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7 types of superheroes in the world

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By Chua Yuan HengPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
7 types of superheroes in the world
Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan on Unsplash

Ah, superheroes. The X-Men, Justice League, and Avengers. Old but well known. Superheroes never ceased to mesmerize us, with their abilities, powers, and most importantly their overt righteousness.

Their overt righteousness, of course, is never meant for self profiteering, but a lot of times for the saving of humanity. Superheroes do come in many ways and forms, but all together, they can be seen as one of 7 types of personalities.

Let's us explore together what are the 7 types of superheroes available in the world:

1. The bashful ones

The bashful ones are usually those who possesses unusual amount of strength. Muscular, bone, or armour based strength are emphasized here. If they have qualities such as super strong muscles, bone, or simply have the toughest armour to flaunt to the supervillains, then these types of super heroes will be the bashful ones. Because they aren't afraid of lifting, beating, or being beaten, they prefer to use brute force against their enemies.

2. The chanter ones

This type of superheroes are seen everywhere, they twit on Twitter, they talk on online forums, share Whatsapp messages everywhere to uphold justice for anyone that has been bullied, violated, or trespassed. They could go as far as holding street protests and chant their messages across to get justice done for whomever they are protecting.

3. The all rounded ones

This type of superheroes can do many things at once. They can organize, they can defeat, and sometimes they can cook too. For example, some charity people who cooks for the homeless on the streets. They organizes donation campaigns and do whatever they can to save lives.

4. The mad ones

This type will be extremely mad upon the enemy of justice. They will do bad things in order to get justice upheld. Know why they do so? It's because they believe in order for the world to be a better and safer place to live in, they have to take action, often times, in an eye for eye fashion. The mad ones is never afraid of those scums that is fearsome, because he or she knew for one, they are the mad ones!

5. The secretive ones

The secretive superheroes has been operating in hidden underground caverns, bases, and headquarters. With all their resources, they hide and plan what could be done to save anyone at all that is being beaten by unwieldy forces. They go everywhere in masks, not being recognized by anyone, but they perform their service well. They hide as part of their nature, preferring humbleness over glory. Besides, they want to protect themselves first before they could protect others.

6. The juggling ones

The juggling ones are nuts. They prowl and scour everywhere for supervillains to defeat. They go onto internet forums, Twitter, news websites, to gather information on what or who to defeat. They juggles from defeating one villain after another. Usually, he or she takes on them all easily, that's why they could juggle as many. He or she is not afraid, because he or she is definitely very powerful.

7. The boasting ones

Sometimes, some superheroes are just boasters. They boast about the latest unknown technologies that could stop the supervillain. They boast about how much they know about the supervillain, in order to freak the villain out. Anything at all, they can boast about, so that they could protect what is dearest to them. For example, some people boast that they are definitely coming for you, if you did something nasty, though it may not be the case, as long as it got some effects.

That's all of the 7 types of superheroes in the world. Which type are you? Leave a comment and like! Thank you.

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