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What is the Best Coffee Ground Size

For Espresso

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 8 min read
What is the Best Coffee Ground Size
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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks around the world. It’s a brewed drink that comes from roasted coffee beans. The coffee beans came from the seed of certain coffee species. The fruits should be processed from their raw material which is the fruits and seeds. It will then be turned into a stable, unroasted, green coffee.

The green coffee will be roasted to turn it into a consumable product. The roasted coffee ground will be transformed into powder which can be mixed with water to make a cup of coffee. It’s dark-colored and tastes bitter and slightly acidic. Coffee has a stimulating effect for humans due to its caffeine content and many people love it.

What Is The Best Coffee Ground Size for Espresso

There are different coffee grounds sizes that you can find these days. Although not every coffee ground will make a great espresso. You may be tempted to just buy the pre-grounded coffee from the shops. But the quality is not as good as having freshly ground coffee beans. It’s important to learn about the proper coffee grind required for a variety of brewing methods.

Espresso is a concentrated shot of coffee and it has a rich and dark flavor. When brewing espresso, you need to use the best coffee ground size. The coffee grounds should be around 1/32 of an inch or about 0.8 mm in size. It may vary depending on the variety of espresso makers but you can start with the medium-fine setting and keep on practicing.

Can Children Drink Decaf Coffee

Many people believe that decaf coffee doesn’t contain caffeine but in reality, decaf coffee is not caffeine-free. It’s not advisable for parents to allow their children to let them drink decaf coffee regularly. Coffee brands that produce decaf coffee may have a variety of caffeine levels on their products. Some brands may have more caffeine content on their decaf coffee variety.

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The uncertainty of the caffeine levels on a decaf coffee may be acceptable for adults but not for children. Experts don’t recommend allowing children under the age of 10 years old to drink decaf coffee. Caffeine can disrupt their sleep and may hinder their growth and development.

Can You Use Espresso Beans for Pour-Over

Technically, you can use espresso beans for your pour-over coffee if you want to. There will not be much difference since the difference will come out from the bean preparation. The coffee beans for espresso are roasted longer than those coffee beans that are meant for making drip coffee. In addition, the espresso beans are grounded finer.

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The coffee beans are only labeled by the roaster’s recommendation. That way, the coffee grounds will bring out the flavor for what it’s intended. Although you can use the espresso beans for a pour-over, the flavor of the coffee beans will not taste the same way if it was used for its intended purpose.

Is Pour-Over Better than Drip

Pour-over coffee and drip coffee have different methods of preparation. Although pour-over tends to have better flavor compared to regular drip coffee. The brewing process also takes longer which makes the flavor to be more vibrant. But it can also depend on the person’s taste since not everyone has the same taste.

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Generally, the pour-over method is better since you can control the water temperature. You can also decide the speed when it goes to the coffee grounds as well as how long it should be brewed. Many coffee enthusiasts prefer this method since they can control how it will taste, as well as its texture, temperature, and brew strength.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Coffee Grinder

There are a lot of coffee grinders that you can choose from. However, you have to look for the best coffee grinder for you. It may look simple but buying the wrong one will only cause you frustration. So, before you buy a coffee grinder, make sure to learn what you should look for on a coffee grinder.

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  • Consistency and Particle Size

The flavor and aroma that you will get from the coffee beans will come from this feature so it’s best to check this feature first.

  • Price

If you want to have a good coffee grinder, you have to be ready to pay a hefty amount but make sure that it’s within your budget.

  • Capacity

Coffee grinders are built with different capacities and can hold a specific amount of coffee. You can get a better flavor if you grind them every time you brew it.

  • Speed

You should go for coffee grinders that have a low speed since they can grind the coffee beans better. High-speed coffee grinders are not a great choice because that means it’s cheap.

  • Heat

It’s the second factor after the particle size that will affect the flavor of the coffee. If the coffee grinders can heat up, they can burn the coffee beans.

  • Ease of Usage and Cleaning

Make sure to find an easy-to-use coffee grinder so you don't have to exert too much effort. Cleaning should also be a breeze.

  • Grind Setting

You can choose between a stepped grinder or a step less grinder. The stepped grinder provides a set number of settings to select before grinding the beans. Step less grinders have more options since it allows you to choose from a general range.

  • Noise Levels

If you mind the noise, you have to check how loud the coffee grinder can go. You need to check its noise levels first before you decide to buy.

  • Dosing

There are models with a doser that will drop the ground coffee into its chambers and just release them to your coffee filter when you’re ready to brew. But some don't like this feature since the coffee grounds will no longer be fresh.

  • Material

Ceramic will last longer and it can achieve the level of fineness you need for your espresso. The stainless steel burrs work well but you may need to replace them after a few years.

  • Durability

High-end models can be pricey since they can last for many years. Ceramic burrs can last longer than getting stainless steel grinders. Direct drives will also last longer than high-speed coffee grinders.

  • Appearance

If the appearance of the coffee grinder is important to fit well on your kitchen counter, make sure to check on how it looks. But don’t neglect the other features.

How Long Does Brewed Coffee Last

By Manny Becerra on Unsplash

Once your coffee is already brewed, it must be consumed within the same day if it’s at room temperature. It should be within 12 hours preferably or you can store it in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

Coffee beans can go rancid after about two weeks. That means that brewed coffee can start to taste bad after a few hours. When the oils from the coffee start to go bad, it can affect the taste.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use

Starbucks only uses 100% Arabica beans cultivated in high-altitudes according to their website. They don’t buy Robusta beans which happen to grow from lower elevations since it has a less refined flavor compared to Arabica beans.

By Gema Saputera on Unsplash

It’s also the reason why Starbucks coffee is strong with a bitter and burnt taste. They roast the Arabica beans at a higher temperature compared to other roasters. It’s the best way that they can also produce large quantities of beans for a short time.

Why is Coffee More Expensive Than Tea

The coffee manufacturing process is more complex in comparison with tea manufacturing. Making coffee involves getting more skilled laborers and the yield is lesser compared to when tea is being manufactured. Plus, there are more tea leaves compared to coffee beans.

By Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Another reason why coffee is more expensive is that it’s popular. It means that it’s more in demand since there are many coffee enthusiasts all over the world. As coffee gets more popular, coffee manufacturers also need to increase their production.

Why is Pressure Important for Espresso

The coffee grounds are finer and produce a powdered texture of the sandy grain of the drip coffee. The brewing process when making espresso should use hotter water at a higher pressure. It will create a different brew since it will extract more flavor from the coffee beans.

By Chase Eggenberger on Unsplash

Many people consider that for making delicious espresso shots, the pump pressure should be at 15 bars. If little pressure is used, the espresso can become less concentrated and weak. But using too much pressure can make it taste bitter and over-extracted.

How Long Does Vacuum-Packed Coffee Beans Last

By Milo Miloezger on Unsplash

Vacuum-packed coffee beans last depending on the type of storage. If it’s unopened from the vacuum-sealed pack, it can last between six to nine months. But if it’s opened, the maximum duration will only be for six months.

If the vacuum-packed coffee beans are inside the freezer and unopened, they will last for as long as two to three years. However, if unopened but inside the freezer, it will have two years of life span.

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