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What Does Your Coffee Order Say About You?

by People! Just say Something! about a month ago in list

Have you ever wondered what your coffee order says about you? Well look no further!

There is nothing better in the morning than a good cup of coffee. The drink is adored worldwide and has various variations of how you can order your brew, meaning that somewhere out there awaits your perfect coffee order. You just have to find out what that order is!

It comes as no surprise that we coffee drinkers have our staple coffee order that seems like a definitive characteristic of our personality. We all have our favourite Subway sandwich, and of course, we all have our favourite coffee. Have you ever thought of what your coffee order says about you as a person? Well, I think I have the answer to all of your questions.

Black Coffee (Café Noir)

The coffee of the common person. Simple yet elegant and quick on the go. Ground coffee beans, add some warm water and voila, black coffee!

You probably are always on the go and are so busy you barely read the name of the coffee you buy. As long as it has caffeine and provides you with that hit, it does the job. Maybe a little break would suit you well, and exploring the vast world of coffee brewing could be a good step? Best to put it on your endless To-Do list. You'll get to it eventually. If you feel like being a little fancier, start referring to your black coffee by its proper name, Café Noir.

Vanilla Latte

The Latte. It is considered the most popular coffee drink out there and has become a standard on-the-go coffee choice. Extremely easy to make, the Latte consists of a shot of Espresso and steamed milk, with a slight touch of foam on top. You do not have to stop there. Why not spice up your Latte with a variety of flavoured shots.

You may not want to be taken on a roller-coaster when drinking your Latte, but it suits you well when you bring your laptop into a local café and work on your writing. Maybe you're an aspiring scriptwriter or even a poet trying to find your muse for your next big hit. Whatever it is you're searching for, the Latte will be right there by your side. Make sure you drink your beverage in-between typing. The Latte tends to get cold pretty quick.


Ah, the Espresso. Nothing better than seeing the waiter approaches your table with the iconic small cup of goodness after a good meal. Not enough to keep you up all night but just the right amount to stop you from falling asleep on the way home. The Espresso is the foundation for most coffee drinks out there. The perfect quick hit of caffeine that won't break the bank.

You probably travel a lot and always manage to squeeze in a quick Espresso before boarding. Why should the barista ruin your coffee with excess water and milk? The stronger the shot, the better! The big question is, do you stir your Espresso with a cinnamon stick? You probably carry one on your person at all times to stand out from the crowd. Once you try the cinnamon stick, you can never go back!


It's simple. An Espresso not enough for you? Well, Doppio is the choice for you. Take your Espresso and double it. A flavoursome coffee experience that is bound to keep you going throughout the day.

Your schedule must be out of control and the only thing keeping you sane is your daily Doppio. A true coffee enthusiast will add the Doppio to all your coffee orders. Do you ask if your love for coffee has gone too far? Yeah, me neither.

Red Eye

I have to be honest; I have not heard of the Red Eye before writing this blog, but my god, do I want to try it! A combination of the classic Café Noir and a single espresso shot will most likely prevent your eyes from blinking. Named after the typically long midnight plane flights, I would love to see anyone try and fall asleep after drinking this monster.

Are you a night owl? Maybe work night shifts or tend to work on your project's way into the twilight hours. Whatever it is, you are bound to see the sunset and dance with the night people. Just take it easy. Too many Red Eyes are probably not the healthiest of coffee choices out there.

(I have just realised you could have a Red Eye with a Doppio… wow.)

Cappuccino and Puppoccino

The posh, old lady of the coffee world, the Cappuccino is simply an upside-down Latte with a little wow factor. Remove some steamed milk and replace that with foam, sprinkle some cocoa powder or cinnamon, and voila, a Cappuccino.

Considered a posh coffee choice as, well, you're paying for milky air, but that does not stop you from living the high life. You love to bring your dog out for a stroll through the city and order your signature drink, as well as grabbing a quick Puppoccino for your four-legged friend. The perfect quick drink to enjoy the commoners walk past and adore you and your lifestyle. You enjoy your milky air; you deserve it.

Also, if you're wondering what a Puppoccino is, its whipped cream in a cup. Please never give coffee to your pets. A Puppoccino should only be a once in a while treat as too many can hurt your pup's digestive system. If your dog already has digestive problems, it is best to stay away from the Puppoccino. I suggest speaking with your vet first and see what they say. They're the experts and know what is best for your pup's health.


For all you chocolate lovers out there, the Mocha is the coffee order for you. A mixture of an Espresso shot, steamed milk, foam, and chocolate. I was shocked to find out that a Mocha is a chocolate Latte! No wonder that the Mocha is also a global favourite and comes in a variety of flavours. The better chocolate you use, the better your Mocha will be.

It comes as no surprise that you love chocolate. You are a sweet person that enjoys staying inside during cold winter nights, snuggled next to the fire reading a book. You are probably a hot chocolate drinker by night and a Mocha drinker in the morning, or maybe you're not a big coffee lover and like to hide the bitter taste with the sweetness. Whatever it is, the Mocha is as sweet of a drink as you are a person.


The king of coffee, the Americano consists of a shot of Espresso with hot water. The difference between the Americano and Café Noir is the coffee used. Café Nour is made from ground coffee, while the Americano uses the Espresso shot. If you want to make your own Americano at home, make sure to pour your hot water after your Espresso. It elevates the flavour and keeps its rich body.

You enjoy the simple things in life. The Americano is a classic for a reason, so why ruin the experience with unnecessary milk, foam and flavour shots? It's the coffee you're after, and the Americano delivers just that. Life isn't about the toppings and the extras. Sometimes the simple is best. A margarita or classic ham and cheese sandwich falls into the same category. You may be simple, but your deep and complex on the inside. You know who you are, and others know where they stand with you, so don't think you have to elevate yourself for anyone. You're great just the way you are.

Flat White

Not a fan of the foam or sprinkles in the Cappuccino? Well, the Aussies have your back with the invention of the Flat White! An espresso drink with steamed milk in a big cup, what else do you want? Simple, elegant, and effective. Like the Americano, the Flat White is a simple yet effective choice that does not require any add-ons. Keep it simple!

Just like the Flat White, you are a simple soul that lives a carefree life. No matter where you go, the stresses of the world rarely affect your mood. You rarely fall for marketing hits that try and alter your style, yet you remain true to yourself. The Americano drinker sees you as too much, and maybe you see them as even more straightforward than you. Remember, at the end of the day, you are both more similar than you think. You just prefer life to be a little more… creamy.


The Affogato is a classic for all of you ice cream lovers out there. A scoop of ice cream topped with either a single or double shot of Espresso, it's an excuse to eat ice cream at any time of the day! I tend to stick with the classic Vanilla, but the choices are endless. You can even go a step further and have coffee flavoured ice cream with a double espresso—true heaven on Earth.

You are probably a child at heart, no matter your age. Life is an adventure for you, and rules are there to be broken. Societies standards don't affect you, and you take life as it is. You tend to find unique ways of altering your meals and always find quirky techniques in your practice. Some may look at you weirdly but try to ignore them. They're just too grown up to understand

People! Just say Something!
People! Just say Something!
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