Starbucks' Cereal Latte

Strange Drink from One of the Greats!

Starbucks' Cereal Latte

Starbucks always seems to be in front of the big hipster trends. They always seem to think outside of the box and become a pathway for others to experiment with their coffees. I’ve tried many of them over the years and around the world. To me, the best coffee will always be black coffee. Green tea and its various forms will always be my favorite tea. That doesn’t mean that I don’t stop experimenting or try other drinks. While I haven’t been to Starbucks in a while, I’d say the last time I went was last month.

There’s many reasons for me not to go to Starbucks; the price, the distance, the bus just to go there and free time being so limited. Despite that, I still make the effort to go on my days off when I can, but like I said the last time I went was last month so that says a lot about how hectic my schedule is.

Though I will always find time to write, Starbucks kicked up 2019 with the introduction of the cereal latte. I’ve had some strange drinks in my time and breakfast has been merged with many things like biscuits and drinks—but never coffee. Reactions to the drink were naturally very mixed. Cereal latte sounded like one of those drinks that would be either really lovely or absolutely disgusting. It was one of those drinks I felt I had to try out of curiosity. It was a limited edition drink in the UK and I don’t think they do it anymore.

According to Bustle, it proved to be a hit. I’ve only had the drink once and I didn’t think much of it. I thought it tasted like cardboard and felt the cereal powder used made it feel over-processed. I liked the use of the oat milk, but I couldn’t taste much of the espresso. Despite that, I can see it being popular with the vegan trend going on at the moment. Wouldn’t surprise me if some stores are still doing it. Having looked on their website, it claims that it’s still being sold in some of their stores.

Bustle wrote an optimistic article about the drink, praising it for its nostalgic qualities and sentimental value. Nostalgia is also another trend that’s always been around, but has been more prolific than ever lately. I like nostalgia as much as any person, but I didn’t feel much of it with the drink. Then again, perhaps it’s the cardboard taste and texture that does give of a nostalgic feel. The feel of cardboard at Christmas and birthdays does have that tinge of nostalgia to me when I think hard about it.

When I think about it even more, perhaps cereal lattes already exist in the form porridge. I say this because people add all sorts of things in their porridge which may not make sense. I found a mushroom porridge recipe in a cookbook once, so I’m sure people have added tea and coffee in their porridge before. If you are desperate to try a cereal latte, I would suggest try making it at home and save your money. It might taste a lot better. Extra Cripsy also has a recipe for cereal milk latte.

Whilst it’s not going to replace the breakfast for me, I think it’s good to see some more dairy free opinions. I wouldn’t really consider myself to be a vegetarian, but you could say I’m vegan-curious.

Thus, this will most likely be my last article before I leave to Iceland. I don’t know if there will be any Starbucks there. If there are, I might sample the drinks and tell you all how it goes!

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