Trail Mix Is A Healthy and Convenient Snack

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Trail mix is easy and fun to make and you have control over the ingredients.

Trail Mix Is A Healthy and Convenient Snack

Trail mix is a healthy snack that most people love. It is ideal for kids and adults who have a craving for something salty and sweet at the same time. Trail mix is a combination of both.

The snack has been around since the 1910s when it was recommended by outdoorsman Horace Kephart in his camping guide.

Why Is the Snack Called Trail Mix?

The snack is called trail mix because it was first introduced for people who were going hiking on trails. It was a lightweight mixture in plastic bags that were convenient for hikers to carry, and it did not take up much space in their backpacks.

Trail mix does not need to be refrigerated because nothing included in it will spoil. Trail mix is fresh and doesn't need to be heated. It is ready to be eaten at any time. Besides, it has a long shelf life.

Hikers don't have to stop walking to grab a handful and eat. Trail mix gives them energy as they walk up and down hills, around curves and through thick bushes. The carbohydrates in the dried fruit and granola provide quick energy. Fats from the nuts help the energy last.

With all those descriptions about trail mix, it is no wonder Kephart introduced the nutritious snack to hikers. Even though trail mix came about because it is convenient for people on a trail, people don't have to go on a hike to eat the snack. Plenty of people enjoy the treat when they are sitting on their couch at home watching television.

How to Make Your Own Trail Mix

If you don't see the kind of trail mix you like in the grocery store, then make your own. Some people prefer making their own trail mix for various reasons.

  1. It is easy and fun to make.
  2. It is much cheaper than store-bought trail mix.
  3. They have complete control over what is added to the mix.
  4. They can include their favorite ingredients.
  5. They do not have to include what you don't want.

Making your own trail mix is not like baking a cake or a pie where a cook has to measure each ingredient and put in the correct amount. There is no measuring of any of the trail mix ingredients. In fact, you can put in exactly what they want. Simply purchase bags of salty items and bags of sweet items and mix them together.

You could include ingredients from each of the following groups. It is considered to be "the anatomy of trail mix."

  • Nuts – peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans , cashews
  • Fruits – raisins, dates, cranberries, dried apple rings, banana chips, dried blueberries
  • Seeds – sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax, hemp
  • Fun Stuff – pretzels, pieces of chocolate, M&Ms, cacao nibs, cereal, wasabi peas, granola, popcorn, corn chips

Kinds of Trail Mix

There are many different types of trail mix you can buy in the supermarket or make yourself.

Organic trail mix is a healthy combination of organic ingredients such as sunflower seeds, fruits and nuts such as pepitas, seedless raisins, cranberries, almonds, banana chips, almonds, Brazil nuts, and cashews.

Tropical trail mix contains mostly tropical fruits and nuts. The sweet snack mix is made with papaya, pineapple, banana chips, raisins, coconut, dates, Brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and raw cashews. This mix tastes as good as it looks.

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Trail mix is so popular that some stores have two sections where it can be purchased. Customers can pick up a ready-made bag without having any control over what's in it. They can also visit the Build Your Own Trail Mix Section where they can choose from 15-20 ingredients and pay for them by the pound. That way they can get exactly what they want.

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