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Agency of the 5th World Head Mission 4: Meet the Robloxians (Remix Version)

by Jeremiah Ellison 4 months ago in Series
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Jeremiah is sent on yet another negotiation mission to bring President Roblox and Builderman over to the Agency. With Head Spikey's suspicion of Jeremiah, he sends Agent Nic out to spy on him. Will Nic find out any secrets about Jeremiah or will Jeremiah pull a fast one on Nic?

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<Original Plotline by Jeremiah and Nic Ellison

I do not own Roblox or Super Smash Bros. Each belongs to their respective owners.>

Chapter 1

The Explanation

Agent Jeremiah Ellison, a 14-year-old young man with blue eyes and brown hair, enters Head Spikey's office. Inside the office on a small swivel chair, sits the Head of the Agency himself who is a talking dog with black fur, a brown underbelly, wearing a spiked collar. Next to him is a desk with a computer on it. This is normally the station of Agent Nic, the very backbone of the Agency with his lean build, brown hair, and blue eyes. However, since it’s early in the morning he is currently at breakfast eating, which has become a common occurrence ever since Jeremiah joined.

Agent Jeremiah greets, “Hello Head Spikey,” before sitting down in the other chair in front of Head Spikey who is about the size of an average human.

“Hello Agent Jeremiah. Before I give you your mission, I want to know why the Super Smash Bros. were fighting yesterday,” demands Head Spikey rather loudly with that last bit with a serious look on his face.

Jeremiah remaining calm requests, “First, soundproof the place, please. It has to do with you-know-who.”

Head Spikey gasps and guesses, “Voldemort?”

Jeremiah slaps himself in the forehead and exclaims, “What do you think this is? Harry Potter?”

Head Spikey puts on a wizard hat and a Dumbledore beard.

“This isn’t Harry Potter,” yells Jeremiah right in Head Spikey’s face.

Head Spikey wiped the saliva off and said, “You know, it’s never a good idea to yell at your boss. Especially right in his face.”

“Sorry but you were showing unnatural signs of stupidity,” apologizes Jeremiah unapologetically.

Head Spikey takes offence to this and shoots fireballs at Jeremiah. Jeremiah quickly dodges them from left-to-right. However, he was a bit sloppy in doing this and topples over.

“You feel better now?” questions Jeremiah gritting his teeth.

Head Spikey grins and replies, “Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Good, now if you want your explanation, stop acting like a…I mean, just soundproof the place and I will begin my explanation,” says Jeremiah struggling to keep his cool.

Head Spikey presses a button and the door and windows barricaded themselves.

“Ok. Now, please tell me why they were fighting?”

“Ok. I have reason to suspect that Darkness is responsible for their fight. According to Meta Knight, a black shadow appeared before him beckoning him to join his forces. During the fight, shadow markings could be spotted on Meta Knight and Mr. Game & Watch, but they were hardly noticeable on Mr. Game & Watch because he already looks like a black silhouette.”

“Shadow markings?” questions Head Spikey.

“Are you not aware of those?” asks Jeremiah curiously.

Head Spikey shakes his head.

“Huh. I thought you would already have that information. But that’s on me for assuming. Shadow markings are a by-product of Darkness’s corruption process. When he corrupts someone by sending in a ton of shadow energy through their body, shadow markings appear on their face indicating that they been corrupted by him. They usually consist of a purple streak across the right side of the victim’s face. It is unknown whether Darkness has any control over this aspect of the process nor whether or not he cares about correcting it. This also brings to mind some doubts about the cause of the recent fight.”

“Doubts?” questions Head Spikey.

“Darkness’s usual M.O. is to grab a hold of his target and instantly corrupt them instead of beckoning them over to his side. In addition, the shadow markings disappeared after the fight, which ended after I destroyed a Super Smash Bros. symbol on the ground that appeared towards the end. In addition, there was a black haze that felt similar to shadow energy but was slightly off?” continues Jeremiah.

“Slightly off? Can you please describe it in more detail?”

“I can not, for I can’t describe it. It just felt…off.”

Head Spikey ponders this for a moment and asks, “Did Meta Knight mention anything else that could help us identify what happened?”

Jeremiah thinks about this for a brief moment and recalls, “Oh, that’s right. He mentioned the shadow pulled out a really dim Smash Ball when he refused it and shattered it creating the black haze. In addition, that symbol produced two Smash Balls matching his description.”

Head Spikey comments, “We did have some intelligence from a while back that Darkness was gathering resources from an unknown world in order to develop his Shadow Energy Core, but at the time we could not identify what. Thinking about it, the possibility is quite high it could have been Smash Balls.”

“I see. But why Smash Balls?”

“I don’t know. We’re not even positive that’s what it was. All I know is that research endeavors with that material were unfruitful.”

“Ok. Wait, where are you getting this information?” questions Jeremiah wondering how the heck the Agency could even have such information.

“Never underestimate the Agency’s intelligence network. We have ways of finding out information. Verifying it is the hard part,” states Head Spikey.

“O…K…Anyway, I believe that about covers it,” states Jeremiah.

“One more question. Since you have actually met Darkness, do you think the Agency is in any danger of attack at this time?”

Jeremiah stops and ponders for a few seconds and answers, “I can’t really say one way or the other. There’s just not enough information.”

“Fair enough.”

Head Spikey presses the button once more removing the barricades from the door and windows. “Now then, Head or Sanitary?”


Head Spikey explains the mission and Jeremiah opens the door with a squeal and exits the office. Head Spikey starts thinking, “He is awfully well-versed in how Darkness operates. That is a little concerning. Especially how he could pin down the little details of what’s exactly off about that whole fight. In addition, he claimed he destroyed the symbol that appeared on the floor. Checking the security footage does back up his claim, but why is he so powerful? We also have footage of his little skirmish yesterday with Meta Knight. Once he’s alone, Darkness appears before him beckoning him to join. Could Jeremiah be in league with Darkness? I’ve been sending him on negotiation missions lately, but with so much mystery around his background, for all I know he could be using these missions as an opportunity to gather an army. I need to keep a close eye on him. Closer than I have before.”

Chapter 2

Head Mission 4

After doing a couple of sanitary missions, Jeremiah is on his way to Head Spikey’s office. Upon arrival, Head Spikey asks his usual question.

“Head or sanitary?”

“Head,” answers Jeremiah.

“As you know, Roblox is a place where the people build the stuff. But, what most people don't know is when they make an online account…” starts Head Spikey.

“…they're making actual life forms,” finishes Jeremiah already hearing this explanation multiple times.

“Don’t interrupt me again,” warns Head Spikey.

“Sorry Head Spikey,” apologizes Jeremiah quietly.

“As you know, we need Roblox to join the Agency since it is one of the four worlds. So we want you to get President Roblox and Builderman to come to the Agency,” explains Head Spikey.

Jeremiah stands up and affirms, “Understood Head Spikey.”

Right after he left, Head Spikey says to the wall, “And you remember your mission?”

A secret door opens up next to Head Spikey revealing Agent Nic who walks out of it.

He replies, “Yes, I remember. You want me to spy on Jeremiah and find out whether or not he is raising an army.”

“Very good. Now you better get down to breakfast. After all, if you’re not there for too long, he might get suspicious,” speaks Head Spikey.

“Yes, sir,” says Nic as he leaves the office through the regular door.

Chapter 3

Welcome to Roblox

The ship lands in Robloxia, more commonly known as Roblox. Roblox is a world composed primarily of basic geometric shapes. Even the inhabitants share this trait. All Robloxians basically have rectangles for limbs unless they have some sort of body kit called a package which would make them look more humanoid in most cases. His mission is to get President Roblox and Builderman to come to the Agency. President Roblox is a standard Robloxian with a black shirt that says Roblox on it. All Robloxian guests copy his look. Builderman looks a bit more humanoid and is dressed like a construction worker. They land in Jeremiah's place on Roblox called War of the 2 Worlds (since this book was originally made), which is essentially the default place for Robloxians resembling a metropolis with plenty of space to explore. In Jeremiah’s case, he painted half of it purple and added an extra spawn point on that side that helps sort players into teams with one representing lightworlders and the other representing shadowworlders. Jeremiah gets out a tablet and uses it to check President Roblox's profile, the real mystery being how he’s getting an internet connection over there. According to his profile, he is online on the website. Jeremiah wonders, “Where do the characters go when they're not in a game?” He clicks leave on the tablet prompting a yellow portal to appear right in front of him. He walks into said portal; little did he know that Agent Nic was following him from up above. He quickly jumps off the Phoenix Warbird, his spaceship shaped and designed like a phoenix on the exterior, but was too late as the portal closes right when he hit the ground. Plus, he didn’t stick the landing either and landed face first on the ground. On the other side of the portal, there was a humongous intergame waiting room; set up like a luxury lounge. Yellow walls and a tall ceiling with many different floors. Tables and entertainment all over. Truly a Robloxian paradise. Upon entering, he instantly grabbed the attention of President Roblox.

“How did a human get in here?” questions President Roblox as he got up.

“Hello President Roblox. I'm Agent Jeremiah of the Agency of the 5th World,” greets Jeremiah.

“Isn't that a game here on Roblox made by Jangodarkwave86?” inquires President Roblox.

“How did you know?” asks Jeremiah in astonishment.

“I know everything that goes on here at Robloxia. After all, my controller created the game, or in this case, world. If you came all the way here from Earth to talk to me, this is the wrong place for that. I suggest a quieter, more private place to chat. Do you have any suggestions?” answers Roblox.

“How about the Roblox Agency? Technically, that is what we'll be talking about,” suggests Jeremiah.

“Good idea. However, I question the subject we’ll be talking about. After all, why would you come all the way here to talk about one of the many places on Roblox?” questions President Roblox.

“Oh, it’s more than just a game. By the way, I also need to see Builderman,” says Jeremiah.

“Okay, then. I don’t want to deny our guest. Teleport/Builderman/me,” states President Roblox.

Then, Builderman appeared out of nowhere.

“You put admin commands in here!?” inquires an astonished Jeremiah.

“Yes. I did,” replies Roblox.

“What did you summon me here for?” questions Builderman.

“We'll tell you when we get to a place called the Agency of the 5th World,” tells Roblox.

A yellow portal opens up and they left.

Chapter 4

Nic the Spy

At Nic’s location, he is trying to pinpoint Jeremiah on his blocky GPS (which he stole from one of the locals). Suddenly, he got a signal emanating from the Roblox Agency.

“Hey, I finally got their signal. And I know exactly where they are. After all, I did create the place. Quick, I have to get there,” says Nic to nobody at all.

He hops on the Phoenix Warbird and set a course to the Roblox version of the Agency of the 5th World.

A few minutes ago at the Agency’s replica,

Jeremiah, Roblox, and Builderman arrive at the Agency's replica. Little did Jeremiah know he was affecting President Roblox and Builderman's controller's computers. Reason being is that when they entered the game, it caused a Roblox window to open up on their computers showing exactly what’s going on there. And they can’t control their characters or exit the window due to the circumstances. Plus, they can even see Jeremiah in his complete three-dimensional form unlike everything else in Roblox, which is computer generated and blocky. They both said simultaneously, “What’s going on?” Jeremiah and the two Robloxians went to the Breakfast Café, Jeremiah having to slouch as the roof is low even by Robloxian standards. Entering the Breakfast Café with its Lego-like décor, they gather at a very simple circular table and sat there. Jeremiah could barely fit his butt on the stool and get his legs under the table because humans are a lot taller than Robloxians. While Roblox’s controller is on the phone investigating the forced window opening on his computer, Jeremiah starts talking,

“Hello. My name is Agent Jeremiah. I know already that President Roblox knows my name. Anyway, I was sent here to bring you two to the actual Agency of the 5th World,” greets Jeremiah.

“Actual Agency of the 5th World?” questions Roblox with a bit of surprise in his voice.

Roblox and Builderman’s controllers can also see the entire conversation. Of course, they only see it in chat bubbles and on the side of the screen. Upon that revelation, Roblox’s controller stops what he was doing and slightly lowers his hand holding his hand in shock. Right above the Agency’s replica, the Phoenix Warbird just arrived. Unfortunately for Nic, he never built a ship bay in the Roblox Agency. So, he opens the door on the side of the ship. Wearing some cool goggles and a parachute, he jumps out of the Phoenix Warbird. The parachute deploys. He lands on the roof of the Roblox Agency. He pulls out a laser buzz saw and starts cutting through the roof. He removes that piece of the roof when he was finished and jumped through the hole while replacing the roof simultaneously. He switched the zoom on his stolen GPS. He located them in the Breakfast Café. He had to crouch to move because the Roblox Agency was designed for Robloxians. It didn’t take long for him to get them in his sights. Nic takes a sound amplifier out of his Agency standard utility belt and places it in his ear so he could hear the whole conversation in high definition. Unfortunately for him, he missed most of the conversation. Plus, he realized that he forgot to turn on his tape recorder and to attach it to the sound amplifier.

“I see. I'll wait at my room in the Living Unit. It's at the end of the hall,” says Jeremiah.

“Ok,” replies Roblox.

As Jeremiah was walking out, Nic starts panicking because he was about to be caught. Nic quickly starts running out of there as fast as he could under those circumstances which wasn’t very fast due to the low ceiling even for Robloxian standards. Jeremiah just got out of the Breakfast Café while Nic was over where he came in and frantically trying to remember where the piece of roof was that he had sawed off to get there. Jeremiah was heading towards him. Nic panicked again and hid himself in the replica of the Agency’s Computer Lab. Jeremiah walks right past the room. And right when he was above Nic’s entry point, the piece of the roof that Nic cut off to get in fell on Jeremiah’s head.

Jeremiah screams, “Oh man, that hurt!”

He looks up and saw the hole in the roof. Luckily for Nic, the Phoenix Warbird was just barely out of sight.

Jeremiah thought out loud, “Well, it looks like Jango has some repair work to do on the roof. Luckily, for me anyway, Robloxian building material is a lot less heavy and less solid to do that much damage. However, why did the roof fall off? I thought gravity was semi-broken in this place because of the fact that if you remove the material that something is attached to it doesn’t fall usually. It normally just floats there in the air. Oh well.”

Jeremiah went to the replica of his room in the Living Unit tossing the piece of roof aside. Nic heard the sound it made, so he seized his opportunity by leaving the computer lab and jumps out of the hole onto the roof of the Agency. He went just above the replica of Jeremiah’s room and got out a stethoscope. He positioned it to see if he could hear Jeremiah. Jeremiah was getting bored of waiting, so he decided to use his Citaloanin Sight, which allows him to look at any one point of space as far as his eyes would normally be able to see but only in blue, and looks around the Agency. He focused his sight upward and spies the Phoenix Warbird. He asks himself, “Whose ship is that?” He focused his Citaloanin sight along the roof and sees Nic.

“Nic!? What!? Why!? How!? Wait…” Jeremiah thinks back to everything he’s done around the Agency from failure to divulge his backgrounds, having met up with Darkness, to even Tech Boy and Tech Girl’s arrival at the Agency. “Oh crap, I’m a suspect. Now, now. Calm down, Jeremiah.” Jeremiah takes a deep breath. “So Head Spikey suspects me and thinks I’m an enemy spy, maybe? I don’t know. Still, I don’t like the fact that he sent a spy after me. It’s going to make going to the bathroom very awkward. Well, since the deed is done, let’s have some fun with this.”

“Boy, I say negotiations are going great,” speaks Jeremiah very loudly as he got up so Nic could hear.

“Finally, I can find out what goes on during negotiations. Head Spikey will be glad that I found out when I tell him without getting caught,” thinks Nic.

Jeremiah’s hand turned into blue slime and began forming the shape of the handles of a giant sawing machine and spoke loudly, “Soon, the army I’m gathering up will invade the Agency and we’ll attach Head Spikey to a wooden stake and burn it down old-school style.”

“Oh no. Good thing this time I didn’t forget to turn on the tape recorder,” thinks Nic to himself still.

Jeremiah just got done forming the handles as a little sphere formed in the middle turning itself into a saw blade as Jeremiah kept speaking, “And after that, we will trap Nic in a rubber room where his electrical powers won’t work and outfit it with spikes to kill him.”

Nic gasped as Jeremiah got done forming the saw blade. The shape that Jeremiah’s hand took turned solid and regained color turning his hand into a giant saw blade.

“And after he’s dead, we’ll boil Tiffany in hot lava just to see how long a human can survive in that extreme temperature,” speaks Jeremiah loudly as he put his saw forward to the roof.

Nic practically curses in his head, “That fiend. He wouldn’t dare.”

Suddenly, Nic saw Jeremiah’s saw for a hand appeared right next to him as Jeremiah saws a circle around him. He got done sawing and that section of the roof falls down with Nic on it. The roof breaks on impact as Nic gets a good look at Jeremiah. Jeremiah turns his hand back to normal and starts laughing so hard he could barely contain himself as Nic charges up an attack. When he heard him, he screams, “What are you laughing at?”

Jeremiah tries to answer while laughing, “At you, ha ha ha, because you, ha ha ha, fell for my prank, ha ha ha.”

Nic just realized what happened and stops charging his attack.

He yells very angrily, “Why you little. How dare you pull a joke like that? I should zap you for that.”

Jeremiah stops laughing and replies, “Yeah, that might have been a little harsh and cruel to do but you should have seen the look on your face.”

Jeremiah bursts into laughter once again. Nic got angry and zaps Jeremiah. Jeremiah stopped laughing after that and questions, “Are you nuts? I pull a little prank and you zap me? What is wrong with you?”

“Simple. I don’t know who you are and why you’re here but Head Spikey is getting a bad feeling about you. Since I missed the conversation between you, President Roblox, and Builderman, I now have no choice but to assume the worst and take you down,” says Nic as electricity surges throughout his body.

Jeremiah says, “Oh really. Well then, I shall tell you what I told them,” as he takes something out of the Agency’s standard utility belt.

“And what would that be?” demands Nic.

“Simple. I did exactly what my mission dictated and asked them to join the Agency. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them yourself. However, keep this in mind, I didn’t find out about your spying until just now. So, your spying would not affect the task at hand thus if I was raising up an army, they would say otherwise,” states Jeremiah as he gets ready for Plan B just in case.

Nic looked at him for a minute and with a sigh and replies, “Well, alright. I’ll believe you for now. But remember, if we find out otherwise, you’re dead.”

“I wouldn’t expect it any other way. (Jeremiah put the strange device back on his belt.) Besides, the only thing I want is a promotion so I can get better missions. Trust me when I say, while these missions are important in their own way, I would rather blast a wall than negotiate,” states Jeremiah honestly.

“Oh, I get it. You are just getting bored with the missions and want more exciting ones. Am I right?” asks Nic.

“Yep. You got the gist of it. Now, why don’t you go back to the Agency before President Roblox and Builderman see you? After all, we don’t want you to ruin negotiations,” states Jeremiah.

“Ok. See you later,” says Nic as he went out through the hole in the roof and Static Thrustered himself to the Phoenix Warbird. Static Thrusters is the power where he uses his own electricity to gain speed and fly.

A little bit later, President Roblox and Builderman finally made their decision. They decided to come to the Agency. After hearing that, Jeremiah clicks on leave. Then, a yellow portal appears leading to Jeremiah's place. They went to where the ship was. Unfortunately, it was already gone. Jeremiah complains, “Oh drat. We missed our flight.” Suddenly, the Phoenix Warbird lands right in front of them and Nic comes out and asks, “Need a lift?” Jeremiah, Roblox, and Builderman hop on the Phoenix Warbird and leave. The following day, Roblox was shut down for emergency maintenance with the controllers frantically searching Google for “Agency of the 5th World”.

Chapter 5

The Secret Superhero Mission

The Phoenix Warbird just arrived back at the Agency with Jeremiah, Nic, President Roblox and Builderman in it. All four of them went over to Head Spikey's office.

“Hello Agent Jeremiah. I see you completed your mission. President Roblox and Builderman, please go to the Roblox habitat we have prepared,” observes and asks Head Spikey.

The Robloxians leave the office heading to the Roblox habitat closing the door on their way out with a small thump.

Head Spikey says, “Nic, I’m surprised to see you here. What are you doing here?”

“He gave me a lift since the ship left without me. Seriously, I need my own ship if you want me to continue working here,” answers Jeremiah for Nic.

“I see. Well Nic, you just…go over…to dinner,” says Head Spikey awkwardly while he was trying to find the words.

“Yes, sir,” said Nic before he left the office.

“That was a bit awkward. But, what do you expect if you send a spy after me,” states Jeremiah a little bit peeved about it.

“When did you figure that out?” inquires Head Spikey very surprised at what Jeremiah just said.

“I caught him while President Roblox and Builderman were deciding whether to join the Agency or not and FYI, I’m not raising an army to destroy the Agency just so you know,” answers Jeremiah thoroughly.

“Then explain to me this, why do you have such mysterious backgrounds and relations?” questions Head Spikey.

Jeremiah twisted the little red button on his watch in an odd pattern and the place suddenly soundproofed itself.

“What’s going on?” inquires Head Spikey angrily.

Jeremiah took off his watch and tosses it at Head Spikey and asserts, “Take a good, long look at it.”

Head Spikey takes a good, long look at the gray watch with a big red button at the lower right corner and saw the symbol of the Superhero Council, which was simply that of a chair, on it. He presses the button but nothing happens causing him to wonder why.

“It’s no use. You won’t get that watch to work for you because it’s already tuned to my DNA,” states Jeremiah.

“What do you mean by ‘tuned to your DNA?’” questions Head Spikey.

“You see, that watch is programmed to only work for the person who has the registered DNA. That little red button is also a DNA scanner that allows it to tell who’s using it. It comes with a variety of features, and that watch is also a symbol of ranking from where I come from,” explains Jeremiah.

“DNA scanner? Variety of features? Symbol of ranking? What is going on here?” demands Head Spikey.

“You see, before I came to the Agency, I was recruited by another top-secret organization known as the Superheroes. Well, I’m not sure if this organization counts as top-secret as we seem to be telling a bunch of random civilians about it,” explains Jeremiah as he takes back his watch and put it back on his wrist.

“What are you implying Jeremiah? That we put up a bunch of posters on several planets that say to join the Agency?” inquires Head Spikey thinking about the posters he put up recently on several planets with him holding a batch of cookies while wearing a chef’s hat that said, “Join the Agency, we have cookies!”

“Umm…no. Where did you get that idea?” inquires Jeremiah a little confused on how specific that question was.

Head Spikey quickly kicks a bucket of paint to the side and replies, “Umm…I don’t know.”

“And to think you’re accusing me of being odd when you’re pretty odd yourself,” claims Jeremiah.

“And I don’t have time for this. Just get to your point Agent Jeremiah,” orders Head Spikey impatiently.

“The point is, I only joined the Agency on the Superhero Council’s request and I have a mission to do,” explains Jeremiah.

“And what would that mission be?” asks Head Spikey.

“To negotiate an alliance between the Superheroes and the Agency,” answers Jeremiah.

“Oh, is that all? I thought it was going to be to destroy me or something,” replies Head Spikey.

“You mean…you’re not shocked at all?” questions a stunned Jeremiah.

“Nope. (He turned on his personal espresso machine and got himself a cup of coffee.) If you said something along the lines of ‘I’m going to destroy the Agency’ then I would have been shocked. (While he was talking, he walked back to his chair and sat back down.) But, all you came here to do was negotiate and that’s just fine. I feel kind of silly really for thinking you were a spy. But, I just got one thing to say,” explains Head Spikey as he takes a sip of his coffee.

“What?” asks Jeremiah.

Head Spikey put down his coffee and yells, “DON’T YOU EVER PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT AGAIN!”

“Got it,” says Jeremiah a bit nervously.

“Well now that we got that settled. It's time for the screen,” advances Head Spikey.

“Oh yeah, my favorite part of the job. However, I wish the screen would show a movie sometimes instead,” says Jeremiah.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that,” states Head Spikey as he presses a button.

A screen pops up showcasing the newly constructed Roblox habitat which is currently just a giant empty room made out of Robloxian materials with Builderman and President Roblox in there along with 4 other smaller rooms inside.

Then the screen disappears.

“Anyway, good job Agent Jeremiah on another mission,” congratulates Head Spikey.

“Thanks,” replies Jeremiah.

“You're welcome. You better get down to dinner, then,” says Head Spikey.

“Okay. See you later.”


Jeremiah exits Head Spikey's office and heads to the Dinner Diner. He sees Nic and Tiffany there, as usual. He went over to their table.

“Hello Agent Jeremiah,” greets Tiffany with a devious smirk on her face.

“Hello Agents Nic and Tiffany,” greets back Jeremiah not even noticing the smirk on her face.

“How was your mission?” asks Nic.

“You tell me,” hints Jeremiah.

“Oh, right,” remembers Nic.

Jeremiah felt some psychic power enter his mind and his eyes starts glowing blue.

In his mind, Tiffany found herself in front of an ancient temple.

“That’s odd. I was just trying to take control of him for a few minutes. Well, maybe the place where I control him is at the top of that temple,” thinks Tiffany aloud.

She climbs up the stairs to the top of the temple. When she got there, she saw a weird glowing sphere. When she took a closer look, there was some full-grown muscular man with unusually curly hair in there.

“What the heck is that?” wonders Tiffany.

“That is classified information on a need-to-know basis only,” answers a voice.

Tiffany looked in the direction where the voice was coming from and saw Jeremiah slowly levitating down to the top of the temple.

“Get out of my mind, Tiffany,” demands Jeremiah sternly.

“Not until you tell me who that guy is,” says Tiffany while pointing to the person in the sphere.

Jeremiah levitates back up and replies, “It looks like I can’t talk you out of here so I got no choice but to force you out.”

Jeremiah activates his Light Blast power. Suddenly, the temple started glowing and a ring of light appeared right below it. When Jeremiah fires his Light Blast, a magnified version of it fires from the base hitting the whole temple. Tiffany disappeared before either beam hit her.

In the real world, Tiffany suddenly got a headache.

“Tiffany, what’s wrong?” asks Nic.

Jeremiah is still staring off into space with his eyes still glowing blue.

Back in Jeremiah’s mind,

Tiffany reappears behind him and punches him from behind knocking him out of the sky only for him to disappear mid-fall.

Suddenly, Tiffany heard someone behind her say, “Oh please. Is that all you got?”

She looks behind her and saw Jeremiah. A little bit of fear struck her and she levitates back a bit. Jeremiah lunges forward and punches her in the face causing her to crash back into the roof of the temple. He levitates back onto the temple roof and says, “Last chance to leave peacefully.”

“Not until you tell me who he is,” demands Tiffany.

“History,” replies Jeremiah.

Tiffany tries to punch Jeremiah but he disappeared before she could make contact. Suddenly, four Jeremiahs reappear each at a corner of the temple’s roof and each shoot a Light Blast as the temple also fires a magnified Light Blast synchronously with them. There was no way to avoid the attack. Tiffany made a gigantic psychic shield right when all the blasts made contact. When the smoke from the resulting collision cleared, the Jeremiahs saw Tiffany in her psychic shield. Her eyes were glowing with power. She transforms into a giant entity of psychic power.

“What do you think of me, now?” boasts Tiffany as she lashed out an attack at the Jeremiahs. They fall off the roof of the temple that Tiffany partially destroyed with that attack.

In the real world,

Jeremiah suddenly got a headache and Tiffany’s headache was gone.

Nic wonders, “What’s going on?”

Back in Jeremiah’s mind,

All the Jeremiahs hit the ground and three of them disappeared. Jeremiah stands back up and levitates back up and taunts, “Hey, you think you’re so mighty and powerful. Well, think again. I can beat you with three hands tied behind my back.”

“But, you only got two hands,” replies Tiffany.

Jeremiah suddenly grew an extra hand and used his feet to tie them all together.

“Now I do. You got to remember that this is my mind, my rules. I can be as illogical as I want in here. In fact, I predict a flying hot dog will hit you in the face,” replies Jeremiah.

Suddenly, a flying hot dog appeared out of nowhere at top speeds and hit Tiffany in the face.

“Why you little,” growls Tiffany angrily.

Jeremiah starts levitating at top speeds away from Tiffany while she pursues. Eventually, they reach a populated village and Tiffany was stepping all over the buildings. Suddenly, a portal opened like it was a mouth with energy surrounding it like it was saliva.

Jeremiah stops in front of it and turns around to face Tiffany.

“So, is that as fast as you can go? I bet I could outrun you in a heartbeat,” taunts Jeremiah.

“You are going down,” proclaims Tiffany hysterically.

She lunged at Jeremiah only for Jeremiah to dodge to the side and cause her to topple over. Suddenly, Jeremiah gained a gigantic fourth arm and punched Tiffany in the back holding her down. Jeremiah raised his gigantic fourth arm up and a syringe appeared in it. Tiffany got up and saw the needle of it.

“Ahh, needle! Get it away! Get that thing away from me!” screams Tiffany in fear.

Jeremiah points the needle at her and quips, “Time to take your medicine.”

As Jeremiah edged closer with the needle, Tiffany kept taking steps back in response to this. A few minutes later, she was in front of the portal. Jeremiah kicked Tiffany right in her stomach at high speeds causing her to topple over into the portal.

Tiffany’s mind returned to the real world and she was panting from exhaustion due to the psychic battle.

“Who are you?” inquires Tiffany.

“My name is just Jeremiah. That’s all you need to know,” answers Jeremiah.

“Anyway, we got a favor to ask you,” says Nic breaking the ice.

“What?” inquires Jeremiah glad that Nic spoke up.

“Can you ask Head Spikey to put an entertainment wing in the Agency?” asks Nic.

“The entertainment wing is a good idea. I will definitely mention it to Head Spikey. Besides, the Agency is in desperate need of entertainment,” answers Jeremiah.

“Agreed,” says Nic.

“So, I guess I better go get my food,” states Jeremiah getting up.

He grabs himself some food before returning to the table, but right when Jeremiah was about to chow down, his Council Watch suddenly starts beeping making a sound exactly like that of an emergency siren.

Jeremiah thinks, “Really? Out of all of the times to go off, it goes off now?”

“I'll be right back,” says Jeremiah while covering his Council Watch to muffle the noise.

He goes to the nearest boy’s bathroom and enters a stall. He activates his Council Watch. Somebody from the Superhero Council appears on screen.

“Jeremiah, I have a mission for you,” says the guy from the Council.

“What? And please hurry so I can go and eat dinner,” expresses Jeremiah a bit annoyed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought finding a portal to the Distortion World along with Darkness and his minions would be more important than your dinner,” replies the one guy sarcastically.

“I’m sorry. Proceed,” apologizes Jeremiah with his curiosity piqued.

“Well, I pretty much told you almost everything in that bit of sarcasm. Anyway, we need you to investigate it straight away. The coordinates have been uploaded to your Council Watch. Now go and stop his diabolical plan,” orders the one guy.

“Yes sir,” salutes Jeremiah.

He turns off his Council Watch. Then, he suddenly turns into blue slime and splits himself in half. Each side made a copy of the missing side before turning solid and regaining their color thus making two Jeremiahs.

The original says, “I'll go and investigate what Darkness is doing while you stay here and cover for me.”

The duplicate affirms, “Got it.”

The original Jeremiah activates Superhero mode on his Council Watch causing a data sphere to appear around him thus putting him into his blue mechanical bio-suit thus turning him into the Elemental.

The original Jeremiah left the Agency through the window. The duplicate heads back to the Dinner Diner only to find out that it has closed.

“Oh, drat,” says the duplicate as he went back to his room.

On the way there, he ran into Nic and Tiffany.

“Hey Jeremiah. Since you didn't get back to dinner, we paid for your dinner and put it in your room for later. But you owe us for this,” tells Nic.

“Just tell me how much I owe you and I'll pay you,” says Jeremiah.

“$8.00,” replies Nic.

Jeremiah gives them $8.00. Then, he went into his room to eat his dinner.

Next Mission: N/A


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Jeremiah Ellison

Hello, my name is Jeremiah Ellison and I'm here to post content that I hope you will like. I mainly specialize in Sci-fi, action, and apparently psychological horror as of recently. I hope you enjoy my content.


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