenly, mechanical tubes come from the wall and tie up Tech Girl. Tech Girl struggles. She concentrates, electricity crackling in her eye as she turns the security system against Tech Boy. Laser turrets pop out of the walls all around them and shoots him in the balls. In extreme pain, Tech Boy covers his balls with a face of agony dropping to his knees. All of a sudden, alarms start blaring as the computer loses control shooting randomly all over the lab.

Tech Boy gets back up still clutching his balls and runs behind some contraption dodging laser fire. He ducks for cover and exclaims, “It's out of control!”

Tech Girl joins him behind the same contraption and states, “This wouldn't have happened if we didn't fight. What should we do?”

“Clean up our mess.”

“But how?”

“We take control of it and stop it.”

“Good idea.”

While they were talking, people were panicking and screaming stuff like "Abandon lab" or "Run for your lives." Tech Boy and Tech Girl run in front of the computer and stretch out their palms, electricity crackling once more in both their eyes, as a high frequency noise emanates from the computer. Their goal: to regain control of the computer. Tech Boy and Tech Girl pour all their concentration into making the computer abort its random shooting intensifying the sparks in their eyes. Deadly laser cannons drop down from the ceiling and aim at the two twin scientists. The lasers start charging power creating an ominous red glow. Tech Boy and Tech Girl pour every ounce of concentration into the computer the electricity in their eyes hit a fever pitch creating a flash before their very eyes visible only to them. Right before the lasers fired, they stopped charging, the red glow dissipating. The Research Lab is saved thanks to Tech Boy and Tech Girl.

Chapter 3

Return to Club Penguin

Hard to believe only the people in the Research Lab noticed what went down. Jeremiah just got out of breakfast and is walking down the hall towards the storage area. He stops in front of Head Spikey’s office and pulls out the map Tiffany made for him. The next instruction on it was, “Go left you idiot!” “Now, that is just rude.” He turns left down the hall and follows the map with its rude instructions to the storage area, the second room on the right. Jeremiah opens the door and sees the five tanks. Closing the door behind him, he walks further into the room and shoots a beam out of his utility belt shrinking a tank and placing it in front of the belt which he pushes it into the belt’s infinite storage area. The process repeats for the other four tanks until they are all safely secured. Then the PDA announces, “The flight for Club Penguin will leave in 15 minutes.” Taking his cue, Jeremiah leaves the storage area and heads over to the ship bay making it there with one minute to spare. The ship door closes. It takes off and leaves the Agency for Club Penguin.

The ship arrives at Club Penguin. Jeremiah exits the ship and walks over to the Ice Lake behind the Ski Lodge in the village he was in last time. Upon arrival, he receives a transmission from Agent Nic.

“Hello? Are you there, Agent Jeremiah?” asks Agent Nic.

“Yes, Agent Nic,” confirms Agent Jeremiah.

“My radar says you're at the Ice Lake,” observes Agent Nic.

“That's right. Why are you calling me anyway?” inquires Agent Jeremiah.

“I'm calling to tell you how to get the ice. Now listen carefully. To get the ice just simply use the laser cutter in your utility belt. Then you melt it and put it in tanks. Did you get all that?”

“Yes. However, I got one question. Why melt it?” inquires Agent Jeremiah.

“Do you really want to go to the trouble of stuffing the ice, still frozen, in there?” questions Agent Nic.

“No,” replies Agent Jeremiah.

“There’s your answer,” responds Agent Nic.

“Ok. Preparing ice, now,” affirms Agent Jeremiah.

Jeremiah activates the laser cutter on his utility belt to cut the ice. Shooting a beam from the red center, it follows a rectangular motion around the ice as it slices cleanly through while only melting the minimal amount of ice. Once completed, the ice falls down for a brief second back into the water below. Then, he pulls one of the tanks out of the belt and tosses it behind him as it grows back to full size and slams on the ice with a great thud. The ice cracks a little bit, but not enough to break it. Jeremiah’s eyes glows blue as the ice he just cut floats out of the water and above the tank. His hand ignites in flames and he jumps above the ice and punches it apart. He suddenly stops in midair and uses his psychic abilities to hold the ice fragments in place. Then, he creates two whips of fire, spins around moving his arms in every possible direction, and hits all the ice fragments with the fire whips to melt them. The water recompiles above the tank and falls. He repeats the process several times until all five tanks are full. Standing back on the ice, he shrinks the tanks back down and puts them back in his utility belt. He takes out his map and clicks on it as if he were playing the game on PC and teleports to the Snow Forts. He scoops up some snow in a bucket using a small shovel, that may be a toy, and puts it in his utility belt. Next, he uses the map to go to his igloo and takes a picture of it. Last, he walks inside his igloo and picks up his yellow puffle, Prof. Yellow. He uses the map to go to the beach where the ship is waiting for him. He goes on the ship with Prof. Yellow in tow and it leaves the planet.

The ship arrives back at the Agency and descends into the ship bay. The door opens, Jeremiah and Prof. Yellow exit the ship and head over to Head Spikey's office.

Upon opening the door Jeremiah announces, “I'm back.”

“Good,” says Head Spikey immediately in response, “Please take those supplies over to the Club Penguin habitat.”

“Sir, yes, sir,” says Jeremiah saluting.

As Jeremiah leaves, Head Spikey wonders, “Was he in the military or something?”

Jeremiah and his trusty pet puffle Prof. Yellow walk over to the Club Penguin habitat located in the very back of the Agency. The walk itself doesn’t take long and after asking a random agent on the way there, he managed to get there. Luckily, he’s not so incompetent at direction that “Back of the Agency” loses all meaning with him. When he arrives over at the Club Penguin habitat, still undergoing construction with plenty of heavy machinery such as cranes there lifting up wood along with the scaffolding everywhere, he sees Tech Boy and Tech Girl going over a blueprint of the place.

“Tech Boy and Tech Girl, what are you two doing here?” asks Jeremiah in astonishment.

They turn around and wave at him. Tech Boy says, “Good to see you.”

Tech Boy shakes his hand and Tech Girl gently glomps him.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time,” comments Tech Girl.

“Yeah, it’s been what? A couple of years?”

“In earth time, maybe,” says Tech Boy.

Tech Girl lets go and says, “Funny. I don’t remember you being this handsome.”

Jeremiah blushes and takes a closer look at them.

“Aren’t you two supposed to be older?”

“You think, but our planet rotates slower than Earth so as a result of that, we actually age slower than you,” answers Tech Boy.

“Really, did you already know about this?”

Tech Girl lets go and replies, “Not initially.”

“It took years on Earth for us to even notice.”

“Huh, neat.”

Tech Boy continues, “As for why we’re here, it's a long story. But here we go.”

“I see. Hard to believe no one outside the Research Lab noticed,” states Jeremiah.

“I know, right?” says Tech Boy.

Jeremiah stands up and starts, “Well, before I forget,” and after saying that he gets the supplies for the igloos out of the belt tossing them to the side as they grow back to full size while saying, “here are the supplies for the habitat."

"Thanks," says Tech Boy.

“Take care Jeremiah,” says Tech Girl.

“You too,” waves Jeremiah as he leaves the habitat.

He walks all the way back to Head Spikey's office only to be greeted by, ‘What took you so long?” To which Jeremiah replies, “Sorry. I was just catching up with some old friends.”

“Are these friends the new recruits, Tech Boy and Tech Girl?” asks Head Spikey.

“That's right,” answers Jeremiah.

“So, now you’re saying that you got friends from another planet who are royalty? And not only that, but their planet has the best technology in the multiverse?” questions Head Spikey.

“Your point?” asks Jeremiah unamused.

“Who exactly are you?” questions Head Spikey now wanting to know more than ever.

“A simple agent with odd backgrounds, that’s who,” replies Jeremiah nonchalantly.

“Odd is an understatement. Oh, well. Let’s get moving. Please direct your attention to the screen.”

A screen appears showcasing the newly constructed Club Penguin habitat with some new igloos condensed into a small section of the habitat inside it. Gary is also in there as well taking a sip of coffee in front of a replica of the coffee shop from Club Penguin. After this showcase, the screen disappears.

“Cool,” says Jeremiah.

“Since you have completed this mission, you are now able to do sanitary missions,” tells Head Spikey.

“Sanitary missions?” inquires Jeremiah.

“Sanitary missions are side missions you can do to work on the habitats you unlock,” explains Head Spikey.

“I see.”

“Well, you better get down to dinner, then.”

“Ok. See you around.”

Jeremiah leaves for dinner.

Next Mission

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